Theme – Solstice by PiZero – for S60 v3 and v5 phones

Solstice Theme

Here a nice theme by PiZero which will work on all Symbian S60 phones both 3rd and 5th edition phones. This means that it’ll work well on all Nokia’s N and E series phones.

Key features of the theme:

  • SOLSTICE by PiZero is compatible with all Symbian Os 3rd edition and 5th edition phones.
  • Custom Icon Set
  • Lite version included, with default icons.
  • Fits both portrait and landscape modes

Download the Theme:

Download Theme for S60 v5 (Nokia 5800 and N97)

Download the Theme for S60 v3(all other N and E series phones FP1 and FP2)

Download ShakeLock app for Nokia N82, N95

shakelockNokia N95 and Nokia N82 are the mobile phones which have accelerometers within themselves, and so the innovative apps are available for only these mobile phones whose shake features can make functionality available in the mobile phones.

Shakelock app for Nokia N82 and N95 phones is the one which can help you use the accelerometer feature to lock and unlock the keypad with just a shake of the device. When you install the app and enable it. You just have to shake the mobile device down and up, and the keypad gets locked.
And when you shake sidewards, the keypad gets unlocked.

So you don’t need to use the keys to lock/unlock when you have Shakelock app for that purpose. Its an innovative app developed for accelerometer enabled Nokia mobile phones, and this is in beta stage so you won’t expect more features until its official release.
You can download Shakelock from here or here.

Nokia N82 Mobile Phone Review and Specifications

Nokia N82 is another N-series mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera, and one of the highest picture quality camera phones from Nokia. It has nothing much very special about the design, as the keys are not those which one may expect to have in such a beautiful featured phone.
This is still one of the best and demanding mobiles in the market due to the HSDPA technology, Wi-Fi technology and also the built-in GPS.

Camera renders to keep the mobile thicker, but the weight of the phone is not too high. One note for users is that if you are a high messaging person, who uses mobiles for SMS usage mostly, this phone would not be a choice for them, with keys being one of the main reasons. Nokia N91 using people might know this fact, as the keys in both are quite similar.

nokia n82

The front surface has the screen which is not very well protected, along with a light sensor and camera above the screen. The second camera in the front is useful for video conferencing.
The right side pane has volume control keys, along with 2 stereo loudspeakers on the either side of the keys. The sound quality is not satisfactory as told by friends who use it, and sound is quite high, similar to Nokia N95.
The left pane has a socket for USB cord and for the memory card. The mobile gets easily connected as a USB mass storage device to any OS like Windows and Mac as tested.

The 5 Megapixel camera in the backside has a Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash which provide one of the best picture quality among the Nokia N-series mobiles, competing well with the Nokia N95 and N96 mobiles. The lens is covered by a plastic shield which is controlled by a knob, which when pulled from one end to other, pulls the shield up and exposes the lens to capture images or videos.

nokia n82 mobile phone

The screen is perfectly built to view clearly in bright sunlight too, and the resolution is 240 x 320 pixels, with a diagonal width of 2.4 inch.
The memory is 100 MB internally, and the expandable memory is 8 GB. Connectivity options from this mobile are more than satisfactory, with the Wi-Fi and other connection options. The phone comes with Nokia Maps due to the GPS integration, and there are some good apps under the Office section which are helpful to view Microsoft files, adobe files etc.

The mobile phone is priced at around Rs. 20000 and is not too pricey when the specs and camera etc. are taken into consideration. A great mobile to have if planning for a N-series mobile.