Browse the web using Skyfire for Android

Skyfire is an alternate browser for Android Phones, which gives you more functionality and flexibility while surfing from your phone.

Flash Videos: Skyfire allows Flash video playback using their own streaming technology built in into the browser. Great for phones which are not yet fortunate enough to get Flash yet.

Social Brower: Skyfire also allows easy sharing of what pages you are viewing on popular Social network like Facebook and Twitter, without leaving the browser, so you don’t have to switch between the browser and your twitter/facebook client to post.

Tabbed browsing: This is one useful feature I miss in the default browser on my phone. If you do some serious browsing on your phone, you really need tabs to manage your browsing tasks. Skyfire allows you up to 8 tabs for your browsing sessions.

Better Power Management and performance: Skyfire also performs better than the native browser. They compared the Android Browser and the Skyfire brower on similar phones with streaming video. The phone running Skyfire lasted longer than the one browsing the same on the Android browser. They’ve got it on video, check it out below.

Give Skyfire a try if you’re looking for more from your browser. You can download it from the Android Market by searching for “Skyfire”, or by scanning the QR code after the video.

Skyfire Capabilities:

Skyfire vs the Native Android Browser and Flash 10

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