S60Zip Zip file manager for Nokia S60 2nd edition mobile

s60zip softwareZip files can never be directly managed, extracted or files added to archive, except there is some 3rd party software that can help you in doing it. S60Zip is a free ZIP file manager for Nokia S60 2nd edition. It’sPKZIP compatible and capable to compress and uncompress archives indevice.

When in your mobile you download a zip file, the file directly gets open with S60Zip and you can choose to extract all the contents, or view any particular file in that archived file. Here are a few features –

  • PKZIP compatible.
  • Compress/uncompress.
  • Open ZIP files from messages (e-mail, Bluetooth), browsers, file explorers etc.
  • Send ZIP files via Bluetooth or e-mail.

S60Zip supports all S60 2nd edition phones. It is a good software and does not effect any functionality of the phone.
You can download the S60Zip file manager from here.

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