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Super KO Boxing 2 – A Notch Above the Rest

One of the biggest knocks on many of Android’s apps and games is that they often lack the polish of their counterparts on competing platforms mainly the iPhone and the iPad. Not so with Super KO Boxing 2 by Glu Mobile, a leading global publisher of mobile games.

Super K.O. Boxing 2

Super KO Boxing 2 (SKB2) is free full ad-supported arcade boxing game. This game requires an 86MB download the first time you launch the game. This download can be placed on an SD card or internal memory.

SKB2 - Low PunchRight off the bat, it becomes clear that SKB2’s production value is a cut above the average Android game. Colors are vibrant, animations are smooth, and even the game’s sounds are crisp giving you a feature rich gaming experience.

SKB2 is feature-rich with 3 different game modes. Circuit is the game’s standard single player mode where you must guide our “HERO” K.O Kid through 3 different circuits and 17 different boxers in order to become the undisputed champion. The game begins slowly, giving you a chance to learn the controls and then gradually ups the difficulty as you progress. In addition to the deep Circuit mode, SKB2 also features Versus mode, where you can face off against any previously defeated fighter, Challenge mode, where you must defeat opponents under specific conditions, an Exhibition mode where you can go up against boxers not featured on the circuit, and even an Achievement system. Now the Exhibition mode is definitely not for a n00b and i suggest you finish at least 2 circuits before even thinking about an Exhibition match!SKB2 - LeftHook

The K.O Kid can throw high, low, and hook punches, block, dodge left or right, quick dash, perform Super Punches, and even taunt his opponents. In order to advance through the game, you’ll have to make use of literally all these moves to emerge victorious or get knocked the hell out!!

While playing SKB2, i got stuck more than once cause its pretty difficult to beat some of the opponents but Glu Mobile provides a very useful Walkthrough that explains all the strategies necessary to beat your opponents and progress.

SKB2 - Bitch slapped by 15 CentGame performance was extremely smooth with absolutely no lag or unresponsiveness on my I5700 running Android 2.1.

All in all, Super KO Boxing 2 is an excellent game, easily the best i’ve played on Android !

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