SaneBox – Bringing Real ‘Sanity’ to your Inbox!

Haven’t we all cursed the ways our email sites work in dumping everything into the inbox? If you haven’t, then you really don’t need to read further. But, I have, a plethora of times. It was so stressful to subscribe to receive emails about newsletters, invites, promotional mails, campaign invites, wedding event invites, Twitter updates, Facebook notifications, Google Plus updates, matrimony notifications, RSS feeds, ‘you have won 1 billion euro’ emails, and the list is pretty much endless. It used to become tedious to segregate & delete emails from my inbox. On the move, it used to become so much more irritating to receive an email on your BlackBerry and quickly figure out that you could have done with checking this email later. Right, we all are part of the herd mentality, thinking that every email would bring some change in our lives equivalent to the worth of a nobel prize.

And then, one fine morning, I receive an invite from a friend, about – SaneBox.

About, SaneBox

Surprisingly, the ‘about‘ section of SaneBox suggests that a set of 6 friends, who claim themselves to be hackers, are behind the site. There isn’t any other link or detailing about the founders. Guess, they being from the hacking background would be the reason behind the anonymous avatar. But, the section is funny & it makes us believe that the founders are real homo sapiens who have a family & divide the revenue out of the site, like all of us do. These group of hacker friends have a very good background to boast of, as they reveal their earlier projects on the ‘about’ section. SaneBox is headquartered at Boston, a little away from Hurricane Sandy (on a lighter note).

How SaneBox Works?

How SaneBox works is answered in the following bullet points –

  • One can sign up with his email to be a part of The SaneBox Gang.
  • The moment you sign up, SaneBox asks for necessary permissions to access your existing mail inbox.
  • After a minute of setup, you would receive an introductory mail, with the necessary action plan of SaneBox.
  • In another 5 minutes, you would see a separate folder @SaneLater appearing in your inbox.
  • This folder would have already pulled some of your emails from your inbox to the @SaneLater folder.
  • If by mistake, those emails reach the SaneLater folder, which you always want in your inbox, you can always drag & bring them to your inbox.
  • You can also train SaneBox if they are doing something wrong. You can train them here. Just drag and drop your email to the right @Sane folders and SaneBox learns from your actions.
  • Once in a day, @SaneLater will send you a archive of all the emails that we not important, were considered newsletters, invites, social media updates, etc. for you to check & address them.
  • They don’t store any of your emails on their servers, so your data is secure.

I am also hyperlinking a demo video which will show the way how SaneBox works.

USP of SaneBox – You can try out their service for a month for free before . Really, no credit card, no cash, nothing absolutely. Also, SaneBox works on all IMAP enabled services – GMail, Yahoo or any other IMAP enabled email service and everything else; without any other plug-ins or downloads.

Since this ties in to your email service, Sanebox should work seamlessly on your desktop and mobile email clients as well. Try out SaneBox. This is going to bring sanity in your inbox & in your life as well.

For a limited time you can also get an extra $5 in your account if you use this link to sign up –

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