Mobile Banking with ING Vysya App on Android and iOS

This has to be the first review of a banking app here on this site. We rarely ever cover mobile banking apps where since most of them are pretty limited in nature to check account balances and the last few transactions just a few other minor features thrown in. They’re great to see your account balance (or lack of) on the mobile, but you rarely ever do any transactions using a mobile app usually.

ING Vysya’s Mobile App

When I was initially asked to meet the team behind building the ING Vysya mobile apps a some weeks back, I was skeptical about being introduced to “yet another” mobile banking app. This changed as soon as I got my hands on a test build of the app running on my phone, and of course tied to an account with “test” money to play with. This was great to try out all the features of the app without actually playing around with real money. My initial views of app just from the few screens I saw was that it was quite mature and had a polished UI. The designers behind the app ensured that the app has great visuals and the UI flow which is intuitive. Just this refined look of the app encouraged me to dig in more and explore.

Full Featured

The more I explored, I found that this app manages to provide almost all the features that the online banking site provides right here on the mobile. They succeeded in doing this without having overtly complex menu systems. Here are some of the features that the app provides:

  • Account Balance, Recent transactions, Transaction report between dates and the ability to email or mail details of these transactions to you,
  • Open Recurring or Fixed Deposits
  • Fund Transfers
  • Bill Payments – Phones, Utilities, Charities, Insurance, DTH and even subscriptions to Readers Digest and India Today Magazines
  • Investments, Loans and Demat tracking
  • Shopping deals
  • Even last-minute gifting via e-gift vouchers which you can send your friends
  • ATM and branch Locator
  • Cheque snapshot feature – a little more on this coming up.

If you issue cheques regularly, you might be filling out the details on a slip at the back of the chequebook to keep track of details. This app comes with a feature where you can just click a snap of the filled out cheque and it’s stored on the phone and on the bank’s cloud. You can take a refer to these later when you need to look up details.

There’s not much you can’t do within the app making your mobile banking experience a full featured experience.

Screenshots from the ING Vysya App

It just doesn’t stop there, after I got my actual account activated in the Bank, I headed over to Google Play to download the app. The first thing I noticed was the reviews on the app, and the bank does seem quite proactive with reviews where people were facing issues and guiding them. It’s a great initiative for a bank to be on top of user’s feedback. So if you have an account in ING Vysya, go ahead and install the app for banking on the go.


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