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Sharp is kept busy in the manufacture of ‘High Definition (HD) Sharp Mobile Display Systems‘. It is not only the iPhone 5 orders but also many other projects that Sharp is kept busy with in recent times. As per the information revealed by Sharp official, the company is kept busy with the manufacture of 5” LCD screens which enable HD displays of the order of 1920 x 1080. Sharp has already started the production of these new display systems since September, 2012 and the projects are in full swing even in October, 2012.

The USP – High Quality Display Systems

The new high quality display systems that are being manufactured by Sharp will have more clarity and sharpness than the existing LCD screens. The CG-Silicon technology which was implemented by Sharp in the manufacture of display systems of HD television will also be implemented in the manufacture of HD display systems for mobile phones. The new technology will cut down the number of layers between the bottom of the screen and user’s eyes. This will ensure that Smartphones will be capable of holding the highest possible number of pixels within a limited space of 5”. The quality improves by 1.3 times. The current iPhone 5’s PPI (Pixel Per Inch) is 326 and Samsung Galaxy S3’s PPI is 306. Sharp is able to provide new display systems whose PPI is 443. Even though HTC is exploring possible active association with Google for the production of high quality display systems at 1080p, Sharp has already achieved a remarkable success in this endeavor.

Sharp’s Global Launch Event

Sharp’s new sharp display systems were revealed to the world at CEATEC – 2012 held in Japan. A number of HD display systems which are likely to be deployed in various kinds of Smartphones are arrayed by Sharp at the show. The new display systems are the thinnest among the available types of mobile display systems. The display systems are consistent in presentation of views in various angles. Sharp had also arrayed a new generation display system whose size is 6.1” with 498 PPI. It will be released to the market in 2013.


  • With the development of high quality display systems, users will be able to enjoy higher display quality in terms of text, photo and video.
  • You can also have excellent views of various maps on your Smartphone.
  • The new display systems will certainly have an edge in terms of quality of presentation.
  • Smartphone manufacturing companies which will be able to adapt to this emerging technology will certainly be able to capture the market to the greatest possible extent.
  • As a matter of fact, the screen size of Smartphones has increased over the past two years. At the same time, considerable leap is not achieved in improving the pixel strength of the display systems.

Sharp’s achievement in this scenario will definitely boost the emergence of high quality display systems. On the other hand, Smartphone manufacturers should be able to address the tremendous power required for the display of high quality HD images. There should be enhancements in various aspects including the processing speed, graphic display, memory and the battery backup.

Pic Credit - Sharp Business Systems.

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