Shazam! – Identify Music on the Move

Want to identify the song you heard on the radio? Or the one you heard at a party or at a show? There are applications to help you do that and more! One of them is Shazam.

Shazam is available on various mobile platforms, including the  S60 platform. It requires a working data connection, which it uses to record a sample of the song and match it online.

Once thats done, you get details of the band, the song and the album. You can then purchase the song online, get additional information on it (which includes a track review, an album review, a discography of the band, and related youtube videos!), get recommendations for additional songs or share your find via SMS, Email, Twitter or Facebook. You can also view a list of all recent identified tracks.

You don’t have to be online to identify the song. You can first “tag” the song with the Shazam application and later when you have internet connectivity on the phone, you can ask Shazam to retrieve the song details which you tagged while you were offline.

Shazam is able to identify only pre-recorded music though, so don’t try humming that song, or try tagging the music when you’re at a live concert and expect to get results!

Shazam also adds a neat Shazam theme on your device. Shazam is available here, and on the Ovi Store, here. You get a free 30 day full featured trial after which you will have to upgrade and pay for the services. You can continue to use the free version of the Shazam application for limited funcionality – you are limited to only 5 free tags a month.

If you’re as inquisitive as us and want to know how Shazam works (no, it’s not black magic), you can head over to this blog post where you can read all the tech details on how this service works. You can learn more about Shazam at

You can also check out additional screen shots of Shazam application for Symbian here.

Free App: with limited tagging (5 Tags per mo

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