Skype for Symbian – Short Review

Skype announced yesterday that a beta version of their mobile application was available for most Symbian phones, includiScr000159ng the v5 phones. I tried it out, for a short while and here is an initial review.

It’s a quick download from the mobile Skype site (actually it is around 5 mb). Once installed, it prompts you to either log in with your Skype ID, or you can create an account from the application itself.

Once you log in, you have 4 basic tabs that you can go through, contacts, IM, phone functions (call/sms) and history. It lets you transfer files, search for skype contacts, accept requests and go through your voice-mail. You can change your status message or you profile data and your display picture, add credit to your account, set up call forwarding and a lot of other functions that you can do from the Skype PC client. As such it is full featured, though they still have to work on some interfaces. The IM interface, for one, is very very basic, and needs some polishing work.

It lets you call over GPRS/EDGE, WiFi or 3G (after flashing quite a few warnings about data usage). I was unable to make or receive any calls over EGDE or WiFi though. Incoming calls kept getting diverted and showed up as missed calls, and out going calls were displayed as connected on my end, but weren’t received at the other end! As I mentioned before, this is still a beta app, so there is still some hope.

Warning: it is a RAM intensive application. Do not use it when you have other applications open (or on an N97). Your phone will hang!

It’s definitely worth a look-see though. Head over to from your phone browser, or go to the Skype Site and have to link sent to your mobile by clicking here.

Check out some more shots of the application in use. Also, do follow us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld!

Do note that it is still a beta application.

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