Test your Knowledge – The iOS Quiz Up App now on Android

Want to find out how smart your friends are? Well, you now have a perfect solution if you are using an Android phone. One the most popular iOS games has made its landing on Android. If you are not aware, Quiz Up is an amazing quizzing game with hundreds of topics and over 200,000 questions. So, this is one game that could really test your quizzing abilities.

To start you could sign in using either Facebook, Google+ or email. Once logged in, you could either choose an opponent from your friends list or let the system pick a random player for you. As you progress through the game, you are awarded some weird and wacky badges, which can be used as your title. The user interface is pretty slick too and the profile page reminds me of Path. For your profile, you can choose background wallpaper and a profile pic on top of it.

The topics range from Music to The Dark Knight Trilogy. From General Knowledge to even Mean Girls. The possibilities are limitless. So this game can keep you going for a long time. Each game consists of 7 rounds with 10 seconds for each round. The scoring depends on how quickly you answer. Don’t worry if you fall back in certain rounds because the last round has double the points to let you catch up. There is an option to surrender a game, but you don’t wanna do that. Do you?

Lost a match? Don’t fret. There is an option for a rematch, provided the opponent agrees to it. You could also challenge an opponent, the difference from a rematch being you are not playing parallel with your opponent. Your opponent can take up the challenge once you have completed your part.

The one drawback of this game is that the questions do tend to repeat but that’s bound to happen and they are not that frequent.

Sounds exciting eh? I’m hooked on it. So, download today and get quizzing!

Download from Google Play

Developer: Glu
Price: Free+

Download from iTunes

Developer: Glu Games Inc
Price: Free+

Buttons and Scissors Logic Game for iOS and Android

The game Buttons and Scissors is logic based game, where the main aim is to cut off all the buttons from a piece of Denim Cloth. As easy as that sounds, things can a little tricky as you progress through levels. Here’s a quick set of instructions on how to get rid of those buttons in Pictures: Buttons and Scissors - Instructions You can cut off buttons of the same color which fall in a straight line, and keep doing that till the board is cleared. You may end up making moves which you may want to backtrack, so the game provides an undo button which is on the lower right corner of the screen. Oh and did I mention that the faster you complete the level, the more you score.

There are quite a few levels to go though within the game. There are 200 levels for each the 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 grid sizes. That makes 600 levels in total. If you run through all these, you also have the option of buying 600 more levels via in-app purchase. You can also buy solutions to levels, in case you get stumped on the way.

Download and have fun!



‎Knöpfe und Scheren
‎Knöpfe und Scheren
Developer: KyWorks Software
Price: Free+

Google Play

Buttons and Scissors
Buttons and Scissors
Developer: KyWorks
Price: Free+

Expedition Mars – SciFi game for iPhone and iPad

You’re on a mission to Mars in the year 2020 and during your space jaunt, you’re rudely shocked out of your sleep to find out that your ship is all but destroyed. You’re the sole survivor and have to get your self out of the damaged ship and head over to Mars.

As you go into the game,  you have to find parts, fix circuits, assemble space suites and more to escape from the doomed ship. The game demands quite a bit for you to advance to the next level. You have to keep an eye for parts which you may need to assemble into tools and gizmos which will aid your advancement into the next levels.

Stuck in Mars

You can explore your environment by panning around the screen in all directions including up and down. Tap on items in your environment to interact with them or find items to collect for later. The items you collect line up on the top of your screen. You can use these items to build stuff or work gadgets or machinery in the game.

The puzzles in the game are also not a cakewalk either, some of them had me stumped initially and I had to backtrack and figure out how to solve them. You always have the option of getting hints on what to do next using your hand-held computer on the right bottom side of the screen. be aware that if you run out of battery, you don’t get any more hints till you do an in-app purchase to get more. So conserve your hints till you actually need them. I made the mistake of running out of them quite early on in the game…

Apart from your hand-held’s battery, when you’re out on the Martian Surface, keep an eye out on your Air Supply meter on the left hand bottom corner as well. The more time you spend exploring the great Martian outdoors and battling it out on those tough puzzles, the more air you consume, leaving you with no air to survive on.  Fortunately, since this is just a game, you can buy more air canisters using an in-app purchase option as well.

Overall Experience

I found this game to be quite engaging and challenging to keep me occupied during my daily commutes. At times it does get me a little worked up with those puzzles end up being a little too tough to solve in the first go, but the satisfaction after actually solving it makes up for it. The environments in this game really are beautifully designed and add that special touch to the game.

The game is available  in both iPhone and iPad versions with a free version in both avatars. The free version allows you to play the first chapter in the game to sample it so take that for a spin before you go ahead and download the Full version of the game. Just past the download links for the game trailer video.

Expedition Mars – iPad HD  Version

Expedition Mars – iPhone Version

Game Trailer

Rescube – A Puzzle solving game for iOS and Android


Rescube is an addictive puzzle solving game which can keep you occupied during those daily commutes or while waiting for a friend to turn up. Gameshastra, the developers of the app had initially launched this game on the iTunes store  in November last year and have quickly followed up by releasing the Android version of the game.

The main objective of the game is to get  Gisu, the ‘cute little’ alien, to the required parts to repair his ship. You can help Gisu by moving around the blocks so that Gisu has a clear path to be reunited with the ship’s spare parts. You get extra points if you manage to do this in the least number of moves. The least number of moves gets you a 3 star level complete achievement. If you don’t manage to get 3 stars, check the end-of-level screen and the number of moves you took vs the “Best Moves”, which is the minimum which you have to aim for when you replay the level.

The paid version offers over 50 levels of puzzles for you to solve, without the ad nags, which gives you quite a lot of gameplay time. You can also revisit levels to better your score by increasing your star score per game, giving some amount of replay value to the game. The Paid versions of the game on both platfroms also don’t cost much just $0.99 (or around Rs. 50). So take the free (ad-supported)version  for a spin to get a hang of the game and then go Ad-free and get the paid version, it doesn’t cost much!

You can brag about your achievements by posting these to your friends on Twitter and Facebook. iOS users also get their achievements posted to their Game Center. For a quick game trailer, check out the video after the download links:

Download Links:

Android Market:


iTunes App Store (for iPhone, iPad and iPod):

Game Trailer:

Bad Piggies – the other side of Angry Birds!

All of us at one time or the other have been addicted to the Angry Birds franchise. Knocking down pigges with those Angry birds and their eggs! Those poor piggies bore the brunt of those birds while we played level after level.

Now get into the pigs point of view with this new  new game from Rovio. This game is almost as addicitive as the Angry Bird series, where you have to craft vehicles to transport the pigs over Piggy Island in search of the pieces of maps which pieced together give a map to the eggs. The King Pig has ordered his followers to recover these pieces of maps  at all costs.

Create land and air based vehicles out of wings, rockets, umberllas, engines and more. Get as creative as you can to steer them to their destinations and advance to the next levels in the game.

The game is currently available for iPhone and iPad users in the iTunes App Store and for Android users on Google Play. Rovio has mentioned that a Windows Phone version is in the works and should be out soon.

Download Links

iPhone and iPad app from iTunes | Android Download from Google Play

Gameplay Video


Game Review: Wind Up Knight

Wind Up Knight by Robot Invader is a really good example of why Mobile Gaming is so popular now. It’s got amazing graphics, really good game-play, has a brilliant story line and is just generally very well made. The best part is, it’s free!

You’re a Wind Up Knight (Rremember those wind up toys? The cars? Yup, that Wind Up). You’re off on a knightly mission to save the Princess. Along the way, you’ll have to gear up for different missions; swords, shields, helms, all that. Game actions are added on as you go along, so you start off with just the ability to jump, then you get to use your sword, shield and roll. The controls placement could be awkward at times because of the speed at which you’ll have to respond.

The level selection and switching is really well designed too. It’s a bunch of tomes, bound and all.

You need to collect money and keys (to stay wound up) along the way, and you can use the gold you’ve collected to get new armour, swords and helms. You also have an in-app purchasing option, and I recommend buying something off that. The game is free, and this is one way to help the developer. Do note that your in-app purchases will not be carried across devices, but I don’t thing that should stop you. Oh, and you can’t go back a level and get more notes/coins, so make sure you collect them all!

Anyways, go ahead and download the game from the Android Market, here. It’s free!

Here’s a video review of the game, courtesy @TotallydubbedHD. Check out his YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

Oh, and the controls bit I was talking about? Here’s a video about that.

101-in-1 Games for iOS

OOOla…. Nordcurrent introduced a new game for the users of iPhone, iPod and iPads. It’s a collection of 104 mini games in a single app. It consists of variety of games like puzzles, darts, sports, racing and lot more popular type of games in one single package. And the most exciting thing is that it is FREE.

It’s boring to switch from game to game and I found the name to be interesting and out of sheer curiosity I downloaded this game, just to find out how 101 games are in 1 application. The size of the game is also pretty small for such a collection of games. The games are pretty easy and there is nothing like levels in this game, it’s just that you need to earn the points to complete the game successfully.

From the beginning only 10 games out of the 104 are unlocked. In order to unlock locked games, you need to play the games that are unlocked and earn points. You can get extra points for free by replaying already completed games. It has a unique way of unlocking games using the points you earn by winning games. This one app is a solution for all the mini games you loved to play. It is a very good time pass while waiting for someone or to kill time. This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs.

Some games in this collection are boring and some challenging for you mentally. If you like challenges then this is the place to be. Each game has only one level but the points limit is different for each game. As and when the game progresses, it becomes difficult for you to earn those limit points to complete the game. Each game has its own difficulty to earn those points. Some games might take just mins to complete and some games might take little more time to complete. There are a lot of similar kinds of game available to download, just the characters and the difficulty levels are different compared to this. Some of the games, you need to be really quick and your reflex should be really good.

The previous version of this game had 101 games and the new version has 104 games. Unlocking locked games is like moving on to the next level. I would rate a 4 on a scale of 5 simply because some games are boring. Most of the games are addictive and for good time pass. It has good puzzles like crossed wire etc..

Scan this to download 101-in-1 for iphone, ipad and ipodOn the whole to conclude I would say Nordcurrent has done a good job. It requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible to all the latest versions of Apple devices the iPad, iPhone and the iPod.

You can download 101-in-1 from iTunes by clicking on the App Store image below. You can also scan the QR code on the right with your device to get to the download link.

101-in-1 Games

Rating by Nanju Kumar: 4.0 stars

Cordy App Game Review for Android and iPhone

Hey gamers! Cordy is the name and getting Cordy from point A to B is the objective. Sounds easy right? Well in fact it is, but also challenging at times and visually amazing all the time.

I really fell in love with the game as soon as I started playing it. Very easy to play, fun for all ages and more importantly a very enjoyable time waster whilst you commute or do what you do best!

The game is simple:

Get Cordy the cute little robot from one end to the other, by collecting some or all cogs on your way, and getting all the electricity icons to power the ‘generator’ so that you can open the final door to finish the stage.



I would give this game a 10/10 if it weren’t for a simple flaw in the game:

The fact that I can fully complete a stage (3/3 stars) in as many goes as I want, is ever so slightly pointless. In other words, I can run through it once without collecting a single cog, and get the completion for finishing the stage in record breaking time…

You will understand what I mean, when you actually play or watch the video below! :)

Also, the price a little steep for just a game. Even though it is beautiful and very fun to play, the price is still a little more than I would like to part with for just a game. But then again that might be my stingy personality hehe!

Would also like to see more levels shown in the “demo” version! Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did! Jump to my video review after the download links.

Download Cordy from the Android Market, here.

Cordy is also available for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Check it out, here’s the iTunes link.

Shadow Cave: Good Concept for a Game [Video]

Shadow Cave by Artbit Games is a neat new(ish) game on the Android Market that’s worth checking out.

It’s got some arcade elements thrown in with a few puzzles that need to be solved, and as the Developer says, the levels are hand drawn and do look quite awesome. The aim of the game is to get through the caves without getting caught.

Check out the Video Review of the game by TotallydubbedHD (and make sure you visit his channel, there a bunch of videos on it that you should not miss).


So go ahead download the game from Android Market here, it’s a free add supported game that looks good!

Shadow Cave

Good Game, could be better of course

Rating by Raghu Kannan: 3.5 stars

Game Review: X Construction

Despite how you are at building or burning bridges with your peeps in the real world, X Construction is a game that will most definitely pique the interest of the architect/builder in you. This Android-based offering from the team at CrossConstruct is a physics game where the main idea is to build a bridge with a set number of girders to guide your train across ravines and ditches.

What you will get with this game is fun with physics/engineering concepts – plain and simple (never thought you’d be hearing those words in a sentence, eh?); what you don’t get is mind-blowing graphics or voice-overs by someone from the History Channel (although the sound of passengers screaming for their lives when your little building experiment goes awry, is just a treat!). Each level presents different challenges that you will need to overcome by designing and building the proper bridge for that specific challenge. The controls are responsive and well placed on the Android device’s screen. In the top right hand corner you will find your building and remove buttons for selecting a girder or the wrench for removing a girder. In the bottom right hand corner you have an undo, zoom in and zoom out button. In the top left hand corner there is a button with a green arrow on it for when you are done building your bridge to get the train to drive over it to see if it works. To create the bridge you will need to select each piece and then draw it with the pieces.

For the power players, the key is to use the least amount of Girders possible, and in later levels they even throw in some cabling for you to utilize to help you guide your train safely over the various gaps.  This game gets real nasty, real quick, and you will actually have to focus and pay attention, but don’t take it too seriously.  If your train falls, and your engineering negligence ends up killing every passenger you can just edit where you left off and improve the strength of your weak areas.

It’s easy to get hooked onto X Construction, but that said this game is not for everyone – perhaps those with an engineering mind will appreciate it just that tad bit more. Still, if your curious, you can always have a go at the lite version (X Construction Lite) and then if you’re still hungry for more, here’s the link to the paid download (X Construction). With over 50,000 downloads and a 5-star rating, this one well worth its $1.48 (Rs. 65.59) price tag. Give it a go and you’ll see why bridge-building is so much fun – best of all, no lawsuits!

Head past the break to check out the video review by TotallyDubbedHD