Situations App now gets a new Company and Symbian Belle Support

In the hey days of my Symbian usage, I used to use an app called Situations, which used to automate my phone’s profile based on various “Situations”, be it time based, location based or calendar based triggers. At that point of time used to be available on Nokia Beta Labs, and then dropped off the radar till this week. We received an email from the folks at Pastilli Labs, that they’re released a new version of the app on Nokia Store. Before we get to that, here’s some interesting facts.

According to their email two of the core members who had developed the original Nokia Situations app, have founded a new company, Pastilli Labs avoin yhtiö. Pastilli Labs as part of a spin-off negotiation with Nokia have released the  latest version of their app under the new company now.

Here are the new improvements to the Situations app:

  • UI is totally new and intuitive for easy definition of your situations
  • Location can be set using maps based UI
  • Time condition allows now multiple schedules with selection of weekdays
  • Improved calendar condition includes filters based on keyword, only alarmed events or only recurring events
  • Bluetooth and WiFi conditions are redesigned to be more reliable
  • Profile can be used in multiple situations and the use of Power Save mode and SMS reply are improved and more reliable

Pastilli Labs have also put up a page explaning how the new app works, and how to set up the various situations. You can check it out here. If you’re looking for the download link to the app, you can download Situation on Nokia Store.

You an follow Pastelli Labs on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on this app.

Download Link

Situation on Nokia Store

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