Google Glass could be bad for your eyes! Google Says so in their FAQ’s

Google Glass, the revolutionary wearable computer from Google is now the hottest item in the tech world. All the Geeks want to get their hands on one! Google’s still not announced when they’ll start selling these to the public yet. That’s good since this is new technology and no one know how things will pan out for Google Glass.

I know us techies skip reading the manual when it comes to Gadgets. It pays to read it, especially when it comes with required health warnings. It looks like kids below 13 shouldn’t be using this, and people who’ve had Lasik corrective surgery for their eyes as well. I guess even for people who wear prescription glasses, placing the Google Glass over these also could end up straining your eyes, while trying to focus on the display.

Here’s a snippet the FAQ section of Google Glass:

Glass isn’t for everyone.

Like when wearing glasses, some people may feel eye strain or get a headache. If you’ve had Lasik surgery, ask your doctor about risks of eye impact damage before using Glass. Don’t let children under 13 use Glass as it could harm developing vision. Also, kids might break Glass or hurt themselves, and Google’s terms of service don’t permit those under 13 to register a Google account. If Glass is not for you and you wish to return it, do so before the end of the applicable refund period.

As with all new tech, problems like this cannot be predicted in advance and could take time to iron themselves out. Let’s see how things pan out.