InstaShirt: Design your own T-Shirt with your iPhone

Want to design your own T-Shirt? Well, there’s an app for that (there’s an app for almost everything nowadays), and it’s called InstaShirt. It’s as simple as taking a photo (or using one that’s already on your iPhone) and ordering  a T-Shirt.


Here are a few details –

Design Features – You can add text or label of your choice on top of the photo. You can select other visual enhancements settings such as resolution and color. T-Shirts are available for Men and Women, and you get to choose the size and colour (only black or white though).

Delivery & Cost – There’s international delivery, which could take 14 days or longer. Each T-Shirt costs $19.99 and you can pay via Credit/Debit Cards or via PayPal

Legalities – Users of the application should abide by the regulations. Don’t use copyrighted material (that you don’t have the rights to) or offensive images/text (InstaShirt reserves the right to not create T-Shirts with Images/Text that is deemed offensive).

All said and done, it’s a neat service; it’s free (to download) and easy to use. Download it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 5 or later from the App Store.

 (Note: Apart from the InstaShirt App, there appears to be another service named InstaShirt to print Instagram photos on a T-Shirt. I’m not sure if they’re the same)