Slow Shutter Cam App – Blurring Your Pictures on Purpose

Ever thought of an app that can simulate control over exposure and shutter speed of your iPhone camera? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. With the Slow Shutter Cam App, you can capture up to thirty seconds of frame of movement making it the perfect tool for capturing motion pictures such as streams of light emitted from cars during night or a waterfall.


Manufactured by Cogitap Software, who create apps for iPhone, this slow shutter cam app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (fourth generation), iPad 2 wi-fi and iPad 2 wi-fi-3G, it requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is priced at approximately $2.00 at the iTunes store.

This is indeed an awesome app for it has seven shutter speeds and can be operated in three modes. You can select the shutter speed and release it to get the shot. Compensation for low-light situations can be done using slow shutter effect and long exposures. The capture mode is selected after tapping the capture settings button that is located at the left end of the tool bar.

The automatic mode features automatic exposure compensation so that the picture is always fully exposed irrespective of the shutter speed at normal light conditions. This is equivalent to the shutter priority mode on the DSLR. In the case of low light conditions, the manual mode allows the camera to accumulate every photon hitting it. If you ever thought that the picture is over exposed, compensation can be done using the exposure control option.

You can ‘paint’ with light, show car light trails and fireworks or can capture any moving light with the light trial mode unlike shooting with the DSLR being tied to specific grid settings in order to obtain good results. Additionally the light trial mode has some features too. It gives real-time live preview and has a smart exposure. Also the sensitivity levels can be selected.

The freeze control that is available in the automatic and light trail modes makes you to put more or less emphasis on the first or last frame of a capture session. This control is displayed by choosing the edit option after the picture has been taken.

Available with a self timer function, this app is not compatible with iPhone 3G, however its support is expected to come soon.

Some of the popular features for this app are –

• Front camera support
• Auto-save option
• Torch support
• Unlimited exposure time
• Exposure lock option from shot to shot
• Ability to show/hide preview.

Also, one can prevent adding ambient audio to it and prevent it from locking. Some disadvantages include the lack of sharing photos across social networks and it lacks stabilizing feature. Also, the phone should not be held steady else the image gets blurred. But version 2.0 is in the make and we hope it will get even better response than its previous ones.

You can download the app from the App Store, here. It’s available for iPhone, iPod touch (4th Gen) and the iPad 2 running iOS 4.0 or later. It’s currently on sale for $0.99, so get it while you can! The sale is on for 24 hours! 

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