Tablets used for Gaming; says Google Survey!

Google has recently conducted a survey which has revealed some interesting and something usually not expected – People use tablets for playing games more than anything else. In ‘anything else’, comes searching for information, emailing, reading books, social networking, consuming media like music, movies and so on. Here is the percentage breakdown of all the activities according to the research conducted by Google’s AdMob subsidiary on more than 1, 400 tablet owners in the US –

– 84% of tablet owners play games, 78% search for information, 74% use for emailing, 61% read news, 56% use social networks, 51% use their tablets for watching videos and listening to music and only 46% read ebooks.

The survey has also discovered that 77% of the people have decreased the usage of their desktop computers and laptops after they have bought their tablet. 33% of the people also said that they are stuck with their tablets for more hours than spending on watching TV. So indeed tablets have proved themselves to be quite addictive. The glossy and sexy touch screens of tablets give a new feel of the good games. The processing speed of tablets is wondeful that give a tremendous gaming experience; so there is no wonder with the survey results that conclude “tablets tops gaming activity”.

[ad#ga-cbox-right]However, we should not underestimate the usage of tablets to just gaming and other activities that hack one’s productivity. Indeed tablets are designed to increase one’s productivity on the go. For instance, 68% people said that they use their tablets for a minimum of one hour per day and 59% of the people said that they spend more time in reading ebooks and news on tablets rather than reading paper books, newspapers or even watching TV. Without having to carry heavy paper books and newspapers while on the go, tablets provide a handy way to make every piece of time useful and productive.

One of the important usages of computing devices, “content creation” was not on the survey list but perhaps it would have been hidden in the 19% of the pie who said that they used their tablet for “other” purposes. The lack of popularity for content creation could be due to the fact that the tablet has to be placed flat and typing should be done with two hands as for a laptop. It is highly likely that tablet owners either wouldn’t prefer this orientation or get lazy to do this and simply do the one-handed swapping moves. That accounts enough for the popularity in using tablets for gaming, searching for information and reading news.

Tablets have become a primary computing device for 28% of the people; they have pushed their desktop computers and laptops to the second and third places of priority. Google’s survey has not revealed the names of the tablets involved so we cannot comment much on the finer details and usage among people. But still the information proves something revolutionary. Tablets are slowly (well indeed rapidly!) taking over all aspects of people’s life right from entertainment to productivity for personal and business needs.

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