The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Specifications & Expectations

High tech consumer products have increased in verve and complexity, as witnessed during the Mobile World Congress. Companies are now trying to offer new experiences with different form factors, sizes and add-ons; this is especially true when we’re talking about Android devices. The New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1offers just that unique  experience of marrying technology with the more conventional (and fast becoming antiquated) feeling of using a notepad on the go to track your ideas and schedules. Here is a look at what specifications this gadget packs and what other surprises it has to offer.




Focusing on Specifications

The glaring difference for the device, when compared to its predecessors in the same line, is the introduction of the stylus as a functional element. The stylus uses Pressure-sensitive digital technology by Wacom. The stylus does not come with the tablet though; there isn’t any slot on the tablet to house the stylus, unlike the smaller Note 5.3. In retrospect that is somewhat odd since the Galaxy Note does not have much difference in specifications and performance over the second generation Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The more general aspects of the specifications are just as powerful as any of the Android Tablets in the market. You get 1GB RAM, 64 GB memory capacity expandable via Micro SD, 1.4 GHz dual core CPU  and runs Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. You have the usual connectivity options (WiFi, DLNA, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 3.0) and dual camera options (3 MP back and 2 MP front facing).

Analysis of Expected Performance

The market is rife with some spectacular competition from the various Android devices and brands launched one after another (Not to mention the Apple’s iPad and iPhone as a separate branch of competition in themselves!). It is evident that Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will have to struggle with extended features to bring something new (aside from the stylus feature) to the tablet experience.

You get a more extensive array of apps in addition to the expected S Planner calendar and S Note. You can coordinate your ideas with Adobe’s Photoshop touch and Adobe’s ideas app, which by the way comes at a separate price for the Android niche. All apps on the device have been consolidated to be stylus friendly and add to the real ‘notepad’ like versatility. This is unique to Galaxy Note because while other capacitive screen devices can utilize a capacitive stylus, there has been no consolidation of the applications, and regular functions towards the stylus, which in this case uses a Wacom Digitizer.

The split screen is another feature, which is increasingly becoming popular. It helps in comparing various data or multi-task on two different apps at the same time.

Ultimately, it is quite evident that all efforts have been made to create a more real-time experience for technology lovers. You can write or draw instead of the incessant typing on every other mobile device; you can utilize the technology and apps to enhance your everyday mobile  experience.

Key Tips to Protect Yourself from Phone Hackers

The latest news about the now-obsolete tabloid ‘News of the World‘ gave me a shock. The critically acclaimed Royal family, the terrific murderers, pathetic murder victims, and almost everyone became prey to the phone hackers (sorry, they are the so-called journalists). Now that the tabloid has been closed forever we shouldn’t be happy thinking that this is the ‘happily ever after’ ending for the phone-hacking business.

Somewhere in this same world there will be phones getting hacked when you are reading this article. We aren’t modern day Robin Hoods to stop the people from doing evil but what we could do from our side is, follow these simple steps to ward off the hackers from our valuable phone.

1. Is your Password Powerful or Pathetic?

I know many people who still use the default passwords for their phone even years after buying the phone. The default password will be same for the whole company for instance if your phone is of Nokia brand then the password of all phones produced by that brand is 12345. To crack this code no special intelligence is needed.

Change these default passwords first. As soon as you buy a phone and put your sim card change all the default passwords. However, most people end up changing the password from default ‘12345’ to obvious ‘22222’. Some people are so naïve that even a hacking amateur can easily hack their phones.

You must avoid the following while choosing your passwords –

  • Birthdays of any kind (yours, spouse’s, kid’s, etc)
  • Anniversaries
  • Your name’s number format. For instance, DEEP = 45516
  • Last few digits of your social security number

Keep your password totally random.

Tip – Don’t write down this password anywhere; one of my cousins has kept a really hard-to-guess password but she wrote it down and kept it in her clutch where she keeps her mobile too.

2. Lock your phone

What’s the use of keeping cryptic passwords without using them? It is as similar as not having a password at all. Keep your phone locked always especially when you are surrounded by quite a lot of people. I know it too obnoxious to lock and unlock each time you receive or send a message, but if you love your phone you don’t have any other option other than locking your phone (until someone finds phone locking system with biometrics).

Especially if you are a proud owner of a smartphone then definitely your phone should be under lock always. Unlike conventional mobile phones which needs a passcode to access voice mails, smartphones allow users to access the voice mailbox with a single touch (thanks to the voice mail Apps) irrespective of the user’s identity.

3. Hacking your phone, without using your phone

Your phone can be hacked without the help of it. Yeah, a hacker can simply call from an outside line to your service provider and access your voice mailbox. All he needs is your social security number or some other personal detail. The default passcode may me jus 0# or 0, etc.

To avoid these type of mishaps call your service provider and change the pass-code to access your voice mailbox and also discuss with them about increasing the security levels.

You may not be a big shot to get hacked, but once you get hacked then you will surely become a big shot (of course in the negative sense). Therefore, build up a Crypt (above said points) for your Phone right now!

Five Education Apps on Android

Android is so popular for open source applications that put their users in great joy. Not to mention, the hugely popular “Angry Birds“. If I continue telling all the apps that Android is popular for, then there are actually more than 70,000 of them, so I can’t list all of them. This article is for all those buddies who are learning; I mean whether you are at school, college etc. you have got Android to your support.

Let me tell you about some nice apps that do neat stuff –

Kindle for AndroidThis is both an amazing resource and an amazing app for students. You get access to over 900, 000 ebooks. You can also get free sample pages. There is a search option which is cool that helps you to find loads of resources related to your subject. The app uses a technology called Whispersync that syncs your last page read, notes, and bookmarks so that you can pick up where you left off. The app offers you three background colors to choose from: White, Serpia and Black. Black is for night reading where the words are illuminated to make it easier to read in poor or no lighting. For day reading you can choose between white and serpia, whichever is soothing to your eyes. The app is known for its speed, be it downloading a book or instantly opening a downloaded book.

Memory TrainerThis app gives you brain exercises that help to improve on your memory tasks. The application targets the area which is responsible for recording information about your environment; in short your spatial memory is subjected to some sort of targeting to achieve an improved memory power. The app provides you with several mini games that keeps your neurons extremely busy. Don’t assume the word ‘games’ to be a waste of time, you are indeed exercising and hence productively spending your time.

Algebra TutorThis one is a life saver. With this app you can practise algebra and prealgebra. You can work out a problem step by step and trace the step in which you might have committed some error. You can also check your stats for various problem types which is saved across app runs. The latest version of this app has added new problem types like fraction addition, fraction multiplication English to variable expression and so on. Definitely worth having if you have to fight with algebra.

Formula LiteThis app is a collection of tools such as a simple calculator and derivator to make learning processes much easier. The application helps you to store most important formulae in Maths, Physics and Chemistry as a collection for later reference.

Pocket KnowledgeThis is a cool app from Wolfram that answers any question you ask. The app is so impressive that the subjects involved are really broad ranging from Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Culture, Sports and many others. You can ask by clicking on ‘New Query’, get your answer and then store it for later use in an easier way by pressing ‘Archive’. The app has a streamlined iphone-like interface which is cool. It also retrieves multithreaded queries when you refer to archives, in a very fast manner.

RIM launches New BB Bold 9900 & 9930; alongwith BB 7 OS

The ‘New’ BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are the upgraded variants of BB’s old model – BlackBerry Bold. There are lots of thing to look forward in these two, for instance new BlackBerry 7 OS, and I believe the sales will be at-par the company’s expectations. In Waterloo, ON – RIM unveiled two stunning smartphones that appealed the lookers.

The shiny exterior, stainless steel framea as well as a lustrous glass-weave backplate are the new features which are visible on prima-facie. The thickness has also been reduce to only 10.5 mm. The optimized design as well quality material is more evident while holding it in your own hands. But these aren’t the only features which makes it appealing to us. The New Blackberry 7 OS makes the performance more powerful, thus giving the user out-of-the world experience. The easy-to-use qwerty keyboard as well as high resolution, capacitive, brilliant touch-screen features are quite a refreshing add-on too. Thus, giving BlackBerry loyalists more reason say – Hip Hip Hurray!

You can take a look a hands on demo of the both the phones at the end of this post.

The Press Release says – Because of its new performance-driven platform, the BlackBerry offers 1.2 GHz processor, powered by BlackBerry 7 – Liquid Graphic Touch Screen that gives smooth and highly responsive touch on pictures, web browsing, etc,, as well as the 287 dpi display gives eye-popping clarity of visuals. The new platform also offer support 4G networks; the 9900 supports HSPA+ connectivity, and the 9930 supports CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and HSPA+ global roaming on GSM/UMTS networks.

Sounds real good!

[ad#ga-cbox-right]BlackBerry 7 OS in true sense, it could be said as the upgrade of BlackBerry OS .There are many features and additional apps that BB 7 offers. It is especially designed to power the BlackBerry Bold’s new performance-driven platform. It not only offers faster and an easier user experience but it also has enhanced browsing, voice-activated searches, the facility to separate and manage corporate content from personal content, as well as added, out of the box, personal as well productivity apps.

It won’t be hard to notice the enhanced BlackBerry Browser in BlackBerry 7. Due to the liquid graphics which gives powerful rendering as well as seamless panning and zooming with the help of Blackberry 7 OS the web pages loads in no time. The new browser also embraces support for other HTML5 elements, for instance HTML5 Video.

As first introduced in BlackBerry 6 the Universal Search feature, BlackBerry 7 takes it a step further by adding voice-activated search. Thus making it more convenient and easier to search on web as well as on smartphone at your voice-activated search.

As the BlackBerry is known as the “Business Phone” which gives easy and fast features for the businessmen to stay connected with their clients and work; keeping this in mind, RIM now has tried to make it personal as well as a business smartphone. BlackBerry 7 helps to manage and separate your corporate content from personal content. It lets you surf through social sites like facebook, twitter, multimedia, games, etc as well as protects your highly confidentially corporate contents. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0.3 works together with BlackBerry Balance that helps the user to control erasing, coping or forwarding the corporate content from the handset to other device or personal contacts.

The only sad news for the BlackBerry users is BlackBerry 7 OS is only available in New BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 and would not be compatible to the other old models of RIM. This is aimed at increasing the sale of these two new Bold models.

Come this summer, NewBlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones are likely to be availables. Do you  plan to lay your hands on one brand new one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here’s a video of a hands on demo of the Bold 9900 and the 9930 smartphones: