SwiftKey – Out of Beta & Most Downloaded Paid App on the Android Market

SwiftKey has finally made its way out of beta status last week and since then,  the full version has been available on the Android Market. Since its official announcement it has spent the past week  as the No. 1 downloaded paid application on the Android Market.

For those of you not familiar with SwiftKey, it is an Android keyboard replacement app. It is localized in 7 different languages and learns as you type using what they call the Fluency Prediction Engine. Might be a bit of a drag initially, but it really does improve with use. More about SwiftKey HERE.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how it works, take a look at the video and you’ll see why the beta hit over 100,000 downloads within a few days of its release.

All changes made since beta are available to read at SwiftKey’s blog, and consist mostly  of killing off any  last minute bugs.

SwiftKey is currently on sale in the market for 99 cents, but the sale ends tonight. Effective Friday morning, the price will jump up to $3.99.


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