Emergence of Facebook as a Winner of the Mobile Photo War

Almost all of us love to take and share photos with our friends, families and relations. They are one of the biggest things on the internet from nearly the beginning of the days of commercial web. Photos are probably the easiest way to show one’s emotion digitally. Initially, it was about using your camera, be it a point and shoot or a DSLR and uploading them to Flickr, Myspace or Facebook. We’ve since moved on to Mobile phones: the best camera is the one that you have with you, and you always have your mobile phone with you, right?

Mobile photo sharing that is largely in use now-a-days forms an important aspect to the success of Facebook as a social media website (and as a larger entity too). So when it faced a threat in this matter from a company named Instagram, it took a very wise business decision of buying the company even though it cost them a billion dollars. Facebook thus won the war for mobile photo sharing in the worldwide global market.


The Popularity of Facebook as a Website

Photo sharing is the heart of Facebook and its photo-sharing album is the most updated all over the internet. This constant updating makes Facebook one of the most dominant players in the new connected world. Another contributing factor to the immense popularity of Facebook is its cross-platform nature and the fact that it gives a fully global identity, bringing together people from all parts of the world.

Numerous efforts have been made to attract more and more people to Facebook over the years. Innumerable applications, games, options for watching, listening and reading have been incorporated in Facebook. However, the greatest success of Facebook has come through photos and their sharing and is mainly due to this aspect of Facebook that this company is still growing and gaining more popularity.

Strategies Implied to Popularize Mobile Photo-sharing Application

• At the beginning when Facebook included this photo sharing application for mobiles, what the users obtained was a very tiresome, convoluted and complicated application that did not arouse too much of interest among its users.
• Nevertheless, being a great company as it is, the masterminds behind this company knew about these drawbacks and worked very hard and silently to sort it out.
• Soon enough they came up with a solution in the form of an application named ‘Camera’ that largely helped in the simplification of the process of sharing mobile photos on Facebook.
• Many people were a bit confused when Mark Zuckerberg and his companions released their photo sharing application, Camera, after they announced that they were buying Instagram for billions of dollars.

Now, why anyone would spend millions (or a billion) buying a company that makes applications for sharing mobile photos when they have already made an application for themselves.

The photos that you take and share are associated with you as a person, and your identity. It’s about what you see and share because of who you are. That’s that Instagram is about; seeing through someone else’s eyes. And that’s probably why Facebook bought Instagram (and has it’s own camera app too): a way to try and combine your Digital and Real identity.


Image Credits: The Facebook Blog

Android Apps for a Shopaholic!

There’s a lot more your phone can do beyond texting and calling.  Since your mobile is the one thing your never forget to take with you when you go anywhere, including shopping, it’s a perfect shopping assistant!

Some of the Top Android Apps for a Shopaholic are –

Barcode Scanner – This an essential tool for you if you are a regular shopper because you can have the specifics of any product or book in a jiffy by using this app. All you have to do is launch it and scan the barcode of the product that you want. The  app is powered by Google and provides details, but only in limited countries. Apart from the information on any product, the barcode scanner has the capability to track the courier services related to it and the estimated the time required for the product to be delivered on your doorstep. However, although this application delivers correct results more than 80% of the time, it performs miserably when it comes to determining the ISBN barcodes on the books. Download it, here.

Google Shopper – It is an application that often functions as a barcode scanner and much more. It helps you determine the location and information about a product and also helps you compare the given price of the product with the prices of the same product elsewhere. This way, you can find out the store that offers the best price for that product. Other than that, the application also assists in organizing every product into different groups or categories. After this is done, a search bar or a voice search enables you to glean information about any product in no time. Again, it’s available for a few countries. Download it, here.

Amazon Mobile App – It  not only provides you with the information and specifics of a product, it has the facility to actually purchase it from the Amazon.com.  Amazon members have an added advantage; they have full access to their previously existing shopping carts, wish lists, special shipping privileges and much more. After the recent upgrade, you can directly buy songs using the Amazon MP3 app. Again, limited regional availability. Download it, here.

Discount Calculator – This app comes in handy when you are out shopping and need to figure out what the discount is. It calculates the total price that you have to pay after deducting the percentage of discount that is available on a particular item.  Download it, here.

Slice – If you’re an online shopper, Slice is a must have app. You can track your purchases, shipping and even how much you’ve spent; the app does it itself by scanning your GMail or Yahoo mails, once you give it access of course. It’s a must have! Download it, here.

Out Of Milk– This app is a must have to keep track of your daily household shopping, like your groceries, etc. The free version lets you keep track of multiple lists, while the pro version gives you full access to the service, including the ability to have multiple people on the list; ideal if you and your partner need to keep track of groceries (or anything shopping related). Download it here (free, pro).

Know any apps that would help, either on Android or on any other mobile platform? Let us know by commenting below, or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld.



Image Credits: Popherald

Use your Tablet or Smartphone as an Extra Monitor

Everybody loves the idea of multitasking. Imagine having an extra monitor when you need more screen space and not having to spend much for it. Well, that’s possible and all you will need is your personal computer (Windows or Mac), an Android/iOS device and a Wi-Fi connection. There are a number of apps available  which allows you to use your device as an external monitor. But two apps seem to hold a firm place in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Celio corp’s REDFLY Screen Slider is an app which will help you use your Android tablet or smart phone as an extra monitor. Priced at $1.99 in the Android market, you can download it to your smart phone and request a download link for your computer or laptop. Once you get the download link from the official website, you can start your installation process.

• After entering the name of the system, select the option that finds devices from a list.
• Once the device has been selected, double-click on it and enter the code that is displayed your Android device.
• The screen will flicker for a short time after you accept the license agreement. And now you can enjoy your extended desktop space.

Presently, the service is available for Android devices, iPhone and the iPad, and  is expected to support other devices soon. Currently, this app supports windows XP (32-bit),Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7 operating systems (either 32 or 64 bit), but there’s no Mac support. This app can also be upgraded. The key feature of the screen slider pro is the built-in android keyboard and the speech-to-text feature where you can enter/edit in PC apps and the multi touch control.

Mac users can use the iDisplay app which supports both PC and MAC desktops. The installation steps are similar to that of the screen slider except that there is a code. You have control over the app either by using the cursor or using the touch screen of your iOS or Android device. Of coruse, the app would function better when used with tablets instead of the small screen  on your smart phones.

You can completely duplicate the display of your android device using this app. Priced at $4.99, this app can increase your productivity. MobileCrunch said, “That’s brilliant. I can think of a billion uses for this“. This works on Macs running OS 10.5 Leopard or later and  Windows XP 32-bit, Vista and Windows 7 except for its starter version. However, non-Intel Mac’s are not supported. With improved bug fixes, some of its key features include automatic connection to the last known host and the improved cursor responsiveness

The newly optimized interface is available in three languages which include Italian, Spanish German and French can work in portrait and Landscape device orientation.

You can download Screen Slider for your Android phone or tablet from the Android Market, hereand you can download the companion PC app from Celiocorp’s website, here.

You can download iDisplay for your iPad or iPhone running iOS 3.1 or later from the App Store, here, and you can download the companion PC and Mac apps from the Shape Services’ website, here.  You can also download iDisplay for your Android Device (with the companion desktop app), here.

Do you know  of any other app that does the same thing? Do let us know in the comments below.

Photovine Spreads Photos, will be taken down soon

The Photovine Community is better known for creation of unique and fun filled photo libraries which are called as Vines. You can build a photo community by expressing your ideas and themes. The photovine will connect to the like-minded people as mentioned in your photos’ themes. So, in effect, a vine i.e., an album created by you will grow constantly by adding friends and for that matter anyone on the face of the planet can share and connect with you through Photovine. For example, vines can be created on themes like “what weekends are made of”, “party people”, etc. Each person who adds photos to the vine, shares their own experiences about the photos. The sharing will be done in an imaginative, inspiring and socialized style by adding fun.


Earlier this summer, Photovine was available in beta.  You can download it from the App Store. Interestingly, the application hasn’t been made available for Android so far. All of which is moot, as the service will be shutting down come March.

For some, the Photovine application is similar to Instagram and Flickr (where the largest number of photos shared are shot on iPhones). Another similar in line is Piictu. Using Piictu, you can share a screenshot of what you are listening and expect the same from others. This is a small variation of using different mode of communication instead of the traditional text communication. You can communicate through exchange of photos which gives some added fun.

For some Android users, Photovine looks similar to Pool Party – built by Slide. However, it should be noticed that Pool Party is in beta stage and it can be accessed based on invitation only. It looks similar, because Photovine, like Pool Party, is a Slide Product. And slide had announced last year that they would be retiring a number of their products.

Photovine was a brilliant concept (while it lasted), and if you are a photovine user, you should head over to your Photovine Settings page and download all your photos now. It doesn’t look like you can move it over to Picasa like you could with Pool Party. As of now, it looks like Google will soon integrate features of Photovine and Pool Party into Google+ in the near future.

Top 10 Paper Replacement Apps for iPad and iPhone

One key growth area of technology is what people refer as “Paper Replacement“. Technology is slowly helping people to decrease paper usage which saves money and increases productivity. There are some fabulous ways to do these on tablets such as iPad and some of the newer Android powered tablets. The coming days will owe a lot to iPad as it is a harbinger of some future tablet that is yet to come. Some of the top ten paper-replacement applications are listed here.

1. The Moleskine – The Moleskine application that is available for free replaces the paper notepad which people carry in their bag. This application has a sketching tool, and the user can geotag and share notes through email or social networks. The user has an option to choose plain, ruled or square paper style and is available on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone

2. Agendas ApplicationAgendas for iPads can broadcast interactive meetings to other iPad`s in such a way that everybody is on the same page. Unlike the paper agenda, colorful images can be added and a feedback can be collected from the attendees via polls. Attendees can ask questions and critical questions are answered first. The presenter can promote it to the live agenda. This application comes with a pay of $9.99 and is available only for iPad.

3. Dictionary – The Oxford American dictionary with Thesaurus comes with a price of $4.99 housing 150000 entries and comes with a “sounds-like” feature that allows the user to search for difficult-to-spell words assisting in how to spell them. This application is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The Merriam –Webster dictionary is available free only for iPad.

4. The Evernote PeekEvernote peek replaces the post-it notes which are usually found stuck all around the house. Available for iPad2 for free, the user can see a question from the study notebook that he created earlier on the iPad when he lifts the cover.

5. Personal DairyDay One (journal/dairy) is a dedicated dairy application instead of general notes application. It has a passcode lock for extra privacy and synchronizes with dropbox for backup. The cost of this application is $1.99 and is available for iPad, iPod and iPhone. This application also allows the user to mark favorites with a star and set reminders.

6. iAnnotate PDF ApplicationiAnnotate PDF lets the user to keep multiple documents open at once with tabs and search through entire library. This application has a lot of tools to choose from to make highlights and colorful annotations. The user can create his own sets of favorite colors and tools and is made available only for iPad. The application costs $9.99.

7. The Yellow Pages – The Yellow pages application comes for free for iPad, iPhone and iPod. It takes up less space and provides a deals section and local movie Showtime’s which is integrated with trailers and posters.

8. Papers – The paper application gives access to millions of academic science research articles thus helping to get rid of accumulations of rich literature. This application syncs with counterpart on the Mac and works great as a stand-alone application. This application comes for iPad, iPhone and iPod for a price of $14.99.

9. The Sketchbook ProSketchbook pro, a professional sketching and drawing offers its users with more than 60 built-in brushes. A maximum of 6 layers can be created. This application is available for iPad for a price of $4.99.

10. Cardflick – The cardflick is a digital business card application which offers 14 predesigned professional templates which can import details from Facebook. To share the card with another card flick user, the user can simple flick the card on the top of the screen or email it. This application is free of cost and is available for iPad, iPhome and iPod.

New to Window Phone 7? You need these Applications.

So now that Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango is out (and if you don’t have it yet, WPCentral has a simple way to force that update), Windows Phone devices are actually fully usable; almost on par with other Smartphone platforms. So anyway, if you haven’t used a Windows Phone device, you should definitely try one. The Metro UI is refreshingly different, if you’re a minimalist kind of person you’ll absolutely love it. And if you do have one, or got one recently, here’s a list of apps that you definitely need to install. Not all of them are “Mango Ready” (Multitasking capable, etc etc), right now, but that’s just okay..

The links posted here are to the Web Marketplace, which should work for you.


Windows phone Mango comes with Facebook and Twitter baked right into the device. That means Facebook Chat is right there, and your Twitter feeds and Facebook ones too are all pulled in together. Still, especially for twitter, it isn’t fully there yet. So here’s what you need.

  • Facebook for Windows Phone: Here’s the link to the Web Marketplace – FB for Windows Phone
  • Twitter: You can use Twitter for Windows Phone (which has a nice clean interface)(here), Beezz (which is light and fast)(here), or Tweetcaster which really is feature-rich (Free or Pro). Right now, none of them are really Mango ready, and the twitter apps that are Mango ready are the ones that I don’t like.
  • Foursquare: If you are on Foursquare, you’d need the Foursquare app of course (here), but try 4th & Mayor (here). I guarantee you’ll like it way more!
  • Whatsapp: It’s the same (well, almost) Whatsapp that you (probably) use or had used on your earlier Smartphone. If you didn’t, get to it! It’s a proper, SMS replacement service. Get it, here.


  • Evernote: Evernote is a must have service! Anyways, with Mango, the app can now Sync your notes in the Background (On WiFi) and you can pin a shortcut to new Text, Audio or Video notes to your start screen. Get it, here.
  • Notesly: If you just want a light, simple notes app, try Notesly. You can even “Draw” on it. Get it, here.
  • Tasks: Tasks is for all you people who like your To-Do lists. It’s got everything (and soon it’ll have Gmail and Outlook Sync), and still remains simple. Get it, here.
  • Dictionary: Well, yeah, it’s useful. Get it, here.


  • Tools for Phone 7: So it’s your basic swiss army knife application. You get multiple calculators, a level, GPS aids, Tip calculator, and so many more! Including a handy little Teenager Repellant. Yeah, I need one of these! Get it, here.
  • Appflow: It isn’t easy finding apps on the Windows Phone marketplace. Appflow is a proper app discovery application. You need it. Here.

News & Feeds

  • Fuse: Fuse is the nicest feed reader on Windows Phone so far. It’s totally different from anything I’ve used. Try it for free, and if you like it, it’s worth the buy. You can add your own RSS, or import your Google Reader Feeds. Get it, here.
  • NextGen Reader: If a simple, feature rich Google Reader apps is what you want, this is what you need. Get it, here.
  • Weave (and Tech News Now): If you’re too Lazy (or Busy) to get your feeds in line, Weave (both paid or free) and Tech News Now (here)  let you select different categories (Preset) and Feeds (Preset) and pulls it together to get all your required reading in line.
  • News Rack: News Rack brings together news from different papers, namely, NY Times, NY Daily Times, NY Post, The Guardian, Time Magazine, USA Today and the Washington Post. Get it here.
  • Of course, if you do read the NY Times (here) or The Guardian (here), you’ll need the dedicated apps.
  • Pulse: If you haven’t used Pulse it, well, let’s just say it’s the Best, Visual feed reader on the iPad, iPhone or on Android. And now (most of) it’s on Windows Phone. Get it, here.


  • Accuweather: Hey, it’s weather. And it’s got a live tile. And it’s free. Get it, here.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be adding to this as I find more Must have apps. Let us know what’s your favorite Windows Phone Apps which we haven’t yet covered.

Free twitter clients on s60v3: You do have options

Let me start off by saying that while there are other options apart from these, such as snaptu, 

I chose to look at these because they are symbian applications, and are (for the most part) standalone twitter applications. Most importantly, they are free!

Few things that I would look for include doing twitter admin work (follow, unfollow, block, etc, etc), open/embed links (with url shortening if possible), the ability to view lists, upload images to twitpic or other services. So I tried out three applications, and here’s what I think of them:


Tweets60 is the most popular free twitter app (there is a paid version too).  The main thing going for it is the clean interface. You have 4 pages to scroll through, your timeline, replies, Direct Messages and your Fav tweets. You can add bookmarks from your phone into tweets, which is a nice feature. There is no way to upload photos through the application, and there is no inline preview. You can click on links and hastags and open them up in your browser. The app is simple, easy to use and highly recommended! You can download the application from the developers site, here, or directly from Ovi Store.

Socially Mobile

Socially is another nice application, which stands out from the others here because

it gives you access to Facebook, Foursquare and Linkedin apart from twitter. It has all the standard admin functions sorted out, such as follow,block etc. Two things make this stand out: GeoTagging of tweets, and their Social Phonebook feature, which brings your FB, Twitter and Linkedin contacts and merges them with your phonebook! So you get to see Profile Pics, Updates etc in your contact list, and when you call! Really neat! Unfortunately, the autorefresh needs to be updated, as right now the smallest interval is 30 minutes.You can download the app from the developers site, here, or from the Ovi Store.


Trill is a twitter client from SpiceLabs,  with a UI that resembles Gravity. Unfortunately, it’s not as refined as Gravity. While it does all the main stuff quite well, the UI is a little confusing: making your way back up from the tweet you were reading to the top is quite a pain. It has the ability to open links from tweets, and follow hashtags. There’s no photo upload option, or geotagging, but the option to click on a tweet to open up functions is very nicely done. You can download trill from the  Ovi Store.

Again, there are a lot of options out there, (you can try Snaptu or Twim). None of these clients support multiple accounts or photo uploads, but they’re more than sufficient for the average twitter user!

Check out the whole gallery below. If you think we’ve missed out anything, let us know by commenting below, or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld!

Do note that these apps are for S60V3, but they also have Symbian^1 versions too!

Paid apps for the N900 appear on Ovi Store

Yup! Ovi Store now has paid applications for the N900!! It’s not the first application you had to pay for – Documents To Go was there first. Hopefully this is just the beginning. As of now there are two paid applications and one paid game.

Morpho Quick PanoramaPro

The Morpho Quick PanoramaPro app is now available for € 3.00. Here’s what it lets you do:

“Morpho QuickPanorama Pro lets you take panorama photos easily with one-button capture, and now supports VGA, SVGA, and SXGA resolutions for larger panorama capture than the free trial version. You can also save directly to the N900 panoramic desktop. Also includes a special auto-exposure lighting control feature for the best quality results. For a limited time at this special introduction price, enjoy the new QuickPanorama Pro for easy-to-use high quality panorama photography on N900.”

You can get it here.

Diabetes Meal Planner App

The other application is the Diabetes Meal Planner App, which costs € 10.00:

“This software calculates the overall Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) for individual meals and for the entire day to help build a healthy diet for:
• diabetes
• weight loss
• sports performance

It also provides:
• carbohydrate
• calorie
• protein
• fat analysis
• future meal planning for food items by meal and day.
See www.glycemicdietsw.com for more info.”

You can download the application here.

Angry Birds Game – Level Pack 1

The Angry Birds Game now has a level one pack, which is available for € 2.00:

“Angry Birds – Level Pack 1 The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds ’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 42 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. Protect wildlife, or play Angry Birds!”

You can download the game here.

We’re looking forward to more applications and games coming to the Ovi Store, and to the N900! Keep coming back for more news, reviews and updates. We’re on twitter – @myportableworld. Also visit our facebook page!