Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, 10.1 inch Tablet

Samsung has unveiled the iPad 2‘s competitor. Yeah, Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab 10.1, also known as the Galaxy Tab 750 here in India, is by all means a perfect competition to the smartphones’ don Apple’s new iPad2. Samsung’s new kid is too sleek and almost weightless. Yeah the weight of Tab 10.1 is 565g which is 35g less when compared to the existing sleekest iPad2. This tab is the nicest looking Honeycomb ever with a suave aluminum body and gorilla glass. The display is also very bright due to PLS technology. As usual there is front and rear facing camera. The camera at the back is 3.1 megapixels and the one at front is 2 megapixels (for self portraits and video calling).


On the top of the tab you will find a power button, next to it is the volume rocket. While holding the mobile in landscape mode the volume rocket is convenient. Like Apple, Samsung is also adopting non-socket formula. Yeah you don’t have sockets for SD memory card. You got to use the internal memory provided. There are no other sockets other than the one for charging which can be used for accessories connection also. The operating system is Honeycomb 3.1 (of course upgraded). This is a much anticipated OS among users and on the other hand this is a killer strike for Samsung’s rivals. Like iPad2 this product too has 5 customizable screens.

Multitasking is awesome with Samsung. Credits go to 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. The shortcuts are also awesome since you can have six of them on the screen however the shortcuts doesn’t include recently used Apps like in other smart phones. Camera and video is awesome when compared to other Tabs but still wondering why only 3.1 megapixels alone for such a high end smartphone. However the auto focus and flash makes camera of Tab 10.1 worthy. Online video is the pleasant plus of the Tab 10.1. It supports DivX formats also in addition to MP4.

Email is similar to other Android versions. Gmail App for Gmail and another for any other email accounts. Social networking is my personal favorite in Tab 10.1. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all aggregated together so that you have one calendar, one newsfeed and one contacts book (Easy nah?). Online TV is best on Tab 10.1; thanks to the PLV technology for brighter screen. You can connect your Tab to HDTV with necessary cables. The Wi-Fi is also easy and straight forward with Tab 10.1. Guess what is my biggest disappointment with this tab? Well, the Skype App isn’t working here as it does for iPhones. Not many Apps are working well over here. Unlike Apple which offers 2 colors on each of its phone Samsung is providing Tab with only black. The talk time is 540 hours and battery life when playing multimedia is 72 hours.

Here’s a quick overview of the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s specs:

  • A 1Ghz dual core processer powered by the Android Honeycomb OS
  • 1GB RAM
  • On board storage of (16/32/64 GB) depending on your model
  • 10.1 inches PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of  1280 x 800 pixels capable of displaying 16 million colors
  • Multi-touch input
  • Two Cameras  – 3 Megapixel rear camera and 2 Megapixel  forward facing camera
  • Dimensions: 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight: 565 g

The final verdict is that Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the sleekest suave and speedy tablet with only one or two cons (which may be corrected in the near future). Try out the new phone and share with me your views.

Get more information about this device from Samsung’s product site.

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