Intex Launches the Aqua i7 an Android with full HD display and 2GB RAM

Intex Aqua i7Intex, earlier known for their computer peripherals, has jumped into the Android Smartphone bandwagon with their latest phone. At a press event in Mumbai yesterday, Farhan Akhtar, brand ambassador for Intex mobiles, unveiled their flagship model the Intex Aqua i7. This phone comes with a 5 inch full HD resolution (1280×1080) screen which features OGS (One Glass Solution) display technology and Corning Gorilla Glass. It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, powered by a 1.5GHz quad core processor with 2GB RAM, which should make your apps and games operate with ease.

The phone will retail in India for Rs. 21,900 starting from September 9th from retail and online e-commerce retailers around India. The price for the phone includes accessories worth Rs. 5,500 from Intex which includes a flip cover, Cloud space , screen guard, limited edition key chain and pen personally signed by Farhan.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, Senior GM-Mobility Division, Intex Technologies  said, “After an overwhelming response to Aqua i5, we are excited to launch our flagship offering Aqua i7. Intex takes pride in consistently introducing quality and performance oriented products for its consumers. With the launch of Aqua i7, we are foraying into the premium handsets segment and are confident of providing the best user experience to consumers who are looking for a device with pleasing aesthetics designed to offer power packed performance.”

Features of the Intex Aqua i7

  • Running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system the phone is powered by 1.5 GHz quad core processor
  • A slim design (7.88 mm) with has a 5 inch full HD (1280X1080) screen which flaunts Corning® Gorilla® Glass that produces deep color rich display while providing protection
  • The phone comes bundled with 13MP rear camera capable of capturing full HD videos and 5MP front camera videos and videos
  • The phone features 2GB RAM for your apps and  32GB internal storage for your media and files.
  • For the sequrity concious, the phone comes pre-loaded with NQ Vault and NQ Security
  • The smartphone is equipped with a host of 15 applications and various cool features such as: Look away, wireless display, Intex cloud, Intex OTA, locate, Intex Play, Intex Zone, personalized screen and 10 pre-loaded full HD video songs which makes it a perfect phone to hang out with
  • Movies for free via Intex Movies app with one month free subscription
  • Intex’s online OTA (over the air) software application will help you update your phone’s software automatically to do away with lag timing or other delays faced while using various applications on the phone
  • Aqua i7 also has 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GSM+WCDMA and HSPA+ as connectivity options.
  • The phone is bundled with a  2000mAh battery that provides a talk-time of 7 hours and standby time of 220 hrs

For more details on the phone, head over to Intex’s Aqua i7 product page.

HTC Announces the new HTC One

HTC hasn’t been having a good time of late. They’ve made good products, designed quite well with good build quality, but they just haven’t taken off. They had committed to streamlining their product portfolio in 2012, which they haven’t really stuck to (One X, One X+, One S, One V, One SV, etc). Well, they’ve now announced the new flagship One for 2013, and it’s called just the HTC One.

Here’s what the spec sheet looks like:

Processor:  Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz
Display: 4.7″ 1080p LCD
Storage: 32GB/64GB, No Expansion Slots, 2 GB RAM
Connectivity: WiFi a/b/g/n/AC, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC,  Quadband GSM, Quadband HSPA, DLNA, WiFi Direct
Software: Android 4.1.2 with the New HTC Sense
Imaging: HTC’s “UltraPixel” Camera, F2.0, 28mm lens, 1080p video with all the additional Sense features such as capturing full resolution images while recording video and HTC Zoe mode. 2.1 MP Front Facing Camera
Battery: 2300 mAh, Non Removable

It’s an aluminium uni-body device and if it’s anything like the One Xs Polycarbonate build, it’s something to look forward to, look and feel-wise at least. They’ve revamped HTC Sense too. Gone are the 3D widgets and transitions, with HTC Blink replacing one of the home screens (you should be able to remove it if you don’t want it). HTC Blink is a curated list of news and social updates, based on sources that you pick or you could just let HTC create a curated list for you.

The other thing that HTC has been harping about is the new camera. They’re calling it the “UltraPixel” camera. It’s a BSI Sensor with a resolution of 4MP, which has larger photosites, which technically allows for more light to be captured. It also has Optical Image Stabilization. We’ll have to wait and find out if it does any image oversampling like the Nokia 808 Pureview and if the OIS is as capable as the system used in the Lumia 920 (or even close to it).

It should be available soon, check the HTC Press Release for a list of all the countries and operators that will be carrying it. There’s no official word on pricing for India as yet.

Will this be the One for HTC? Will it really help turn the company around? We’ll know soon enough, but as was the case with the One X (read our review here), there is the looming spectre of the new Galaxy S device (as was the case with the One X before this).

You can check out more images and videos of the HTC one over at the Product Page, here.

You can read the full Press Release, here.

Can iPad Mini sideline Android based tablets?

Apple has rolled out the new iPad Mini and it is the time to assess its impact on the current generation tablet ecosystem. As per analysts’ view, there is no threat for the cheap tablets that are placed in the market. However, iPad Mini is likely to affect the premium tablet segment.

Let us check how iPad Mini will affect the prospects of other tablets.

No threat for Entry Level Tablets

As the price of iPad Mini ranges from $329 onwards it is far away to get into the eyes of customers who are used to low priced tablets. It is also likely that iPad Mini many not attract customers who would like to go for Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7. The same logic applies here because of the significant price gap. However, there are other set of analysts who strongly argue that the price difference will not affect the prospects of iPad Mini. In this case, there should be a reason to worry by Amazon and Google.

If customers are required to choose between iPad Mini and Android based tablet (at the same price range), iPad Mini will be the customers’ choice. It is due to the innumerable number of quality, premium and versatile iOS based applications available from the App Store.

Threat to iPad Mini from Low Priced Tablets

Low priced tablets such as Nook Simple Touch were sold at a very thin margin or without any margin at all. Such kinds of tablets’ manufacturers are gearing to make profit by selling various services and products (books, music, and videos). Low priced tablets have a great opportunity to offer an attractive alternative to iPad Mini if they can offer applications that enhance customers’ experience or can include entertaining applications. Such kinds of tablets will certainly be a definite bet against iPad Mini. Even though these tablets may not offer great graphic capability, high quality camera and premium apps, they can challenge iPad Mini.

Challenge to iPad Mini by Premium Tablets

Considering the fact that Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 offers a premium hardware platform, it has the capability to challenge iPad Mini. On the other hand, even though these tablets are offering great features at a very less price, you will not get matching applications from Android segment. For example, Kindle Fire is more tuned for Amazon by which you can access Amazon’s services in a better way. You will not have any applications that have the worth to enhance your entertainment. There will be a significant tradeoff between iPad Mini and other tablets.


In spite of the cost factor, it is expected that iPad Mini will certainly be able to capture the middle range tablets’ market in the coming days. It is likely that iPad Mini will receive the same kind of applause as its counterpart iPad had received before (by purchasing more than 3 million units within one week). The craze for Apple products will not come down even though there is a great difference in the pricing side. However, iPad Mini will have little impact in the enterprise environment. iPad Mini has to overcome drawbacks like lack of Retina Display, screen size and high price factor.

Smartphone HD Display Systems from Sharp

Sharp is kept busy in the manufacture of ‘High Definition (HD) Sharp Mobile Display Systems‘. It is not only the iPhone 5 orders but also many other projects that Sharp is kept busy with in recent times. As per the information revealed by Sharp official, the company is kept busy with the manufacture of 5” LCD screens which enable HD displays of the order of 1920 x 1080. Sharp has already started the production of these new display systems since September, 2012 and the projects are in full swing even in October, 2012.

The USP – High Quality Display Systems

The new high quality display systems that are being manufactured by Sharp will have more clarity and sharpness than the existing LCD screens. The CG-Silicon technology which was implemented by Sharp in the manufacture of display systems of HD television will also be implemented in the manufacture of HD display systems for mobile phones. The new technology will cut down the number of layers between the bottom of the screen and user’s eyes. This will ensure that Smartphones will be capable of holding the highest possible number of pixels within a limited space of 5”. The quality improves by 1.3 times. The current iPhone 5’s PPI (Pixel Per Inch) is 326 and Samsung Galaxy S3’s PPI is 306. Sharp is able to provide new display systems whose PPI is 443. Even though HTC is exploring possible active association with Google for the production of high quality display systems at 1080p, Sharp has already achieved a remarkable success in this endeavor.

Sharp’s Global Launch Event

Sharp’s new sharp display systems were revealed to the world at CEATEC – 2012 held in Japan. A number of HD display systems which are likely to be deployed in various kinds of Smartphones are arrayed by Sharp at the show. The new display systems are the thinnest among the available types of mobile display systems. The display systems are consistent in presentation of views in various angles. Sharp had also arrayed a new generation display system whose size is 6.1” with 498 PPI. It will be released to the market in 2013.


  • With the development of high quality display systems, users will be able to enjoy higher display quality in terms of text, photo and video.
  • You can also have excellent views of various maps on your Smartphone.
  • The new display systems will certainly have an edge in terms of quality of presentation.
  • Smartphone manufacturing companies which will be able to adapt to this emerging technology will certainly be able to capture the market to the greatest possible extent.
  • As a matter of fact, the screen size of Smartphones has increased over the past two years. At the same time, considerable leap is not achieved in improving the pixel strength of the display systems.

Sharp’s achievement in this scenario will definitely boost the emergence of high quality display systems. On the other hand, Smartphone manufacturers should be able to address the tremendous power required for the display of high quality HD images. There should be enhancements in various aspects including the processing speed, graphic display, memory and the battery backup.

Pic Credit - Sharp Business Systems.

Does iPad-Mini minimize everything?

Did you hear the rumours? Apple is gearing up for the next big event.

Rumors are widespread in tech circles about the launch of iPad-Mini. It is expected that Apple will start sending invitations from October 10 for the upcoming iPad-Mini launch event. The event is likely to be held in the second half of October.

Probable Features of iPad-Mini

• It is revealed that the size of the iPad-mini will be 7.85”.
• It comes with the Aluminum casing (similar to that of iPad).
• It comes with a rear facing camera.
• Apple intends to prepare the iPad-mini as an alternative to Samsung Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.
• It is expected that the price of iPad-mini will be less than iPad.

Even though Apple has not yet officially acknowledged the fact about the launch/release of mini iPad version, it is expected that the mini tablet will come with minimal features. iPad offers 9.7” screen and iPad-mini is likely to come with 7”+ screen. iPad is a versatile tablet. You can read books, listen to audio books, create presentations, create artwork, watch movies and browse the web. As there will be considerable trade-off, iPad-mini certainly comes with less horsepower. You should be able to read books, listen to music, watch movies and connect to internet through iPad-mini.

Domestic Uses of iPad-Mini

Typical iPad-Mini expectations are A5 processor, 32 GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM. Some of the domestic uses of iPad-Mini for a techie could be –
• It will have tools like Accelerometer and Gyroscope.
• The gadget targets home users.
• The gadget will be useful to read books, listen to music and watch movies.
• You can copy relevant files into iPad-mini through Wi-Fi or by connecting with your PC via cable.
• However, it may not have Magnetometer, GPS and 3G.


Even though Apple could offer less features through iPad-mini, the gadget may not be competitive in princing at least with the rumored cost of  around $299 or so. iPad Mini will be a useful aid to be adopted by students in place of textbooks. You can play games as well on iPad-Mini. Nevertheless, it will be a tough battle for Apple to compete with feature-rich gadgets presented by Google, Amazon and Barnes & Noble at much a much lower price-point.

As a matter of fact, Amazon has established the ecosystem by offering great tablet, Kindle Fire HD. The value added services, the decent display system and user-friendly features presented by Kindle Fire are awesome. Similarly, the opportunities for Nexus 7 and Nook are plenty. They are growing at a steady pace. It should be a tough task for Apple to convince users to go for iPad-mini even though you can use it on an airplane. Apple’s iPad-mini has prospects to attract customers as they will be able to take advantage of the simple and user-friendly features.

About iPad-Mini’s Launch

It is expected that Apple will announce the new iPad-mini in New York City in October, 2012. As per tech analysts, it is expected that iPad Mini will not completely steal the show created by the New iPad. As per rumors, Chinese manufacturers had received orders for the manufacturing of iPad-Mini. As per the information revealed by Taiwanese sources, the new iPad-Mini will be in the hands of customers before the Christmas season.

Let’s wait & watch. The rumored launch date is not too far!

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

Motorola’s Razr Maxx out in Asia, Razr V coming soon

Motorola Mobility has released the highly anticipated update to the RAZR series in South Asia. The RAZR MAXX and RAZR V have just landed in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These smartphones are going to offer an attractive alternative to existing brands including Samsung and HTC. The company promises to update the OS to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the coming days, which should be available over the air.



Motorola Mobility which was acquired by Google, manufactures smartphones, tablets and other high-end gadgets including wireless, video and set-top boxes and data access and data delivery equipment.

Features of RAZR series

The  RAZR MAXX will be loaded with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread flavor) and it will be available through retail stores w.e.f. 21st June, 2012. RAZR V will be made available during the third quarter of the year, and comes with  Android 4.0. The sleek models  have Aluminum housings and frames and have a Kevlar back-plate. They will have the inheritance from the popular RAZR design line-up. The new Smartphones will be protected from moisture and water as they are firmly fitted with splash guards (they aren’t waterproof mind you, just splash resistant). The unique advantage with RAZR MAXX smartphone is its huge battery backup:to the tune of 17.6 hours. The other attractive features of this ultra sleek phone are fast processor and 4.3″ super qHD AMOLED advanced display. The GSM variants do not have LTE on board, but that’s not much as we don’t really have an LTE network that we can use on our phones just yet.

Add-on Benefits

1. Motorola Mobility RAZR MAXX will take care of photography requirements. You can take advantage of the 8 MP camera to capture high quality snaps.
2. You can also record videos at 1080p.
3. You can enjoy high quality video chat with RAZR MAXX Smartphone.
5. It offers device encryption for better enterprise data security.

Coming to RAZR V, it offers both stylish design and a thin size of the order of 8.35 mm. You can take advantage of the big screen coupled with light weight to carry with you easily. RAZR V uses ColorBoost technology give you crystal clear image and video quality. As of now, the model is marketed in three colors i.e. Charcoal, Glacier White and Rebel Pink. It gives you high performance (dual-core 1.2 GHz) at affordable prices.

Motorola Mobility’s RAZR V is a great choice as it has all you want from a smartphone including great looks, fast performance, at an affordable price. It’s definitely an interesting phone.


Pic Credits – Sprouce.

Epson’s Moverio BT 100 HighTech Glasses runs on Android

The word ‘impossible’ has become an alien word in the present times, as technological advancements reach new heights every day.

The latest of these inventions is Epson’s Moverio BT-100 which has taken the market of gadgets by a storm. This high–tech gadget boasts of providing latest see-through high resolution display along with the facility of Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s navigation capacity is beyond excellent which enables the user to have an unbelievably high definition visual experience.

Moverio BT-100 is a portable headset, which is an important part of the whole gadget, blending the real environment with the virtual world effortlessly.


Moverio helps you gather information, browse the internet, shop online and stay connected with your friends from any part of the world. You can do all this and more without having to devote any extra time out of your daily schedule for using this gadget. You can go about living a normal everyday life while you carry on exploring the different functions of this extremely useful gadget. Moverio is undoubtedly one of a kind. Never has there been a gadget which makes reality a dream come true ,even though wearing this pair of oversized glasses does look a geeky.

Moverio runs on Android 2.2 platform with the effective support of Adobe Flash 11. Searching and navigating the websites which are based on flash has been made as simple as it can get. Moverio enables the user to access several kinds of music applications and built-in gallery with the help of Wi-Fi connection. From the specs it doesn’t look like Google Market access is included with this device. So you’ll have to get your apps from third-party appstores like SlideME and Amazon AppStore.

Moverio is controlled via a touch-sensitive and rechargeable compact-size controller which can easily be carried anywhere. It’s 6 hours of battery backup enables you to use it even when you are travelling. There’s 1GB memory available with the device which is expandable to4 GB which can easily be attached to the microSDHC card slot. This device also features USB and WiFi connectivity. You can get more information and specs of this product from Epson’s site.

Get ready to see projected movies right in front of your eyes!


Can the Nokia Lumia 900 & Windows Phone catch up with Android and/or iOS?

The Nokia Lumia 900 – The Microsoft Windows Phone powered Smartphone is possibly Nokia’s (& Microsoft’s) big bet to push forward the platform and devices.  They, along with AT&T, have gone on an advertising blitz to really get the Lumia 900 up into the same space occupied by iOS and Android, both of which so far happen to be the dominant mobile platforms.


They started off with the Smartphone Beta-Test campaign, basically mocking issues that had affected the iPhone 4 and of-course, Android devices. Have a look at the video below.

They then went all out with the launch, shutting down Times Square in New York City for a performance by Nicki Minaj, with a huge setup. The setup was created by the CGI Team who had worked on i-Robot and used one of the world’s largest LED Displays.

Image Courtesy: Nokia Conversations

Here’s a video of the event, courtesy Nokia Conversations:

The new phone was introduced exclusively on AT&T for $99.99. However,you can get the phone over at Amazon for just $49.99, with a new 2 year service agreement of course. If you are an existing customer of AT&T, you are exempted from $36 activation fee.

Coming to the specifications, Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” device. It has 1.4 GHz processor, 16GB storage, 4.3 inch Clear Black AMOLED display and 512 MB RAM, has an 8MP Rear Camera and a Front Facing camera for Video calls and has AT&T’s flavour of 4G LTE connectivity. The global variant, which should launch soon, will probably be a non LTE device.

The event marks the biggest re-entry of Nokia into US market. It’s the “Halo” phone for Nokia & Microsoft. AT&T is also pushing the 900, with a little help from Nokia, and it will be the featured device in AT&T stores. Even though the Nokia Lumia 900 is priced less than its’ actual worth, it is a good marketing tactic to attract new customers as well as to consolidate the Windows Phone market. The important point to be noticed here is that the price tag of Lumia 900 should not be compared with its performance.

Now, as to whether this truly will be the glory device for Nokia and Microsoft depends on how consumers take to Windows Phone. It all depends on what you look for in a phone of course, and if you want to have a quick run through a Windows Phone device, have a look at our Nokia Lumia 710 review.  As of now, Android and iOS devices have an edge (depending on how you define it) not only in terms of features  but also in terms of the availability of so called “premier” applications.Interestingly, AT&T is also going to launch a new the  HTC Titan II with LTE capability and a massive 16MP camera, but at $199.99 (so you know which device is being pushed).  LTE networks offer much faster speeds than 3G networks, but usually at the cost of battery life, so that’s one thing that will be interesting to see; how does Windows Phone do in terms of battery life when you factor in LTE.

Whether all this will work, that has to be seen. Nokia, as a brand, is pretty much non-existent in the US right now. Worldwide they’ve taken a major beating and have suffered major losses in the smartphone market share; something that people may not have foreseen just a few years back when they pretty much OWNED that space.  Microsoft too has a lot of work to do, especially in terms of brand perception in the mobile space. It has to redraw its philosophy by offering value for money products (which the Lumia 900 should adress). It should also encourage developers to work on  innovative WP7 based applications (which it’s also working on). There is vast scope for high end smarphones in the international mobile market.

Smartphone usage is increasing every day. With the enormous levels of processing and memory capacities at the disposal of latest smarphones they have become versatile devices to accomplish the tasks that can be made on laptops. By focusing on customers’ needs and latest trends in the smartphone market, smartphone manufacturers will be able to attract new customers while retaining the old ones.

Fujitsu Arrow ES Water Proof Phone

You might have slipped your mobile in toilet or wash basin accidentally at least once in your lifetime. It is a great loss for anyone both financially and in other ways until an alternative is set up to restore contacts and important alerts, etc. Fujitsu brings an end to your worries. That means, now you will be able to work with your tablet or mobile even after its toilet obsession. Let us know more about these water-loving gadgets.


In recent years, much buzz is going about water-proof gadgets. It is really wonderful to watch the phone performing normally even after a full dip in a bowl of water. The live demonstration was performed by Fujitsu at CES, 2012. It is reported that Fujitsu will prove the capabilities of these phones first on its homeland, Japan before having any idea of shipping them to US. It is said that the phone can guarantee the performance for up to 5 feet dip in water or up to 30 minutes time in water. The phone, Fujitsu Arrows ES is a 6.7mm thin waterproof mobile which works on Android operating system. This is a super slim model from Fujitsu and also comes with watertight shell. The phone is slightly wider at the top edge where rear facing cameras are fitted.

The phone weighs approximately 100 grams. The features include 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM and a resolution of 480×800 with a screen size of 4”. It also supports NFC and DLNA besides having the ability to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Micro SD provision is also available. Another attraction is that it comes with a cable-free charging dock as part of its accessories. It is expected that the phone will be priced reasonably to attract customers who work in areas where their mobile phones are exposed to water and water vapor. Even though the new Fujitsu Arrows ES can be found in Japanese market, it may hit US market as well in the coming days. The company has already received clearance from FCC to enable its sales in US. This gives the hint that the company has ambitious plans to market in various parts of the globe.

Even though the idea behind launching waterproof phone might be ridiculed by some customers or tech analysts, it can be taken in a positive note. There are many reasons that support the requirement of a waterproof mobile phone. For example, when it is the case with kids, they are likely to mishandle the phone. Even though parents try to protect their mobiles by making them not go into their kids’ hands, one cannot rule out the possibility of landing their mobiles into them at one time or the other. There are also instances where adults carry mobiles in their hands and pockets and exposed to various places like water sports or rainy conditions. It is difficult to avoid such circumstances and only possibility is getting geared up with waterproof mobiles or not carrying mobiles at all to such exposed places. Even though Fujitsu demonstrates the phone’s capability to resist water up to 30 minutes, it is not prudent to check the same in off-factory and off-lab conditions. Customers get the advantage of carrying a mobile with them without having any fears to any location.

The Phone that Works for up to 15 Years

A new phone that works for up to 15 years is going to be launched soon. Xpal Power (mobile accessories manufacturing company) is the brain behind this innovative technology. The new phone is going to be made available for less than $50. If the dream phone lands into your hands, you will be free from any kind of botherations especially during emergencies. Even if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the journey and if you don’t have even the last point of your Smartphone’s power, you are still through as you will be able to call from the ‘never dying always alive’ new wonder phone, SpareOne. The SpareOne is named after the purpose that it really serves. It is really a spare one when all your ways of communication channels are cut off. It is like a beacon in the storm. Let us have some more light on this new phone, SpareOne.


Interestingly, SpareOne is not much sophisticated to offer you all kinds of luxuries even a basic model of a branded phone offers. It is so simple that it functions with minimum features. The phone comes with a microSIM and it has the facility to call emergency numbers as well as place regular calls. You can place emergency calls even where there is no SIM inserted into the phone. SpareOne has a list of use cases for the device, check it out, here.

Unlike RF handsets which communicate through radio signals without the need of any satellites, SpareOne is going to work on GSM technology (in terms of signal transmission) that is used in the current generation of mobile phones. The significant difference comes in the way it logs phone calls and allows to make phone calls. At the outset, the idea may look so imprudent yet it gives ample opportunity to implement ‘B’ kind of plan when all kinds of conventional communication channels are closed. The question to be answered here is how the phone is going to survive for up to 15 years by being powered with AA battery. As a matter of fact, the shelf life of AA batteries is of the maximum of 4 years. It is news for layman that AA battery can expand in delivering goods for 15 years. The company specifies that it has a “pull me out isolator” that deals with battery discharge when the device is not in use. You can learn more about that, here. They also specify the kind of battery that provides this standby time, which is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91.

As per the reports, the dual band GSM phone will have two variants, one for the Americas (850 & 1900 MHz) and one for the rest of the world (900 & 1900 MHz). The phone will be made available at an affordable price of $49.99. As per the information available from the project director of SpareOne, the phone is intended to be used for emergencies to be left in the car and restaurants so that any kind of emergency calls could be attended. The phone can be used in roadside emergencies, outdoor adventures and tourist excursions. SpareOne can be pre-programmed to get instant access of key phone numbers.

You can learn more about SpareOne by visiting their website.