Nokia C3: First Impressions

At first glance the Nokia C3 seems quite impressive. With its Qwerty keyboard, smooth glossy finish and neat design most people think its a smart phone. Unfortunately it runs the S40 Operating System and is incapable of multitasking.

You can check out the specifications at the Nokia C3-00 device profile post, you could also check out The Nokia C3 Unboxing.

Fit, Finish & Feel: The C3 has an excellent feel to it, the panels are quite flush and lend an upmarket feel to the phone. The glossy finish is definitely worth a mention and doesn’t make the phone feel plasticky. Though the surface is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, it isn’t much of a problem.

Definitely a good looking phone..
Definitely a good looking phone..

The only grouse i have with the body of the C3 is the annoying battery panel, it never seems shut flush, and seems to be squeezed in too tight at times. This may have just been an issue with our trial piece, but its a small, yet irritating problem.

Irritating Battery Panel
Irritating Battery Panel

There are no buttons on the sides on the phone, all the volume function are handled by the D-pad. The keys are large enough (for a qwerty), and offer good tactile feedback.  The space bar seems a bit off, it feels like there are two internal buttons being operated by one big space bar. I never had an issue with the operation of the space bar, its worked perfectly every single time. Just that there were occasions where the feedback left me with a quizzical expression on my face.

The Call Disconnect button(the big red one) handles the duties of switching the phone off(as well as switching it on), as there isn’t a dedicated On/Off button for the phone.

But here is where I had a huge issue with the phone. The OFF button just switches the phone off , you can’t control the profile selection for that you either; need to traverse menus to change your profile or assign profile selection to the either of the menu keys.

Its more a matter of convenience, my age old Nokia 8310 has that function and  so do most Nokias, so why not this one?

The Keyboard
The Keyboard

Ah, the keyboard. What a lovely mess it is. In an effort to squeezed in local language support, the keyboard takes a massive hit. There are just too many letters on it. I assume most people buying the C3-00 will be buying their first Qwerty enabled phone, trying to type was a pain especially when you realise the Hindi text has swallowed a few special characters (here’s a fun game, try finding the ; on the C3’s physical keyboard).

Luckily the C3 IS available with a normal keyboard(phew).

The battery life of the C3 is quite impressive, equipped with a 1320mAh battery the C3 lasts over 3 days with normal usage, including web browsing. Limiting my usage to just calls and texting I was able make the battery last almost 5 days.

It’s been a while since i last used an S40 device, but honestly i can’t really complain. The interface is smooth, though a bit slow at time. If you haven’t used a smartphone on a daily basis you won’t really miss the multitasking.

That all for now, up next we’ll be checking out the 2.0 MegaPixel camera and the Music player on the C3.

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The Nokia C3-00 Unboxing

We got the Nokia C3-00 review piece a few days ago and thought it was about time we showed everyone what’s in the box.

For a detailed list of the C3-00’s specifications you can check out our C3-00 Device Profile.

The Box
The Box

Well to be honest the box doesn’t contain much. You get the bare essentials –

  • A Nokia C3-00
  • Nokia Battery BL-5J  (1320mAh !)
  • Nokia Compact Charger AC-3 (which is a bit chunky, when compared to the AC-8)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102 (3.5mm jack, which is thankfully becoming the standard)
  • User guide
  • And a Thank You note from Nokia :)
and what it contains..
and what it contains..

Honestly there isn’t much to complain about, apart from not having much to begin with. But its definitely good enough.

We’ll be putting the First Impressions of the C3-00 soon.

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