Swype releases a new beta version of their software

Swype has just announced that they have released a new version ( of the popular  keyboard replacement for the Android. Beta users of Swype can download this update from – beta.swype.com/android/get

This version brings some new features and quite a few bug fixes, including an accuracy issue which came up in the previous version of Swype. Here are some of the improvements:

  • Better installer for the beta version. This  installer features an auto-update so you don’t have to download and run the Swype Installer everytime a new version comes along. It also features a repair option, which allows you re-install Swype in case it stops working properly.
  • Double Tap to edit is another improvement featured. This allows you to correct a wrong word by just double-tapping it to bring up the word choice window to make your correction.
  • Voice to Text button on QWERTY layout of the keyboard. You need to have  Google Voice Search to get this feature to work.

You can get more information about this version over at the Swype Forum.

One word of advice: If you already have Swype bundled along with your phone as an OEM install, like the users of Samsung Galaxy S, don’t install this build. You’ll have to wait for the manufacturer to roll this into a firmware update.

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