Snapseed: More than just Tweaking your Photos

Snapseed is a really powerful iPhone & iPad photography app, that let’s you do so much more on your mobile device (or on your Mac) than most regular photo editors. However, is this app that costs $4.99 is really worth the investment or if it has features that can be found in a couple of other freely available apps in the App Store?
In the beginning this app doesn’t look very user-friendly, but after using it for some time you would be amazed to know how easy it really is to edit your photos and make them look heavenly.

To begin with, you can either, Click a new photo using your camera via the app OR Open the Photo Library to choose the desired photo you wanna edit. This can be done by clicking on the OPEN tab on the top left corner of the screen. (This option is available in almost every iPhone app)

Two universal rule for all the different options available on this app:
1. Swipe your finger, on the photo, from left to right or the other way to increase or decrease the effect. And when you run your finger from top to bottom or the other way, you find different available options under this effect.
2. The back arrow below the photo takes you back to the main menu without processing any changes you might have tried or experimented with. The forward arrow, processes the changes made by you & brings you back to the main menu.
There are 13 different options to play around with once you have the app fired up. A few of them, can do wonders to your photos. I’m gonna try talking about all these in brief.

The most basic option.
When you click on this, your photo automatically gets a Contrast & Color correction of +50. This would be useful for photos you clicked with less light or in dim surroundings.

So under this option, you can change the Color strength or the Contrast strength, by swiping your finger across the picture.

Selective Adjust:
This option let’s you make fine tuning to your image, and only on the part of their true that you choose to make chases to. In other words, you don’t have to apply these changes to the entire image. This can come handy when you have a picture with dim corners etc.

Tune Image:
This option has all the basic effects one can apply to an image.
Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, White Balance – You can choose one or more from these 5 options and make the necessary changes to your image.

As the name suggests, this effect is used to straighten a crooked picture you might have clicked, when under the influence or so.
Select the option and slide your finger from left-right or right-left and watch the image sort itself out.

This option is to crop your image to a size and dimension of your choice.
Under this option, you can apply different default aspect ratio of 1:1, DIN, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4 or even 16:9. You also have a Free option that lets you crop your picture according to your wish. There is also an option of making the vertical picture you clicked look like it was taken horizontally.
If non of the above choices interest you, you can stick to your Default cropped image size and move forward.

This option is almost equivalent to the fine tuning of your image.
You have an option to Sharpen or Structure your image here. You can also zoom into any part of the image, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, and review it closely and decide if you want to make changes.

Black & White:
Sticks true to its name & changes your image into a Black & White image.
But that’s not just about this option. You can again make changes to the Brightness, Contrast & Grain characteristics of your image.

Gives your image a vintage look.
And again, gives you the freedom to set the Brightness, Saturation, Texture Strength, Center Size & Style Strength of your image.

Added more life to your image.
Change the Filter Strength & Saturation of the image that undergoes drama effect or tap on the little star icon & choose the available option in there.

Let your image breathe different styles.
You have 1500 styles to choose from. You can manually swipe your finger across the image to see all the different styles or you can tap on the arrows icon below and let the app choose random styles for you.
You can choose a few different texture options for your image too, by tapping on the icon that looks like a floor mat.
Apart from all these, you get to fine tweak the regulars – Brightness, Contrast, Texture Strength, Saturation.

Center Focus:
You can ensure your viewers only notice the part of the picture that you want them to concentrate on.
Tap on the part of picture that you want to be center & blur everything around it. You can move the blue dot around and that makes sure the image doesn’t get blurred in that part.
You can increase or decrease the Center Size & Filter Strength using this option too.

Choose a good enough frame for your picture.
You get to choose from the many default frames available on this app and use the best one.  You can also makes charges to the width and offset of the frames according to your fancy.

Tilt & Shift:
Give Linear & Elliptical effect to your image.
Transition, Blur Strength, Brightness, Saturation & Contrast – All the different options you can make changes to. Use two fingers to tilt the effect on your photo.

With so many options & one really powered up option called, GRUNGE, Snapseed certainly is worth the money spent. It definitely won’t look easy to play with app, but it definitely can do wonder when you have an image go through the Snapseed treatment more than once.

Below is one of my finest Snapseed’ed picture & it’s original. It really makes the world, a beautiful place to breathe in.

You can download Snapseed for your iPad or iPhone from the App Store. It costs $4.99 (as mentioned before), but it’s worth it! You can also download the app for your Mac, here, and the app should be on Android soon. Here are a few more examples of the Snapseed Process on the iPhone (click on the photos to expand them).

Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc.

This is a guest post by Basith Noor.  You can find him creating world problems on Twitter @pwnstar629 and saving the world one photo at a time on Instagram – dj_nvve

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