MotoX on Sale, Google Drive – More for Less, iPhone 5C 8GB – News Bits

MotoX to launch tomorrow on Flipkart for Rs. 23999

After pulling a coup in India mobile sales with the Moto G, Flipkart is all set to launch the Moto X in India tomorrow (Wednesday). As with the Moto G, the Moto X will be exclusively available online only at Flipkart. If you take a look at their Moto X product page, you’ll see that they have some offers for the launch day, where you get a 1000 bucks off if you buy the Moto X on EMIs, 70% off on Moto X cases and a lucky few get 100% cashback on their purchase.

The phone will be available in 5 colors starting at Rs. 23,999 up to Rs. 25,999 for the two wood back finish devices.

Check out Flipkart’s page for more details and to get notified when they start sales of the Moto X.

Buy more Google Drive storage for less

Google has slashed the pricing structure of its Google Drive plans, undercutting Dropbox and others. 1TB of storage will now cost just $9.99 per month! 100GB of storage will now cost a measly $1.99 per month. What can you use this for you ask? Your photo and video backups via Google+ auto backup on iOS and Android, your documents and more.


iPhone 5c for less as well – out comes the 8GB version

It’s no secret that Apple hasn’t been able to sell very many of their polycarbonate bodied iPhone 5C. In hopes of improving sales of the model, they’ve just launched a lower capacity model for a slightly lower cost.

The 8GB version went on sale in the Apple UK store for £429, which is £40 (about Rs. 4000) cheaper than the 16GB version. No news of when this will hit the Indian shores, but will a paying around Rs. 34,000 for an 8GB iPhone be enough of a motivator to sell more Apple phones?

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