Swiftkey – Keyboard with better text prediction speeds typing

Swiftkey is a keyboard replacement for Android phones which aims to speed up your text entry tasks faster by providing better word predictions. Even though the default Android phone’s keyboard provides word predictions, it’s doesn’t help too much in speeding up text entry. SwiftKey does seem much better at this task by predicting words more accurately. I tried this app on a Nexus One, and was impressed with the predictions which came up on SwiftKey. The app also learns words you type in for the first time and uses these later to improve it’s prediction algorithm.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out the comparision video at the end of this post which shows how much faster you can type using SwiftKey. Here are some of the features that Swiftkey provides:

  • Accurate Word predictions: Swiftkey uses TouchType’s Fluency™ prediction engine, which employs statistical language models generated by analysing billions of words of background text. This allows the app to offer intelligent next-word prediction by analysing the context of a user’s sentence and input behaviour
  • Gesture Support for deleting words and change the word case – Swipe up to change to uppercase and swipe left to delete a word
  • Multi-language support – Swiftkey supports nine languages currently. When you first install the application, you’ll have to choose a language to use, and the application download the required language pack from the internet, which weighs around 3MB. So you may want to be connected on 3G or WiFi when you install the application.
  • Multiple Keyboard Layouts – Apart from a QWERTY layout, you can customize the keyboard layout to the following options AZERTY, QZERTY, QWERTZ

Personally, I’m so used to Swype, that I can’t go back to typing out the words, no matter how much better the predictions on SwiftKey are.  If you can’t seem to get used to Swype on your device, this is an excellent alternate to the default keyboard on Android. Swiftkey should work on any android device which runs Android 1.5 or laster. It also works on the latest Android 2.2 Froyo devices. Space required on your phone to install SwiftKey application – 900kb, language modules – around 3mb, dynamic learning module – less than 1mb.

You can download Swiftkey from the Android Market by searching for SwiftKey, or if you are viewing this on your phone, click this link to get there. You can also scan the QR code on the right, from your phone, to get to the downloads.

If you need more information on Swiftkey head over to the Publisher’s site @ www.swiftkey.net

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