[Infographic] How to Look Great While Wearing Smartwatches

We know how dull and drab most wearables and smartwatches look when we actually wear them. Of course they do provide great features which we would love to use, but at there are times when you’d rather not be caught wearing one of these geeky tech devices.

Here’s an infographic from Samsung showing us how to accessorize and wear their Galaxy Gear range of smartwatches for all occasions. These tips also hold true for most other smartwatches as well, so take a look and get inspired.

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[Infographic] How Men and Women Use Social Media and Mobile

Here’s an insightful infographic which shows how men and women use their mobile phones and Social Networks differently. Here are some key pieces of information:

  • Men are more likely to scan QR codes and coupons
  • Women are more likely to go for sharing and camera while men prefer to view videos, read news and use GPS apps.
  • A shocking find is that women are more likely to play games on their smartphones than men.
  • Globally, women are less likely to respond to social media ads than men. Women are less likely to respond to mobile text ads than men.
  • 71% of women on Facebook are willing to ‘like’ a brand for deals. Only 18% of men do that.
  • In terms of usage that men are more likely to engage in than women, 27% of men are more like to use social media for business reason compared to 22% for women. Also, 13% of men are more like to use social media for dating compare to just 7% for women.

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Social Media and Smartphone Demographics: How Men and Women Use Their Facebook and Mobiles DifferentlySource: financesonline.com | Author: David Adelman | Follow our Youtube