Samsung Galaxy S3 to Charge Wirelessly

What features do people want to see in their smartphones? If you ask your friends about this, I’m sure most of them will say they want big touchscreen displays, fast processors, good cameras and, most importantly, big batteries to power up all those features. The bigger phones the manufacturers make, the bigger-capacity batteries they put in them, but those phones still last for only a day or so. Geeks think of some tips to increase battery life, but still, following them is annoying – we don’t want to think about the battery life or charging at all.

I guess Samsung has heard the prayers of all smartphone owners and decided to implement a completely new, almost revolutionary technology in its new Galaxy S3. According to the latest rumors, the phone will be charged wirelessly – you’ll just have to keep it somewhere not far from the charger.

This wireless charging technology is not really invented by Samsung – it has already been available in some other devices, but all the older versions worked for a very small territory only, and if you had to keep your device in some 15-20cm near the charger, it was almost the same as wired charging. Samsung’s new offer is different though – the charger is going to be long-ranged and will operate in about 2 meters. So you can just keep the charger somewhere near your deck, and your Samsung Galaxy S3 will automatically be charged all the time.

No other details are known about this new wireless charging technology yet, but if Samsung really implements it in the Galaxy S3, the Android ICS-based phone, which is going to have a number of high-end and innovative features, will become a real hit, perhaps even more popular than the Galaxy S2 once was. And if the technology succeeds, Samsung will most likely start putting it all the other upcoming phones, which will make them more popular than ever.

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  1. What about induction? Won’t this erase harddrives and introduce issues of static discharge and interference in surrounding electronics?

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