Star along with Pamela Anderson and the Nokia N8

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This isn’t spam that normally clogs your email folder! Nokia UK plans to showcase the awesome HD capabilities of their new N8 by creating a short feature film called The Commuter. Did we mention its supposedly a raunchy short film? Well, here’s the interesting part. You have a chance to star in the film along with Pamela Anderson! In a bedroom scene! The entire movie is going to be shot on the Nokia N8.

Unfortunately by YOU we mean residents of  the UK only :( . Oh well, we can always hope.

The movie starts filming on the 28th of September, so if you’re lucky enough to be in the UK, try your luck. Get more details about this promotion from Nokia at

P.S:- Also there is a some other guy who you can act out a scene with in an elevator so if you’re interested you could check that out as well.

Anyway that’s all for now, if you do apply and win this contest, please let us know we’re @myportableworld!

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