[Video] Seven Tips for Better Swyping

If you are a fan of the Swype on screen keyboard, here are a few tips from CNet to make your Swype experience even better. Some of the tips shown here are stuff I never knew Swype had, even after using it for more than a year now.

Some of the tips included in the video shows you how to switch to the Edit Mode, Easy Punctuations and Domain Name Sufixes. Check out the tips in the video below and let us know how many of tips you know already. If your phone doesn’t ship with Swype, join their Beta program to get access to this keyboard. Swype is available for Android and Symbian^3 phones.


Swype releases a new beta version of their software

Swype has just announced that they have released a new version ( of the popular  keyboard replacement for the Android. Beta users of Swype can download this update from – beta.swype.com/android/get

This version brings some new features and quite a few bug fixes, including an accuracy issue which came up in the previous version of Swype. Here are some of the improvements:

  • Better installer for the beta version. This  installer features an auto-update so you don’t have to download and run the Swype Installer everytime a new version comes along. It also features a repair option, which allows you re-install Swype in case it stops working properly.
  • Double Tap to edit is another improvement featured. This allows you to correct a wrong word by just double-tapping it to bring up the word choice window to make your correction.
  • Voice to Text button on QWERTY layout of the keyboard. You need to have  Google Voice Search to get this feature to work.

You can get more information about this version over at the Swype Forum.

One word of advice: If you already have Swype bundled along with your phone as an OEM install, like the users of Samsung Galaxy S, don’t install this build. You’ll have to wait for the manufacturer to roll this into a firmware update.

Swype beta gets Updated

We all love swype, and we know that you guys do too! So here’s a quick heads up, just in case you haven’t checked your mail,

because it turns out Swype beta has been updated. It seems the current beta will disappear in a couple of days, so you will have to download the new beta.

The guys over at Android Central have a full changelog for the new version of Swype, which includes a whole lotta bugfixes.

Here  we go:

  • Added German and Portuguese languages
  • Added the auto-space suppression short-cut gesture: Swype from the spacebar to backspace
  • Added the quick language switch short-cut gesture: Swype from the Swype Key to the Q key
  • Improved the word prediction algorithm to provide better support for additional languages
  • Improved handling of several gesture collisions, including want/wasn’t, to/too and others
  • The Android IME no longer sometimes hangs/crashes when Swype scrapes the user’s address book for dictionary entries
  • Tips and help menus now accessible when a password field is active
  • Backspace now works in applications which use raw key input instead of an editable text field (e.g. terminal emulator)
  • The single character “i” is no longer incorrectly auto-capitalized in non-English languages (reported by many of you!)
  • Tons of other minor bug-fixes, including many device-specific issues

You’ll have to completely remove the old swype files from your phone before you do that.

Some important links for you guys:

DOWNLOAD – HERE (To be done from your phone browser)



If your phone came with swype pre-installed, you don’t have to do anything. This update is only for the Swype Beta users.

In case you’ve got the latest beta and you’ve found more changes, etc, do let us know by commenting below. Or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld. And do visit our Facebook Page.

Source: AndroidCentral

Woman breaks texting world record-With a Galaxy S & Swype!

The Guinness world record for texting has been broken again. And again, it was done using a Samsung phone and Swype.  This time though, it was done using a Galaxy S.

Melissa Thompson, a 27 year old British woman, managed to type out “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human” in just 25.94 seconds!  The previous record was 35.54 seconds, set by 24 year old Franklin Page in March.

This is what Ms. Thompson had to say about Swype: “It’s a real shock to find out that I’m the fastest texter in the world. But using SWYPE helped. Everyone should give it a go and see how easy it is.”

In case you didn’t know, Swype is currently in closed beta, but is preinstalled in a few Samsung & Motorola phones. It might be open again sometime soon (hopefully), so head over to beta.swype.com and see if it’s open yet. We’ll try and keep you updated as to when the next beta will be open.

Catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld. In case you come across the video of this record, do let us know!