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Note: Since the Original App we reviewed is discontinued, try this alternate app which should work for you.

When my primary phone was an Android device, I used to keep a backup of my incoming and outgoing SMS messages on Gmail using the SMS Backup App. I love having the ease of searching through old text messages for information with Gmail’s search.  It’s so useful for someone like me who keeps switching between devices frequently and looses old messages.

When I switched to a Blackberry phone a few weeks back, I started missing out on this feature. A hunt on Google landed me with an free app called SMS Backups for Blackberry by a company called MobileArchiving. This one’s got to be the simplest app I’ve come across. After installing the app, and running it, you just get a simple screen like this:

All you have to do is to fill in the email address you want to forward the SMS to and what you’d like to append to the Subject of the email for Incoming and outgoing SMS. Once done, just tap on the menu button and save the configuration. The app now silently sits in the background and forwards your SMS messages to your designated email address. The only thing to make sure is that  email address you specify to forward the SMS to should already be configured on your Blackberry device.

The next thing I did in Gmail was to filter these messages based on the subject to skip the inbox and label them as SMS. This helps prevent these SMS messages from flooding your Gmail’s inbox. If I want to look through the messages I just browse through the SMS label in Gmail, as easy as that.

This application only backs up messages from the time it’s installed. I felt that this would have been better, if it provided a way to archive older messages as well.

To get SMS Backups for your Blackberry head out to and request for the download link.

Note: Since the Original App we reviewed is discontinued, try this alternate app which should work for you.


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