BlackBerry Users – Your Must Have Apps

Are you a BlackBerry lover who is pondering to get the best out of your Phone? If yes, then this is the right post for you. Though there are a lot of apps available in the market for which the developers charge, I have compiled a list of apps that might be a valuable one for you. Some are available for free while others are charged.

Check them out and give a try.

Dropbox – This is one of the best services ever which will allow you to have a back up and allows you not to email a file again. And, having Dropbox on your BlackBerry for absolutely free is probably a great thing. Moreover, it allows you to connect to what you consider to be more important and is considered to be a more secure and safe way of browsing files. Share your photos, documents and videos easily with this app from anywhere. Give it a try. [Link]

Evernote – Designed especially for taking notes and archiving, Evernote is easy to use and is available for free. Since it has a multi-platform, you can use it to make a note of whatever you think of. In the latest version, you can add an attachment with an existing note and remove the parts that are not necessary. Also, they are fast and have better power management. Check about the latest releases here. [Link]

Tripcase – Do you get stressed during travel? Though there are a lot of travel management apps available, what makes Tripcase unique is its capability of intelligent messaging. You can use the information in your itinerary in a more organized and efficient way. Also you can have a direct import of your itinerary information and the app will automatically update the itinerary if you do any changes to it anywhere and anytime. Also, find free flight alerts and alternate flights for the same day are made available in this app without the need of upgrading to a premium where you will have to pay to get this information. [Link]

Personal Assistant – This app is used by over 2 million people and recommended by a lot of people. Personal Assistant is an app that will help you in monitoring your transactions done with a credit card, reviewing your bill statements in a detailed manner, checking the balance of your account without requiring the need to enter the data. It allows you to have everything you are looking for and has a lot of extra options too. It can automatically synchronize with your online banking, travel accounts and bills in order to get track of your balance and transactions. And when you have lost your phone, all you will have to do is to deactivate your profile from It is very simple to prevent unauthorized entry to your phone and the information logged on to it. [Link]

InstaPhoto – A picture says a lot more than words. And it feels even good when you share it with your friends in a social network. With a lot of preset effects available, InstaPhoto allows you to capture moments and customize it while sharing it in social media. [Link]

I am sure, the above apps, when installed by you on your BlackBerry, will make your life that tad bit easier.

Smartphone HD Display Systems from Sharp

Sharp is kept busy in the manufacture of ‘High Definition (HD) Sharp Mobile Display Systems‘. It is not only the iPhone 5 orders but also many other projects that Sharp is kept busy with in recent times. As per the information revealed by Sharp official, the company is kept busy with the manufacture of 5” LCD screens which enable HD displays of the order of 1920 x 1080. Sharp has already started the production of these new display systems since September, 2012 and the projects are in full swing even in October, 2012.

The USP – High Quality Display Systems

The new high quality display systems that are being manufactured by Sharp will have more clarity and sharpness than the existing LCD screens. The CG-Silicon technology which was implemented by Sharp in the manufacture of display systems of HD television will also be implemented in the manufacture of HD display systems for mobile phones. The new technology will cut down the number of layers between the bottom of the screen and user’s eyes. This will ensure that Smartphones will be capable of holding the highest possible number of pixels within a limited space of 5”. The quality improves by 1.3 times. The current iPhone 5’s PPI (Pixel Per Inch) is 326 and Samsung Galaxy S3’s PPI is 306. Sharp is able to provide new display systems whose PPI is 443. Even though HTC is exploring possible active association with Google for the production of high quality display systems at 1080p, Sharp has already achieved a remarkable success in this endeavor.

Sharp’s Global Launch Event

Sharp’s new sharp display systems were revealed to the world at CEATEC – 2012 held in Japan. A number of HD display systems which are likely to be deployed in various kinds of Smartphones are arrayed by Sharp at the show. The new display systems are the thinnest among the available types of mobile display systems. The display systems are consistent in presentation of views in various angles. Sharp had also arrayed a new generation display system whose size is 6.1” with 498 PPI. It will be released to the market in 2013.


  • With the development of high quality display systems, users will be able to enjoy higher display quality in terms of text, photo and video.
  • You can also have excellent views of various maps on your Smartphone.
  • The new display systems will certainly have an edge in terms of quality of presentation.
  • Smartphone manufacturing companies which will be able to adapt to this emerging technology will certainly be able to capture the market to the greatest possible extent.
  • As a matter of fact, the screen size of Smartphones has increased over the past two years. At the same time, considerable leap is not achieved in improving the pixel strength of the display systems.

Sharp’s achievement in this scenario will definitely boost the emergence of high quality display systems. On the other hand, Smartphone manufacturers should be able to address the tremendous power required for the display of high quality HD images. There should be enhancements in various aspects including the processing speed, graphic display, memory and the battery backup.

Pic Credit - Sharp Business Systems.

Smart Mobile Apps for City Transit

Smartphone apps that serve a variety of needs are being developed by application developers and thence, being adapted by users from various walks of life. There are applications that let you know what to eat, what not to eat and how much should you eat. There are applications that enhance your gaming experience. You have literally every kind of application that cover every facet of your life from the moment you rise up from the bed to the time you retire to take rest at night.

One such type of apps are, Transit Applications, which will save you money, effort and fuel. There is a wide range of transit applications that can update you with real-time information. Information provided by typical applications includes the availability of public transport system, mode of transport (road, rail and air), the frequency of operation, etc. As you get access to such kind of information, you will save time of the journey and you can invest your time and effort in productive ways.

Here’s a couple of transit apps which cover a wide geography

Nokia Transit – Nokia Transport is an on-the-go companion for public transport information — the equivalent of thousands of maps and schedules and timetables, all in your pocket.  You can get details on  departure times for buses, trains, trams and more, and figure out which stop or station is closest to you.

Key features of Nokia Transit:

  • Get scheduled directions door-to-door, combining different modes of public transport
  • Find a list of the closest stations and stops, along with schedules for each
  • Know where to get off: with the line detail view, you can see upcoming stations and the times you arrive at them
  • Use Nokia Maps to help you find your way in the walking sections of your journey
  • Pin your most-used destinations to the start screen

This app is available free for users of Nokia Lumia phones which runs of Windows Phone. The large list of cities covered by Nokia Transit is available at this link.

Google Maps Transit – One of the best transit city app having a distinctly wide coverage is Google Transit. Google Transit is part of the feature of the Google Maps app available for Android phones and tablets. An entire trip can be planned using this app, as it covers most transportation modes, including driving and walking. So you can get walking directions to the nearest public transport stop and also direction from the final stop to your destination.

Be it step by step directions, transit stops in your location, or station information along-with schedules, Google Transit proudly boasts of having it all, including bus routes here in India.Click here for information of areas of coverage for Google’s Transit information.

Both the above apps would always be helpful to you.

Now, let us know more about a few apps which are very geographic centric, particularly for people in United States. Here they are –

Go Metro Los Angeles – Go Metro is the application that was launched by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Visitors as well as local citizens will be able to plan their day-to-day journeys and occasional visits with the help of this useful application. The application being powered by GPS will let you know the transit station that is nearest to you. The advantage with this application is that you can deploy on Apple as well as Android based smartphones. As you deploy the application in your mobile phone, you will get direct alerts from the Metropolitan Transport Authority as well.

SBS Next Bus – Singapore is the most advanced country in East Asia. The small country is quick to adapt to the latest technologies that affect all walks of life. SBS Next Bus is the application that eases your life with its easy to use features. You will know the nearest bus stop by GPS powered application. SB Buses is for Apple users. There is another application for Android users called SBS Next Bus app which gives you journey calendar as well as a bus arrival timing chart.

Muni+ – Muni+ application can be deployed on both iPhones and Androids. It was designed by Sky Highways on the call given by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. You can find the frequency of buses, locate the nearest bus stops and you can also check your Clipper card balance.

TransitTimes Portland – The transit authority in the Portland area, TriMet will supply the data which can be used by third party application developers. The frequency of operations, the timings and the traffic alerts delivered by the city information system will help application developers to better present the required information for the users. The application called as Transit Times Portland will give you extensive information through various modes including rail, road and air. It is an application that runs on Apple gadgets. For Android users, another application called Portland Transit will serve the purpose. The advantage of this application is that it is the voice enabled hence users can use their application by voice commands.

The above applications are some applications that serve the needs of users who depend on the public transport system. If you are depending on your own transport system, you can download and install relevant (which are plenty) mobile applications to serve your specific geographic & utility needs.

Saga – a wonderful personal advisor for the iPhone!

Saga – the new mobile application will monitor all your real world activities that you conduct through the mobile phone. As it keeps track of your activities and gets familiar with you, it will rise to the level where it will suggest you the available options as per your taste. The application is created by a Seattle based startup company. The application learns your habits, remembers them and gives you available better options. This will definitely let you try out new things which bring fun.

Let’s know more about Saga.


  • Saga will also track your physical presence. It will track the way you reached the location and it will identify your personality. All these details will be tracked automatically and Saga will always be ready to give you suggestions.
  • As you put up important milestones in Facebook Timeline, the application will create a list of experience points based on the things that you perform in day-to-day life.
  • The application developers claim that Saga is intended to improve your way of life. It will help you perform things in a better way. It will remind your past experiences helping you make wise choices.
  • The interesting feature with Saga is that all the information that the application gathers will not be shared with others and this was stated by the promoters.
  • Saga which is available on iOS app store will enhance the path created by wonderful personal assistantSiri.


There is no doubt that with the growth of internet technologies, there is tremendous growth in entertainment and shopping experiences. With the introduction of mobile applications coupled with GPS services, you are being offered with ultra high tech services that you never dreamt of in the past. Saga will keep track of your activities. As it will suggest you better options, this will be desirable as you get the opportunity for improvement. You may also learn from your mistakes so that you will not repeat them and you will be wise enough to take better decisions in life that save you time, effort and money.


  1. As a matter of fact, applications that serve location based information will drain the battery soon. As Saga keeps track of your location through GPS and compares the data to the database, it will take a substantial chunk of processing power and there will be proportionate load on the battery as well.
  2. The application has to store so many experience points and it needs to process various algorithms to get the desired results.
  3. Besides offering valuable features, how effectively Saga addresses the power consumption issues will decide the success of the application.
  4. Compared to Google Places, Saga comes with a new concept as it will give you suggestions based on your past choices. This is done automatically where as with Google Places you should select the relevant options.
  5. The application has to demonstrate its proficiency by picking the user’s location precisely in a densely populated city.


Saga will really be useful if it can enhance your entertainment by offering useful suggestions. Saga will let you know what you should know and when you should know. On the other hand, if  you have privacy concerns, you have nothing but to stay away from the application.

Download Link

Download for iPhone from iTunes Store

‘Viggle’, an Android and iOS app, Rewards You for Watching TV

Location based checkins were a rage, with everyone clamoring for points and mayorships. Now check-in into your TV show you’re watching and earn rewards. (This is currently a US only service)

Viggle Inc. has launched a loyalty program that rewards your television watching. To take advantage of this program, you should install the free Android application, Viggle.

As soon as you start working with the application by registering your details, Viggle will list out the TV programs that you are watching. You can select programs/shows of your choice. As you select them through Viggle, the application will reward you by extending bonus points.

Let us check more about this  application.

The Viggle application allows you to sign up and start checking into shows you are watching on TV. Viggle will grant you Viggle points in proportion to the time spent in watching TV.  In addition to the points generated through your check-ins, you can also earn points by browsing special shows with bonus points. Shows with check-in bonuses are featured in the “What’s On” section, where people are also able to set reminders and “like” shows. If you set a reminder for watching a featured show, you will get 100 bonus points. Accumulation of Viggle points will help you get gift cards to Gap, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can also purchase gadgets like iPod tough with your gift card.

When you sign up for the application, you should enter your US zip code and the local cable service provider. This will help Viggle to know the programs that will be telecast in your area. As more and more users will use the application, Viggle will get access to the huge amount of data. It will be able to keep track of your personal preferences and it will be a great wealth of information for Viggle. Even though Viggle offers you free application and lets you set reminders to watch various programs,Viggle will also be benefited through your cooperation. It will be able to study the user habits on a large scale. The wealth of information collected will include users’ favorite TV shows, preferred timings, how long users will hang on to a particular TV show, etc. This information will be very useful for companies that conduct various kinds of surveys to understand the popularity of various TV shows.

It is possible to study the kind of programs preferred by a particular age group. This will give ample room for TV broadcasting agencies to improvethe quality and to present the most relevant programs to the users. On the other hand, users will be greatly benefited by being able to set reminders to watch their favorite show without missing at any cost. Besides setting up of reminders, users will be rewarded through the Vigglepoints.

You can find out the points which is displayed on the top right hand corner of the interface. As you watch a TV program, you can click on ‘Check in’ tab which will pull out the information from the database that is relevant to the show you are watching. As you keep checking your favorite programs, you will earn points and these points can be redeemed through gift cards.

Even though the application is in the beta stage, it works well and gives you great experience. If you’ve used this app, do let us know your experiences with Viggle by leaving us a comment below.

Download Links

For iPhone / iPad via iTunes | For Android via Google Play 

This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds… Wickr for iPhone

There is a growing concern about the security of messages delivered through various gadgets all over the world. Leakage of news that invades privacy of individuals and secrecy of businesses should be avoided at any cost. There is a need for secured message transmission systems. By initiating an efficient encoding of the message, you will be able to prevent the leakage of information.

A San Francisco based startup company has developed a new application called “Wickr“, which promises military grade protection of your messages – text, audio or even videos, sent through your iPhone. In the Mission Impossible style, you can set messages to ‘Self-Destruct’ after a set time after the message is opened by the recipient first time. “This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds… “, but your iPhone won’t!

About Wickr

This app is available for free download and it has already attracted a large number of users. The application can be deployed in iOS based devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The startup company is going to release similar kind of application to enthuse Android users as well. The core strategy implemented to achieve success for secure data transmission is by flipping the message in between the source and destination. At the moment, there is no way to protect your personal or business information from being intercepted by others. The intention behind the development of the new application is to ensure that all your communication should be foolproof.

When you first startup the app, you are prompted to setup a Wickr account. It’s very straightforward, a username and password, and you’re on your way. The setup process takes a while, since Wickr does some “intense computation” to create and setup your account. During this process, the app plays a few slides showing you some of the key features.

After this, hit on the compose icon at the bottom of the screen, and add contacts. You can invite your friends to install Wickr so that you can communicate with them securely. They have to have Wickr installed for secure messaging. If they have it installed you can get started with secured messaging with them.

Apart from messaging, a real useful feature Wickr provides is an anti-forensic cleaning of your device. If you are worried about your phone’s deleted content being retrieved by others, you can head to the settings screen to run a Anti-Forensics wipe of the device so that deleted files cannot be retrieved.

At present only iOS devices are supported, with the developers mentioning that Android support on it’s way.

Wickr’s Claim to Fame

• Wickr has got fame for its ability to send messages, images and videos across its social networking domain with complete security.
• The files are completely encrypted before transmitting from one end to the other end.
• Unlike email messaging systems, Wickr will not maintain multiple copies of messages in various servers and hence, there is no fear of leakage of information.
• The messages will be destroyed automatically after reaching the destination.
• The messages and images on your phone cannot be viewed in appropriate ways like by pressing back key, etc.
• Only authorized users will be able to access your information.
• The new application will remove all the antecedent information to prevent exposure of your information.

Idea behind Wickr

The idea behind the development of the new application was coined when the plight of celebrities like film stars and athletes whose private messages become public which create an embarrassing situation for them. The application development was made possible with the active participation of specialists engaged in military security and computer crime investigations. The Wickr App developers are on an ambitious project to develop similar versions so that laptop and desktop users will be able to access emails in a secured way. It is reported that a secure plug-in will be developed to ensure safety through web browsers.

Market Talk

The new application is well received by different user segments. People engaged in prominent professions like medicine and law who would like to maintain secrecy in their day to day transactions and decisions will find the new application very helpful in concealing their exposure. Wickr as a social networking platform is growing at a steady pace and it is one of the best web applications that give least distraction to free users as it will not display advertisements. It will make money from premium users who would like to enjoy advanced features and additional privileges.

The application is available all over the world except in France where it has to get license regarding the implementation of encryption services.

Download Link:

iTunes Store | Android Coming Soon

HTC’s turn to imitate Siri

Siri – the popular voice application won accolades (and some criticism) from all around the world especially from the iPhone users. The luxury enjoyed by Apple iOS users has prompted many other brands. Samsung was the first to introduce the Siri-like application in the form of ‘S-Voice’.

Now, it is HTC’s turn in bringing its own version of Smart Personal Assistant which is likely to perform a similar kind of functionality as seen on Siri.

HTC has leaked some information about its secret project through its Twitter and Facebook presence. As of now, complete details are not revealed. But from the image revealed by them, we assume that they are developing a state of the art ‘voice personal assistant’ app, with a sense of humour.As a matter of fact, you can find scores of similar applications that are readily available for download from Google store. It is perceived that HTC would like to demonstrate its capability by bringing a unique and versatile voice application which will not look like the imitation of Siri.

Recently Samsung has introduced S-Voice application. Smartphones have also witnessed Quick Voice which was introduced by LG. Undoubtedly Apple has brought a new spirit by introducing interesting and innovative application, Siri. It is still the pioneer in its capabilities. Even though voice commands were present in various Android applications well before the launch of the Siri application, Apple was able to Market Siri as an integrated Personal Assistant when they launched it. It brought a level of comfort, flexibility and luxury for iPhone users. Siri was so popular that there were consumers who bought an iPhone just for the sake of Siri’s possession. The tremendous success of this innovative personal voice assistant has inspired all the other major brands including Samsung, HTC and LG. And, thus these are brands are launching their own versions to compete the Siri mania.

Most of the features presented by Samsung’s S-Voice application like sending messages, playing music, managing calendars, etc. resemble Siri. One remarkable feature from Samsung is the usage of voice command to wake up from the sleep mode. S-Voice is able to process natural voice commands. In terms of efficiency, the S – Voice will not reply back as you might expect from Siri.

The new image released by HTC might be in tune with its promotional strategy to increase its product penetration. The caption which says, “Your next one device won’t be interpreting Fido’s barks” gives indication that HTC is seriously working on voice application to entertain its customers. It is expected that a new voice application or tool will be released which can be deployed on some latest HTC Smartphones. As a matter of fact, the entire Smartphone market is waiting for useful voice driven applications. There is no clue about the release date or the name of the application. We also don’t have details on whether this will be available only for HTC users or other Android users as well. Let’s see what comes up from HTC.

Via – HTC twitter Account 

Motorola’s Razr Maxx out in Asia, Razr V coming soon

Motorola Mobility has released the highly anticipated update to the RAZR series in South Asia. The RAZR MAXX and RAZR V have just landed in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These smartphones are going to offer an attractive alternative to existing brands including Samsung and HTC. The company promises to update the OS to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the coming days, which should be available over the air.



Motorola Mobility which was acquired by Google, manufactures smartphones, tablets and other high-end gadgets including wireless, video and set-top boxes and data access and data delivery equipment.

Features of RAZR series

The  RAZR MAXX will be loaded with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread flavor) and it will be available through retail stores w.e.f. 21st June, 2012. RAZR V will be made available during the third quarter of the year, and comes with  Android 4.0. The sleek models  have Aluminum housings and frames and have a Kevlar back-plate. They will have the inheritance from the popular RAZR design line-up. The new Smartphones will be protected from moisture and water as they are firmly fitted with splash guards (they aren’t waterproof mind you, just splash resistant). The unique advantage with RAZR MAXX smartphone is its huge battery backup:to the tune of 17.6 hours. The other attractive features of this ultra sleek phone are fast processor and 4.3″ super qHD AMOLED advanced display. The GSM variants do not have LTE on board, but that’s not much as we don’t really have an LTE network that we can use on our phones just yet.

Add-on Benefits

1. Motorola Mobility RAZR MAXX will take care of photography requirements. You can take advantage of the 8 MP camera to capture high quality snaps.
2. You can also record videos at 1080p.
3. You can enjoy high quality video chat with RAZR MAXX Smartphone.
5. It offers device encryption for better enterprise data security.

Coming to RAZR V, it offers both stylish design and a thin size of the order of 8.35 mm. You can take advantage of the big screen coupled with light weight to carry with you easily. RAZR V uses ColorBoost technology give you crystal clear image and video quality. As of now, the model is marketed in three colors i.e. Charcoal, Glacier White and Rebel Pink. It gives you high performance (dual-core 1.2 GHz) at affordable prices.

Motorola Mobility’s RAZR V is a great choice as it has all you want from a smartphone including great looks, fast performance, at an affordable price. It’s definitely an interesting phone.


Pic Credits – Sprouce.

Emergence of Facebook as a Winner of the Mobile Photo War

Almost all of us love to take and share photos with our friends, families and relations. They are one of the biggest things on the internet from nearly the beginning of the days of commercial web. Photos are probably the easiest way to show one’s emotion digitally. Initially, it was about using your camera, be it a point and shoot or a DSLR and uploading them to Flickr, Myspace or Facebook. We’ve since moved on to Mobile phones: the best camera is the one that you have with you, and you always have your mobile phone with you, right?

Mobile photo sharing that is largely in use now-a-days forms an important aspect to the success of Facebook as a social media website (and as a larger entity too). So when it faced a threat in this matter from a company named Instagram, it took a very wise business decision of buying the company even though it cost them a billion dollars. Facebook thus won the war for mobile photo sharing in the worldwide global market.


The Popularity of Facebook as a Website

Photo sharing is the heart of Facebook and its photo-sharing album is the most updated all over the internet. This constant updating makes Facebook one of the most dominant players in the new connected world. Another contributing factor to the immense popularity of Facebook is its cross-platform nature and the fact that it gives a fully global identity, bringing together people from all parts of the world.

Numerous efforts have been made to attract more and more people to Facebook over the years. Innumerable applications, games, options for watching, listening and reading have been incorporated in Facebook. However, the greatest success of Facebook has come through photos and their sharing and is mainly due to this aspect of Facebook that this company is still growing and gaining more popularity.

Strategies Implied to Popularize Mobile Photo-sharing Application

• At the beginning when Facebook included this photo sharing application for mobiles, what the users obtained was a very tiresome, convoluted and complicated application that did not arouse too much of interest among its users.
• Nevertheless, being a great company as it is, the masterminds behind this company knew about these drawbacks and worked very hard and silently to sort it out.
• Soon enough they came up with a solution in the form of an application named ‘Camera’ that largely helped in the simplification of the process of sharing mobile photos on Facebook.
• Many people were a bit confused when Mark Zuckerberg and his companions released their photo sharing application, Camera, after they announced that they were buying Instagram for billions of dollars.

Now, why anyone would spend millions (or a billion) buying a company that makes applications for sharing mobile photos when they have already made an application for themselves.

The photos that you take and share are associated with you as a person, and your identity. It’s about what you see and share because of who you are. That’s that Instagram is about; seeing through someone else’s eyes. And that’s probably why Facebook bought Instagram (and has it’s own camera app too): a way to try and combine your Digital and Real identity.


Image Credits: The Facebook Blog

Cell Phones that will ‘See Through’ Walls

Cell phones are now used extensively for various other reasons in addition to the basic telephone services; take the Camera as an example. In fact, the camera on a mobile phone is one of its main selling points.

A new technology, Superman’s X-Ray Vision (no, not really) could deliver new functionality to the mobile phone’s camera.

This new technological innovation at the University of Texas, Dallas gives an insight that we are not far from the day where we will be able to see through the walls by using our camera. The innovation comprises of two significant advancements in research. Scientists will be able to reach this new milestone by utilizing the unused electromagnetic spectrum and by utilizing the brand new consumer grade microchip. Till now, a terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum was not accessible by chips used in consumer grade gadgets. Terahertz band lies between the microwave and infrared rays, and has the capability to penetrate through physical objects much in the lines of X-Rays.

Signals that travel through mobile phone will also bounce back and these bounced back results will be tracked by CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) based processors. In fact, CMOS processors are the most widely used processors in any consumer grade electronic devices. The sensor present in the chip will be able to remap the image based on the signal that it receives. The advantage with terahertz based processors is that you will be able to generate images with few numbers of lenses. As the number of lenses is less, the size of the camera will be less and it will be easy to implant in a mobile phone. It is also feasible to manufacture cameras in a commercial point of view.

The technological capability to see through walls can also be extended to other kinds of useful applications. There is a possibility to replace traditional X-Rays with Terahertz band. The new technology can also be used to detect fake currencies. As with any new development, there is scope for it’s misuse (we wouldn’t want people to be walking around peeking through walls would we?). The team working on this technology is trying to restrict the usage so that users will not be able to “see through” obstacles if  they are four inches away from the objects. On the other hand, the new technology should be very much appreciated for its unique advantage to explore things in new ways.Take Non-destructive testing as an example; not having to use X-Rays to image objects could have huge health and power usage benefits.


Image Courtesy: Cirris