Nokia N900:Face Tracking

Here’s another thing that makes the Nokia N900 awesome: MoBio. It stands for Mobile Biometrics!

Developed by the University of Manchester, the app tracks and locks down 22 facial features, in real time, using the front facing camera on the N900.

From the Video Description:

“This prototype from the University of Manchester (UK) shows an Active Appearance Model tracking 22 facial features (superimposed in yellow and red) in real-time on a Nokia N900 mobile phone. This demo was developed for the EU-funded ‘Mobile Biometrics’ (MoBio) project as part of a face verification system for access control (e.g. instead of a password to access your social networking profile) on mobile devices such as smartphones.”

Here’s the video:

For more info on the video, visit this page. And for more info on MoBio head over here.

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Source: Engadget