RIM teases new BlackBerry, still heading into troubled waters

Nothing lasts forever, just ask MySpace. Research In Motion, the makers of the hallowed BlackBerry are hurtling down a path of uncertainty and things are looking bleak, very bleak. Having witnessed its stranglehold on the smartphone market devoured by the likes of iOS and Android, RIM has had a couple of quarters to forget.

Not to be bogged down, BlackBerry’s Facebook page has alerted BB wielders the world over that there is a fresh (read: dated) piece of hardware that will see the light of day, today.

“Hey Team BlackBerry, what’s shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be? Tune in tomorrow for details”

There isn’t much to go by, but if we were to guess, it’s probably the latest touch-equipped Bold or the Torch 2. Being RIM, you can be rest assured it isn’t going to be anything out of the blue. This lack of innovation and evolution in its product line is the very reason RIM is where it is — limbo.

The Waterloo based firm announced this week that it’s cutting 10% of its workforce (2000 jobs), in a bid to restructure the organization. Under-fire Co-CEO’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have had to defend their leadership, and answer to miffed investors about the falling share prices. Things certainly aren’t looking good for RIM, but then again, you never know; today they may launch a revolutionary piece of kit that will forever change the way we see smartphones. On a more serious note, it was nice knowing you, RIM.

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