Next Lock Screen for Android by Microsoft

Late last month, Microsoft revealed a number of new products from the Microsoft Garage project one of which is the Next Lock Screen for Android .

Next Lock Screen combines an agenda view sourced from your phone’s calendar with a quick launcher system, accessible via a slide-up drawer from the bottom of the screen.  You can change these to fit different “locations” (each of which have different wallpapers), so they adapt to your current situation – At Work, At Home & On The Go



Next puts important info—like your upcoming meetings, missed calls, and text messages on your lock screen for instant access. You can swipe notifications away to dismiss them, and swipe down to unlock the screen. Check out the video from Microsoft –

Next is still in its early stages, so it has its limitations—SMS notifications don’t work if you use Hangouts, and  email notifications do not appear on the lock screen. It’s currently not available in India, but a quick Google search should give you the apk! Something to keep your eye on perhaps?

Next Lock Screen
Next Lock Screen
Price: Free