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Slidescreen Home Page If you’re someone who’s always connected, and don’t know how to handle the information overload, here’s a great home screen replacement for the Android which will help you. Slide Screen gives you all the information you need from various sources right at your finger-tips.

To top half of the screen shows you your missed calls, messages, emails and calendar events.

The center divider displays the date/time, Your 3G, WiFi and battery levels along with the Weather. You can slide this divider up or down to show you more information on the top or bottom half of the screen.

The bottom half of Slide Screen shows you information from Google Reader, Stocks, Twitter and Facebook.

Phew! That’s quite a lot of information on your home. When you want to dismiss any item from any one of these areas, just swipe them off. Swiping a item off, hides it from this home screen. You can configure the app to mark items from Google Reader as read if you swipe them off screen.

The app also features an in-built  feedreader, so you can read the items from your Google Reader’s list right in the app, without opening the browser. Pretty cool eh?

The free version of this app has is advertisement run, so you see advertisements at the bottom of the screen. You can upgrade to the Pro version to get rid of this ad. If you are outside the US and can’t see the Pro app in the Market, you can buy the app from Slideme market place as well. Check out their site for more information on the app.

Here’s a video of Slide Screen in Action

More Screenshots of Slide Screen

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6 thoughts on “Slide Screen – Get over the Information Overload”

  1. I am a recent Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was incredibly disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung’s shell. Wound up getting SPB Mobile Shell to have a usable interface and had to abandon Exchange e-mail because of protection restrictions. Fundamentally anytime you tried to spot or obtain a call, you needed to enter your PIN and I was missing calls like a outcome. Finally determined to abandon smartphones for your time becoming (economic causes) and wait for a good Android product. The Galaxy S (Facinate) must fit the bill. Disappointed to hear on the GPS troubles. Let me add that Verizon’s 3G support was superb throughout and I ultimately stopped making use of WiFi mainly because V3G was plenty quickly enough for me.Interestingly, I’m using the Omnia like a wireless product all around the residence for checking e mail, Twitter, Facebook and straightforward browsing. But not to be a cell phone!

    1. Believe me, the Galaxy S is definitely worth it!! Although I have a lotta friends queuing up for the Droid X

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