Google Announces Android One – For Low Cost Smartphones

It’s well known that Google wants everyone to carry an Android smart phone. Not just the high-end market, but at the lower end as well. Now we’ve all seen that the lower end of the Android market is plagued with outdated Android versions and virtually no updates.

To overcome this, Google today announced their Android One program. In this, Google is working on a set of hardware reference platforms which include hardware specs and which components are used in the device. Manufacturers who’ve partnered with Google can use these to create “high quality affordable smart devices”.

It doesn’t stop at hardware, these phones will come with stock Android experience. Through Google Play, Google will allow manufacturers and carriers to add locally relevant apps and content to the phones. The good thing here is unlike preloaded apps, you can choose to uninstall these if you wish to.

Micromax Android One PhoneWant more? All the software updates for Android One will auto update on the phones, since these will be coming directly from Google.

Google is currently working with Micromax to build out an Android One phone which comes with a 4.5 inch screen, Dual SIM, SD Card support and FM radio. This phone is set to retail at a price point of Rs. 6,000 or less. In addition, they’ve also partnered with Karbon and Spice to bring out more Android One devices in India.

This is going to boost up the quality of budget phones which will be hitting the Indian markets towards the end of this year. How I wish Google had initiated an update process like they’ve announced for Android One for mid-range and Flagship phones as well.

Android One Partners in India

Micromax signs Hugh Jackman as its new ambassador

Micromax signs Hugh Jackman as its new brand ambassador.

Hugh Jackman, who you’ll undoubtedly recognize from his portrayal of Wolverine, makes a brief appearance in the following teaser showing off Micromax’s upcoming flagship, the Canvas Turbo.

I am extremely thrilled and honored to be part of the Micromax family. I am a huge lover of India as it is one of the most exciting countries in the world and we also share our love for cricket. Phones are genuinely time saving devices that can help you live a better life while juggling around with different situations. The new Canvas phone from Micromax is a leap in innovation with great sense of fun and amazing features that helps me balance my work with all the different roles that I play in my everyday life.

Said Hugh Jackman on his association with Micromax

Speaking on the association, Shubhodip Pal, CMO, Micromax said,

We are very excited to welcome Hugh Jackman in the Micromax family as he truly embodies the aspirational, reinventing and fearless persona of the brand Micromax. As we look to expand our footprint across the globe in various international markets, the association with the Hugh Jackman is an ideal partnership for us to connect with audiences as he is the leading name in the entertainment industry in the world.  At Micromax, we have always believed in offering products and services that empower our consumers with the latest technologies and innovations. This is a strategic partnership and we look forward to a creating a strong 360 degrees campaign with Canvas Turbo to bring alive this new experience for our audiences across print, TV and online platforms.

While the specs are not officially out, the Micromax Canvas Turbo  is rumored to be the first phone from the domestic handset manufacturer to sport a full-HD display. The Canvas Turbo is also expected to boast a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB inbuilt memory, 13.0-megapixel main camera and is said to come with smart-gesture based features.

There is no official word regarding Canvas Turbo’s release date or price details as such but the Indian market recently witnessed a spree of high-end smartphone launches as a prelude to Diwali so we could expect a launch around then.

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eBay India’s Battle of the Gadgets report shows interesting Online Sales Trends

eBay India had recently shared with us the Ebay India Battle of the Gadgets report for Q2 (April to June 2012), which is a quarterly report with highlights on the online gadget purchase habits in India. The report shows us some interesting trends across four gadget categories which are Laptops, Cameras, Mobile Phones and Televisions across India. Of course, the data is based on purchases which take place through eBay India only.

When we metup with Mr. Abhimanyu Lal, Head – Category Management: eBay India, last week. He did share some interesting tidbits about ecommerce trends in India and some specifically about eBay. An interesting point which he made was the 90% of commerce taking place in India is attributed to Travel. That’s a whole lot of people travelling in India and booking tickets online!

About the Battle of the Gadget Report he said, ” Gadgets have always been very popular on eBay India. With our extensive range of gadgets across brands, models & budgets which enable our consumers to get easy access to the best deals & widest selection online, we see a great demand coming from consumers across metros, tier II and tier III cities. Interestingly, non metro consumers are actually shopping for more gadgets than metro consumers”.

On an average day in eBay here’s how the sales look like:

  • A mobile handset is sold every 3 minutes
  • A laptop is sold every 9 minutes
  • One Digital Camera every 19 minutes
  • A TV every 54 minutes
Samsung tops the eBay India Battle of Gadgets Rankings, with top sales across all the four gadget categories. For this post, we’ll limit our post to the Mobile Phone and Laptop category. If you’d like to look at the entire report, there’s a link to download the entire report at the end of this post.

eBay Battle of the Gadgets Methodology

From their Press Release: eBay India Battle of the Gadgets April- June 2012 research findings were based on an analysis of all gadget purchases by Indians on eBay India between April 1, 2012 and June 30, 2012. The research report showcases interesting trends of India’s Top Gadget Cities, Models & Brands across 4 popular gadget categories of Laptops, Cameras, Mobile Phones and Televisions.

 Mobile Phone Category

In the overall numbers, Samsung retains the lead with 26% market share followed by Nokia in second place and Sony in third. Sony saw a 104% increase in mobile phone sales from the last quarter, with the Sony Xperial Ray being the phone model which was the most purchased in the quarter. Delhi topped the sales in this segment.


In the Smartphone category, Sony surprisingly beat Samsung and the gained the top position with 34% marketshare, followed by Samsung, Blackberry and Apple in that order. Sony phones captured all top 3 places in this segment.

Some interesting facts in the smartphone segment is that the sale of the Samsung Note and Samsung Galaxy S2 is more than that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even the HTC One X outbeat the Galaxy S3 in sales. That goes to show that pricing still does play a crutial role even in the top end of the smartphone segment. HTC with their new launches managed to increase their transactions by 10 times.

Dual Sim Phones

Samsung toppled Micromax for the top spot in this category. In terms of sales volume, the top 3 brands in this segment are Samsung, Micromax and Nokia, in that order. The top device in this category was the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. In fact the Top 5 devices are dominated by Samsung and Micromax, with Nokia making an entry only in the 6th place with the X2-02

Value Phones

Nokia  topped the list here as the Top brand in sales volume followed by Samsung and HTC. The most purchased phone in this category was the Samsung Galaxy Y, surprisingly.

Laptop Category

Before we go into the numbers, one thing to note is that eBay India includes Tablets too in the Laptop Category. Apple is a clear winner here in this segment, with Bangalore topping the charts in terms of sales volumes. Tablets account for 62% of sales in this category they outsold netbooks in the quarter. This could mean that more people are looking at tablets as an alternate to Netbooks.


Apple is the top of this heard with 17% marketshare, followed by Micromax and Aakash. The most sold tablet was the Micromax Funbook! The sales of tablets have increased by 90% in Q2 compared to Q1. This spurt of growth is fuelled by affordable tablets launched by Micromax, Karbonn and iBerry. 53% sales in this segment come from non-metro cities in India.

Did you know the the iPad 2 actually outsold the iPad 3 during Q2 of this year?


Dell, followed by HP and Apple top the laptop Segment, with the Apple MacBook Pro (MD313) topping the sales chart here. Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are the top 3 cities purchasing laptops.


Acer has retained their lead here followed by Asus and Samsung.The top netbook in terms of sales was the Asus 1015CX. 59% of the Netbooks sold on eBay was to non-metro cities. Mumbai was the top city ordering Netbooks on eBay India.

It was great to see some of the interesting battles being fought and won by gadgets in the phone, laptop and tablet categories. Some of the trends do show that India is still a price sensitive market, this is obvious in the smartphone segment where HTC One X outsold the Galaxy S3, and the Sony devices which have a better price point rule the roost. For more details, pretty pictures, graphs and details of the Camera and TV segment, download this pdf more details from the Battle of the Gadgets.

Download Links:

[PDF] eBay Battle Of the Gadgets Q2 2012 Report

[DOC] Press Release -eBay India- Battle of the Gadgets-April-June 2012

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