Apps for the Week – Shifu, Mailbox, Quick Click & Airtel Pocket TV

Mailbox for Android

The much hyped about Gmail client app from iOS, now lands on Android devices. Mailbox aims to simplify your life by trying to keep your Inbox to Zero. The actions in the app are gesture driven, allowing you to send email to four different destinations – Archive, Delete, Send it to a List or Make it go for now and reappear later. This set of easy swipe gestures is what makes the heart of the app’s experience.

The Good: An easy to use app to try getting you to a Zero Inbox goal. The Swipe gestures really ease the task of filing the emails in the right places.

The Bad: Since Dropbox now owns Mailbox, they thought that it would be cool to make you signup for a Dropbox account before you can add your email account.


Most task reminder apps these days allow you to make a list of ToDos and remind you to do these at fixed times of the day. But most of us don’t follow a fixed schedule or are caught up with other work and these tasks end up languishing in the reminder apps for hours and days at end.

Here’a where Shifu wants to make a difference. Instead of setting a fixed time Shifu allows to you remind you of tasks when you have free time. You can add tasks based on the amount of time it would take and Shifu will remind you when you have that free time. Shifu does this by analysing your data and see when you’re commuting and when you use your device to give it hints on when you’re free.

In addition, you can add other triggers to your reminders like location or when you’re connected to a certain Wifi Hotspot. It even enables you to add reminders when someone calls you. So you can set a reminder to ask about your raise when your boss calls in.

Apart from these smart reminders, Shifu also checks your calls to see which ones you’ve missed and asks if you want to call them back when you have sometime.

The Good: A really new look at getting your ToDo lists done properly when you have the time to do it. This could allow you to go through your list more efficiently. I love the reminders triggers for Wifi hotspot, Location and when someone calls, which help in setting contextual reminders very easily

The Bad: You can’t set fixed times for reminders, so if you really want a reminder at 5pm, there’s no option yet in the app.


Quick Click App Screenshot
Opening apps and performing actions quickly on your phone is the key feature of the QuickClick app. To achieve this, QuickClick leverages the use of the volume buttons on your phone.

You can set your phone to perform actions based on clicks of your Volume buttons. For example, I’ve programmed the app to start and stop the flash light on the phone when I click on the Volume Up thrice, and launch Zite for my news fix when I click on the Volume Down thrice. You can also set a click sequence to make calls to your friend or family member in case of emergency.

A tip to keep in mind is to head to settings and check the option to “Preserve Battery Life”. This option allows you to save your battery by making the app listen to your key click sequence only when the screen is on (even in the locked state).

The Good: Easy to use and setup and very handy to start your favorite apps even without having to unlock your phone.

The Bad: AD Driven app, but then it’s free so I can’t complain much there. Not a major one here, but unless you set the app in the “Preserve Battery Life” mode, you’ll end up draining your phone quite fast. It would have been preferable if this was the default mode.

Developer: Blor
Price: Free+

Airtel Pocket TV

Airtel, a leading Telecom and DTH provider in India, recently launched their Airtel Pocket TV app for the Android platform. The allows you to view more than 150 TV channels on your phone, along with a selection of on demand videos and movies.

To gain access to, you will need to shell out an additional Rs.60 / month on top your existing Airtel DTH subscription. They do have a few channels TV and Video which you can watch for free to try out the service before you go ahead with the subscription plan.

Airtel mentions that they will have iOS and other platform support soon. To get more information on the app, head over to Airtel Pocket TV and download the app using the link below:

Telegram, Minuum and Shush! – a few apps you have to try out

Telegram for Secure Messaging


If you haven’t yet heard about Telegram, the alternate Instant Messaging client, you have to try it out. Telegram shot to glory when WhatsApp’s service went down last weekend after Facebook bought them. This outtage led the Telegram clocking up 5 million new users in a single day.

I don’t know what it is about Telegram, which caused this surge of users, considering there are quite a few Instant Messaging apps like Line, WeChat and more.

Most standard features of Telegram match that of WhatsApp. The additional feature on Telegram is the ability to start a secret chat with your friends, where the messages are encrypted from end to end, which means even servers through which the message passes can’t read it. There’s also an option to self-destruct messages after a set time period. This includes photos, or other attachments which are sent across.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp replacement, which is secure, try out Telegram. The official client is available for IOS and Android, with quite a few unofficial clients for Windows Phone, and desktops as well.

Android App Download

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

IOS App Download

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

For unofficial Telegram clients for other platforms, check this link.

Shush! , Don’t forget to turn your ringer back on.

How many times have you turned the ringer off on your android phone and hours later realized that you missed out on a ton of calls and messages because you forgot to turn it back on?

Shush! to the rescue! Download this tiny app called Shush from Google Play, and launch it the first time. Once you do this, Shush! is now active. Every time you from now, when ever you turn your ringer off, Shush! will pop up a window like this:


You can tell it when to turn your ringer back on by just sliding your finger over the clock circle, in increments of 15 minutes. After that time elapses, Shush! automatically turns on the ringer on your phone.

Shush! Ringer Restorer
Shush! Ringer Restorer
Developer: Fizz Buzz LLC
Price: Free

Minuum – the tiny keyboard for Android

Do you need a keyboard which takes up the least amount of space on screen? The regular keyboards take up most of the screen, especially when you use the phone in the landscape mode. Minuum keyboard is a solution if you want to get over this problem. This keyboard replacement takes up less than half the space of the normal keyboard. They achieve this by jamming all the keys into a single line.

Minuum Keyboard

If you think, like I did, that this is going to be difficult to type, you’ll find that the auto correct capability of this keyboard really shines, so you can type at about the same speed as you’d do with a regular keyboard (after a little practise). They also have the option to switch to a regular keyboard layout, which is useful for those hard to type names, email addresses and password, all you need to to is to press the keyboard with two fingers and it switches between the full and tiny layouts. You can also quickly switch between alphabets and numbers in the tiny layout quickly by flicking your finger down on the keyboard.

Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Developer: Whirlscape
Price: $3.99

Schedule your future using Future Scheduler App for iPhone and Android

Did you ever wish you had a secretary to help you with your chores like sending Birthday Greetings, scheduling Tweets and Facebook updates, sending out emails at certain times of the day, or night to show your boss that you’re working late into the night?

Here’s a productivity app called Future Scheduler which allows you to do just that. This app is available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The App retails for $1.99, much cheaper than what a secretary would cost you. You can get the download links at the end of this post.

Apart from having these tasks performed, you can also set alerts to remind yourself of tasks to do. The good thing about this app is that these alerts and tasks are synced with your calendar, so even if you forget you phone at home, you can check your calendar to check on these alerts you had set.


• sync the device with Calendar
• Snooze function for reminders.
• Import contacts from Facebook.
• Log of scheduled activities.
• Use templates for text and email.
• Recurring events – once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
• Intuitive and user friendly interface.
• Multiple recipients for text and email.
• Integrates with phone book to let you add recipients conveniently.

App Screenshots:

Download Links:

Download from iTunes |Download from Google Play for Android | Download from Blackberry AppWorld