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Let’s face it, nowadays, we use our mobile devices for Media Consumption along with communication. In some cases, we probably use it more as a portable computing device than a phone. One of the main things most people probably read on their phones would probably be news (and feeds). Whether it’s through apps like Feedly or Pulse (my personal Favourite), or Google Reader and other RSS apps, the thing that puts most people off is the initial setup. Riversip by Briox is one such application. As it says on their site, the thing about Riversip is that you can go about it at your own pace.


First up, Riversip is all about Tech News. When you launch the app, you’ll get a bunch of tips on how to use the application. It’s all very simple.You have five tabs along the bottom; Topics (where you can search and add topics of interest), My News (which compiles all your topics into one feed), Top News (News organised by the Interest Rating), Search and More (Settings, Sharing options, etc). You can organise any news feed by day, week or you could just look at the latest.

Long press any article to get more news on the same. Select an article to read that article. Select a header to get more news on that topic. You can also add a topic to the My News section by “Starring” that header. Once you’re in an article, tapping anywhere on the text will allow you to share it, get more coverage or look into related topics. If you’ve signed into your twitter account in the application (for sharing articles on twitter), you’ll also see any conversations from the people you follow on twitter, about the article. Now that’s a really neat feature!

It’s really very simple and easy to use. While it could be a little bit more sophisticated or have more features, for most people who want to just read the news, this should do the job. You can get it for iOS devices (iPhone or iPod, there is no iPad version yet) at the App Store. You can also visit the Riversip site to get more info about the app. The app is definitely worth a download.


Update: Riversip is now available for Android! Get it now from the Android Market.

Check out the gallery below for more screenshots of the app interface.


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