Kindle Fire 2 – Feature Upgrades and Competition

Kindle Fire 2 is all set to be launched with a powerful camera and high resolution display system. By Nov. 2012, Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be celebrating its first birthday and the season should coincide with its successor.

The USP of the new Kindle Fire Tablet will be more powerful and yet thinner and lighter in weight than the current one. A built-in camera with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution will be the main attraction of the new gadget.

Let us explore more about the current Kindle Fire before what to expect from the Kindle Fire 2 which will be launched soon –

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, the tablet computer gives you the power to perform most of the day to day task that you perform on a personal computer. Some of them are as follows –

• You can browse, purchase books and movies, watch TV shows and play games on small sized Kindle Fire.
• If you possess Kindle Fire, you can purchase applications of your choice from the Amazon App Store.
• If you are one of the fortunate prime customers of Amazon, you can stream movies directly on the Kindle Fire.
• Compared to iPad, Kindle Fire’s price is very less.
• Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard are other versions which are still priced less than Kindle Fire.
• Kindle Fire uses Amazon browser called Amazon Silk. It is boasted that web services will load fast through the browser.
• Kindle Fire is rumored to be priced less than its actual cost price to attract new customers.
• Amazon has alternate plans to compensate that loss by selling content from the store.

The new features of Kindle Fire 2

The new Kindle Fire’s dimensions will be in a similar range as that of iPad 2 and it will be a great facelift from the current Kindle Fire. The current tablet offers resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. In addition to the improvement in the resolutions, the edges will be sharper than before. The aspect ratio of the coming version will be 1.6 whereas the current version holds it at 1.7. When compared to the iPad 3’s resolutions, Kindle Fire stays far behind. It is expected that the new device will be rolled out in September.

In addition to the better resolution, there are rumors that multiple models of the device will be launched, and there’s also rumors of 4G connectivity on the Kindle.


As per the reports from a different source, Amazon is going to launch two tablet versions. The first one code named, Coyote will be powered by dual core processors and the second tablet code named, Hollywood will be powered by a quad core processor. Regardless of one or two tablets that are being launched, Amazon is going to face stiff competition from iPad and other tablets in the market. It will be a great challenge to defeat feature-rich iPad. Apple is also poised to launch a mini version of iPad which will match the price of the Kindle Fire. It will be a touch task for Amazon to head on with user friendly iPad. The 7″ sized Nexus 7 from Google which had already received great reviews is another great competitor.

Consumers would have plenty of options to choose from in the coming days. The winner would have to have the best of features, technology, user-friendliness and must be ever-innovative. Must say, the tablet war could be more competitive than the smart-phone war. The more competitive it is, the better it would be for you & me.

Best of Kindle & iPad = Amazon Tablet

So, the latest buzz in the tech world is that Amazon is coming up with its very own Tablet PC, tentatively before October this year, to strengthen its position in the market where competition exists in the form of Kindle and iPad; not to mention hordes of other brands coming up with their own versions of Tablets. So, let’s take a closer look at what separates Amazon’s New Tablet PC from all the others.

The tablet will have a 9 inch screen. It will be supported by Google’s android operating system. It is being said to be manufactured by Quanta computers. The processor will be a power packed dual core OMAP4 with a remarkable speed of 1.5 GHz. The Tablet will have a SSD backing of 16 GBs.  Now, it is true that this is not much. However, with Amazon’s cloud drive, there is a fair chance that the idea will be to encourage users to store their music and data in the cloud and not in your machine. You can also rent your favorite movies and videos from Amazon instant video.

Amazon is all set to launch their Tablets in two versions. One is just with Wi-Fi, while the other comes with a 3G support. The 3G version of the tablet will also have additional support from some telecom partner. The price of the 3G model will also be standardized according to popularity and extra support costs. Amazon intends to launch this as an out and out Tablet. It will have reader apps but it will be much more than that. This speculation is being based on the fact that Amazon has taken steps to invest in customized apps for business and enterprises to be included in the Tablet. Other than that, you can always download your favourite apps from the Amazon Android App store.

Amazon is targeting a production of about 1.5 million Tablets within a very short time frame. This will put it in direct competition with the leader in the Tablet market which is by far the iPad from Apple Inc. Apple gives the support of iTunes to its users who want to download movies, videos, music etc. However, Amazon is already way ahead in this regard since it has a variety of apps, Kindle reader and much such interesting software for users to download and use.

It is true that with Apple’s iPad in the market, most Android tablets have been having a hard time getting their products up front. Apple has always produced specific digital software, tunes and content to market their devices. Amazon is taking a roundabout route by marketing the Kindle Tablet for increased business for its cloud drive, video and app store. However, if Amazon can pull off its Kindle Tablet within a comparable price range of the iPad or maybe even cheaper, it has a shot at ruling the market.

Amazon’s App Store for Android to Launch Today

According to Wired, retail giant Amazon will launch their own application store for the Android platform later today.

The main difference between this and Google’s own Android Marketplace, is that Amazon plans to curate the apps available, and the payment will be through Amazon’s portal (which Wired notes, is available in more countries than Google’s Checkout).

[ad#ga-cbox-right]It looks like the app store page,, has been taken down again (it seems it was up sometime earlier this week), but it should be up soon.

It’s worth noting though, that Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds have stated that the new Angry Birds Rio will be available exclusively through the Amazon App store. If that’s the case, and if more app developers and publishers get on the Amazon bandwagon, I wonder what Google will do.

Either way, keep an eye out: the app store should be out later today (I guess it will be a region specific rollout).

It looks like Amazon will let you “test drive” apps directly from the browser, on an emulator, which seems pretty neat. It’s better than a try before you buy, with full access (except to hardware specific drivers).

Update: You can now download the Amazon Appstore for your Android Device from this link:

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Source: Wired