S60 Touch Screen Browser Test:Opera Mobile 10 Beta and Digia @web

While the S60 Webkit browser on the v5 platform is quite good, there are other options out there that are worth scr000081checking out. We tried two of them, the Opera Mobile 10 Beta, and Digia @Web, which is also a Beta version. Both have their pros and cons.

Opera Mobile 10 has a very polished interface, making it easy to use on the v5 devices. Anyone who has used Opera Mini 5 will have no problem whatsoever using the full blown version. Additionally, enabling the Turbo Mode really helps cut down the time taken to load pages. There are drawbacks though; There is no Flash support, and as of now the browser is a memory hog.

Digia @Web on the other hand, does have flash support. It takes a little longer to load content, but as such you do get a much better browsing experience. It also provides text selection to copy/paste text from the browser window itself. The problem lies in the UI. It takes one too many taps to draw up the on screen controls. That, I guess,is the main drawback. It does have a smaller memory footprint compared to the Opera Mobile 10 beta.

Both these browsers support multiple page browsing, and they both give you an almost tabbed browsing feel. They do have a lot to offer, but they also have a lot of work that has to be done for them to be complete.

You can download the Opera Mobile 10 Beta here, and Digia @Web here.

Here are some more screen shots.

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