Spread of Healthcare through Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. It has drastically reduced distance barriers. Instant communication channels offer access to quick information. The spread of information through mobile phones is also utilized by businesses to promote their products and services. Information reach through mobile phones enable government organizations to inform the public in a more effective manner. Information through mobile phones is also being utilized to provide better healthcare services.

Let us find how mobile technologies will augment health care services.


There are mobile applications which help you monitor your blood pressure, sugar, BMI, etc. There are also mobile applications that can monitor your alcohol and caffeine consumption and to raise alert to prevent excess intake. It is speculated that mobile driven health care services are going to take big chunk of the overall healthcare industry. Health information pertaining to various segments can be served through mobile phones. It is possible to provide information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sickness. Versatile tools can be deployed to monitor the health condition of individuals.

Mobile health, also termed as mHealth has prospects to the tune of $23 billion by the year 2017. mHealth has huge potential to utilize mobile telecommunication along-with multimedia applications to deliver healthcare services. Even though mHealth originated in developed nations its relevance is more in the developing countries. Information can be accessed through a variety of handheld devices including Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, Blackberries and PDAs based on Windows. Even doctors and healthcare professionals can better share information through mobile phones and thus contribute to the health of the society.

The awareness created through mobile applications and information pumped through mobile phones will raise the general standard of living and will boost life expectancy. The information passed through mobile phones will be handy to pass on. Mobile users can take advice and follow the same in day-to-day busy life. In addition to the technological advancements that facilitate remote diagnosis and remote operations, mobile technology will boost healthcare services by giving a personal touch. Not only urban population but also people living in rural areas where specialized medical facilities are not available will be benefited through mobile healthcare. Mobile phones will also cut down the difference between the rich and poor in terms of access to services.

Information can be passed quickly about possible treatments available to prevent and cure diseases. The very fact that the availability of timely information will save lives is an encouraging factor to promote healthcare through mobile phones. The coming generation will witness a new level of healthcare with  advancements in medical and mobile technologies. As of now, the applications are able to educate people on a large-scale and equip them with enough information to take preventive and corrective actions.

A concrete action plan is required to take forward the revolution of providing health care services through mobile phones.  Greater efforts are required from both government and non-government organizations. Coordinated efforts among device manufacturers, mobile application developers and mobile operators will help to take forward healthcare to the next level. Mobile technology offers great opportunity to improve public health through committed computer engineers, researchers and professionals working in health care services.


Image Credit: MobiHealthNews

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