Scope offers ‘Social Hub’ for all your Social Avataars

The popularity of social networking sites is ever growing. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have proven to be faithful social sites in connecting people for personal and business interactions. You might have opened an account in each of these social networking sites and would have faced difficulty to manage these accounts separately. Scope is a useful application which works like a social hub as it will let you manage different social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr. As you will access every social site from a single interface, your life is made easy. It’s available for Android for Blackberry users.

Let us explore more details about Scope.

New Developments – Scope is a wonderful application and as such there is no equivalent substitute for it at the moment. As per the new update, the interface has undergone drastic improvements compared to the earliest application released for Blackberry. Even though it takes some time to acquaint with the application, once you go through the learning phase you will fall in love with the application and there will not be any need to remove the application from your phone. You will be able to access the pictures in Twitter without clicking on the links separately. You will be able to access all the recent social posts quite easily through Scope.

CapabilitiesScope acts like a social authenticator, which manages the accounts list. As the application has the support from the hardware, you will be able to capture the image through the mobile’s camera. Scope can access your location information. It has the capability to create network sockets. The application has access to all the contact information stored in your mobile phone or tablet device. Hence, you should be extremely cautious in downloading and installing other applications and you should ensure they are free from malware. The application has the capability to track the phone call related information. You can transfer the data to memory modules like USB or SD cards. The application has the capability to modify your system settings as well.

Issues to be Resolved – As the application is in the budding stage, it has to go through the improvement phase as well. Users complain the lack of search options, inability to update the profile and difficulty in responding to messages. There should be a proper way to check the notifications without breakage. You should be able to view the comments posted by yourself. You should be able to view the number of likes, number of retweets, etc. Whether you name these requirements as drawbacks or errors or malfunctions, these should be addressed to offer users a more fulfilling experience.

Improvements – Scope was first launched on Blackberry and later on it was released for Android phones as well. The concept of providing an easy interface to access various social sites is welcomed by users. The team behind the development of the application should cater to the needs and aspirations of the user community. The application should introduce support for groups and fan pages on Facebook. The changes are required to be introduced in a fast paced manner. If the expectations are not implemented at the earliest it is likely to face challenges from other similar applications.

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