Skype Extends Photo & Video Sharing to Android Users

Skype is a great online application which enables free communication between two computers. You can text chat or video chat using Skype. You can also call mobile or landline phones of any country from computer or mobile which have Skype installed in them. Of course, calling directly to a mobile or landline comes with premium subscription with Skype. Skype is extending and enhancing its features at regular intervals. On the other hand, Android based smartphones are dominating the current market. In order to better facilitate Android user community, Skype had announced an update and with the Skype version 2.6 for Android you can share photos and videos from your mobile phone.


The new application allows users a face to face talk (as it did before) and it is also possible to share the video on the front or rear facing cameras. The data transfer happens through 3G or Wi-Fi. As of now, the high quality video streaming can be experienced through Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This facility will be available in future on HTC Amaze 4G, Motorola Droid 4 and Motorola Droid RAZR. The news may not be a welcome message for those who are already facing issues with Skype.

For those who are more concerned about making calls from Skype service, a facility that will help them call a phone quickly and at a cheaper price will matter most. Skype is being utilized for business communication. By adding other features like photo sharing and integrating with other applications like Facebook and WindowsLive, the major chunk of people who are strong dependants on Skype for phone calls may not enjoy the service with unwanted interruptions or disruptions.

Some users are facing battery issues when Skype is turned on their mobiles. Battery loss was as much as 30% when Skype runs (for a period of 12 hours) on a mobile. Because of battery issues many of the users cannot ‘turn it on‘ all through the day. A remedial measure can be the introduction of a new feature that will pop up a message when a user gets a message or phone call. As per the information from Skype, the latest application will not only provide better video quality but also will give you extended battery life. Video quality will be more if the device is equipped with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset.

Skype is successful in building relationships between people by offering an easy and free application to communicate with people around the world. It is really an innovative venture which is being extended as happens with any application in general. With the extension of application features and being able to adapt to various hardware configurations and operating systems more users will come to its fold. The user base will definitely grow with the enhancements provided by the new application. Premium users are able to get extended features like being able to call landline phones or mobile phones directly. It is a good sign for Android users who can share photo, video and files among friends and family members through Skype.

Archos Launches the 70b; Low cost Android Tablet

Archos which was present in the electronic industry for the past many years has introduced a new internet tablet. Archos 70b internet tablet which is loaded with Android Honeycomb version is a low-cost tablet priced under $200. The new model will be rolled into the market in January, 2012. Archos had launched 70 IT Gen 8 earlier. Some of the remarkable features present in 70b are upgraded touch screen, 1.2 GHz processor and Android 3.2 aka Honeycomb.


The new Archos 70b supports more than 200,000 Android applications from Android app store. These are versatile applications which include games, books, news and social media applications. The new model has a catchy appearance and also comes in light weight. Archos 70b is not only cheap but also offers enhanced features and capabilities. It comes with 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB Random Access Memory, HDMI output, a high-resolution of 1024 x 600, internal storage of 8 GB and a provision for Micro SD Card reading. Honeycomb version of Android offers user-friendly interface and the process of toggling between applications is easier than ever before. The navigational capabilities are improved with honeycomb version.

The big screen gives you better clarity and you can enjoy by viewing crystal clear photos and videos. You can also share photos with others on various social networking sites with high-speed internet connection. The tablet has 3D graphics accelerator and comes with web browser and email application. The device is portable with the ability to transfer data through SD Card and HDMI port. Archos is present in the market since 1988. It had introduced various audio and video products in its lineage and it is always first to bring new models with new capabilities. To some extent, Archos 70b can be compared to Amazon Kindle Fire and other cheap tablets. Amazon Kindle Fire is equipped with Android 2.3 version and it comes with a custom interface. Kindle Fire supports limited applications and is having access to Amazon App Store only. A similar type of storage capacity is available both in Kindle Fire and Archos 70b. There are some cheap tablets which are even priced below $100 and loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS. Customers should double check the features and facilities available in cheap tablets. By all means, Archos 70b comes out be the cheapest on all counts including price, features and capabilities.

Critics feel that Archos should improve in providing support to its products. In order to attract more customers both technical and customer support service should gear up to meet the coming challenges. Another negative aspect is being fitted with 512 MB RAM which is too little to handle some complex games and multimedia applications. A minimum of 1 GB will fare better. As smartphones have made their way with Android OS similarly more tablets may be launched in future loaded with Android OS. Android applications have made life easy, fun and created a new way of exploring the world and building relations.

You need to wait for a few more weeks, to know about the success of Archos 70b.