Running a New Rom on your SGS: Groundwork

The Samsung Galaxy S is an awesome device. But you can easily squeeze more out of it. All you have to do is flash a new rom. Thanks to the developer community, there are a bunch of choices out there for you to pick, with different kernels, modems and roms designed for more speed, better battery life, etc.

But before you can do all that you need to prepare your phone (assuming you’re running a stock rom) to be flashed. So we’ll go step by step (and make sure you follow them EXACTLY in the order mentioned. It’s quite hard to “Brick” your SGS, but you wouldn’t want that to happen anyway). (Incidentally, the steps mentioned here are for the SGS i9000, and not the Fascinate, Captivate or other SGS variants.)

Before that, you need to check if you have three button mode enabled on your SGS. This lets you get into download and recovery mode, which is essential.

  • Shutdown your phone
  • For Download Mode, hold <volume down>+<power>+<home>. You should get a Yellow Screen with “Downloading” on it. If you do get this, then you have download mode enabled
  • For Recovery Mode, hold <volume up>+<power>+<home>. You should get a recovery menu, which you can Navigate using the volume keys. Assuming you are on a stock rom, with the stock recovery, you need to use the home button to select an option

Next up, you’ll need to download ODIN. You can download ODIN3 over here.


ROOT your device:

If you are running an Eclair device (Android 2.1, check under settings -> About Phone), you need to just root your phone. Use z4 root, and root your device (make sure you select the permanent root).  You can download Z4Root here.

If you are on a Froyo Device (Android 2.2/2.2.1), you need to use ODIN to flash CF Root onto your phone.

  • Open Odin, make sure Clear EFS and Re-Partition are not selected
  • Download the Right CF root, which you can find over at XDA, at this thread.
  • Unzip the CF Root file
  • Click the PDA button on ODIN and select the CF Root.tar file from the unzipped CF Root folder
  • Put your phone in Download Mode and Connect it to the computer via USB
  • Click the Start button and it should be done!

Now that you have rooted your device, you need to download Clockworkmod Rom Manager from the Android Market. You can Download the free version here or just scan the Barcode below for the market link. You can also use the Paid version that gives you a few more features (not necessary).

Rom Manager (ClockWorkMod)

You should also download Titanium Backup (scan the QR Code to the right, or click here). Titanium Backup lets you backup EVERYTHING (contacts, apps, accounts, etc). It’s highly recommended that you run scheduled backups.

Titanium Backup







Now open Rom Manager, and select Flash ClockWorkMod recovery.

You’re now set to Flash whichever Rom you want onto your Device. To do that, all you need to do is download the .zip file of the rom (DO NOT OPEN IT), reboot your phone into recovery (you can do it from Rom Manager Itself), and select install zip from SD Card, select the zip file and run it.

If you need to figure out which rom to select, do come back. We’re trying to make this a series of posts, where we’ll list all the Roms available for your SGS, along with Pros and Cons. We’ll also list out different Kernels, and Modems.

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