[Infographic] How much can you do with 1GB of Mobile Data per month?

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(Photo credit: joe.ross on Flickr)

The data plan  you subscribe to on your mobile phone really dictates what you can do on your phone. If you are looking at limited data plans, you really have to limit the amount of content you send and receive daily, else you could be looking paying extra on your monthly bill.

Smartphones these days use data in all kinds of way: Emails, Videos, Music, Social Networks, Voice Calls, and surfing web pages on your mobile browser. All this requires the use of data on your phone and each uses varying amount of data. If you use your phone for all of these tasks daily, you could end up consuming a lot of data. To give you an idea of what you can use, Three Mobile a telecom provider in the UK, has published an infographic on their site comparing their All You Can Eat plan against a 1GB monthly plan.

Here’s how your daily quota of data could get used up if you have a 1 GB data-plan. 1 GB per month breaks down to 34 MB per day, which seems quite limited when you break things up this way!

Source: Three Mobile