What is Fring?

fring logoFring is one of the best client for instant messaging, calling etc. for mobile phones which connects people through many messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, MSN, AIM, Skype, Twitter etc. and lets people call each other through it for free.
Some of the best messaging services supported by Fring are Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM® and apart from that, you get the latest alerts of google mails received, get the updates of the last.fm latest tracks of your friends and also check what your friends are upto on Facebook.

Here are the things you can do with Fring service –

  • Skype – You can check who all of your Skype friends are online, who you can chat with and you can call them directly through Fring.
  • MSN – Always stay connected to your MSN contacts even when you are not near your PC, write messages, talk or share files with all your MSN buddies directly from fring.
  • GTalk – Check who all are online, who you can interact with and chat with them or talk through Fring.
  • Yahoo – Add your Yahoo contacts to fring’s contact list , see who is online, chat, talk and interact.
  • ICQ – Stay in contact with ICQ friends and chat with them through Fring.
  • AIM – Check who all are online and chat or talk with them through your mobile phone.
  • Last.fm – Choose your preferred artists and listen to genres you like; see what your friends are listening to, interact with them via VoIP calls or live chat and keep marking the tracks you love. All that via streaming to your fring application.
  • Gmail notifier – Get notified for every new mail you get to your gmail account.
  • Twitter – Get all the tweets from people you follow, reply to them or get replied from them, and post your tweets through fring.
  • Facebook & Orkut – Set things in Fring accordingly to use these both Social networks the best way through Fring.

fring info picture

Fring automatically selects the networks or any Wi-Fi spots and connects to the web and logs you in, when you start it. So you don’t have any hassle to check for the available network etc. and it supports many Nokia Smartphones, along with the latest Nokia 5800 Xpress music and also all the Nokia N-series mobile phones.

You can check out and download Fring at fring.com

Download Fring for Nokia 5800 Tube Mobile Phone

fring logoFring has always been one of the best instant messaging client for any type of mobile phone, for Nokia and several other mobile phone brands. And this software is now also available for the latest touchscreen mobile from Nokia, the Nokia 5800 mobile phone.

The touchy experience of the mobile along with the best chat options of Fring is a perfect combination to keep people online for longer time on the phone. You can chat with friends, take all the IM buddies together and call to any, who has the voice calling feature on. You can send and receive files through fring, and also invite more friends to chat through fring. Calling is free through fring.

Fring also has options to select the best wi-fi hotspots so that you don’t need to keep searching to get connected to the web and login to your instant messengers. Moreover, Fring supports many clients like Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM®.

You can download the latest Fring version for Nokia 5800 mobile phone from here.

Check this video for the demo of Fring on Nokia 5800 mobile phone –