Samsung Making White Phones for Christmas

Christmas is coming closer and closer, and many manufacturers are preparing some presents for their customers. Samsung has already prepared a very nice present for us – according to, the manufacturer is going to launch white versions of its most popular Android smartphones for this Christmas.

So which phones are those lucky ones? Well, first of all, it’s, of course, the famous Samsung Galaxy S2, which was been known as the best smartphone in the market for the last few months. Actually, this phone already has a white version, but I guess this Christmas edition will be different (though we don’t have much info about this yet, so we can’t say this for sure). The Galaxy Note, famous for its huge size, the Galaxy Y and the Galaxy S Plus will also come dressed in white this Christmas. And I was a bit surprised that the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Ace will also have a white version, along with all those high-end phones.

As far as we know, the hardware and software features of the white versions of the above mentioned Samsung phones remain unchanged (which is a bit disappointing – some upgrades would be great), and the prices are going to be the same, too (which is good – a higher price wouldn’t attract many new buyers for sure). There are rumors that these phones will have some Christmas wallpapers and screensavers pre-installed, but these are just rumors, and we hope Samsung will make an official announcement about these new white devices soon.

According to the latest rumors, these white Samsung phones will first appear in Germany, but we hope they will later come to other countries, too.

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