Rode Dog App – get barked at if you Text while Driving!

An 11 year old student made history by developing an application that prevents texts when you are driving on the road. The student in collaboration with David Grau, a creative designer at an interactive agency located at Santa Ana has achieved this feat.

The application was disclosed at the recent AT&T Hackathon. As the application starts barking, you can find that you are performing a task that you are not supposed to do while driving. By installing the application, you will not be able to send text messages if you are already engaged in driving.

Quite an innovative name for an anti-texting app, this one is called – Rode Dog. Sure, interesting it is!

Let’s know more about it –


• To start off with, An interesting feature of this application is that it will also monitor your friend’s driving activity as well.
• As you include your friends in this search criterion, you will be able to observe whether your friend or family is sending text messages while driving.
• You can add groups of people under this monitoring zone. If one of the group members violates the code of conduct by sending text messages while driving, the other members will be able to bark on the rule-breaking friend. Ultimately, the driver will be made to stop the barking as the barking will continue until the driver notices it and turns into silent mode.

Variance from seat belt compliance

Interestingly, the concept takes deviation from similar kind of activity where you car will annoy you if you do not wear the seat belt. The new bark will not annoy you much but will be polite enough to drag your attention. There is growing concern for road safety all over the world. There is a rise in the number of accidents due to the negligence of drivers. Sending text messages while driving and attending phone calls while driving are suicidal and they are not healthy habits. You will not only take risk your life and those who are travelling with you but also create trouble to other passengers who travel in various vehicles or who go by walk.

Dog barks influence

As to the incorporation of the dog bark idea, the little girl named Victoria Walker was very much annoyed with her dog. When he barks, he demands undivided attention. It is difficult to accomplish any other task until the dog bark interruption is satisfied. The same strategy is applied in the development of anti-texting application which will demand your attention (if you break the rules) so that you will reach home safely. The little girl also noted that as she utilizes the application, it will help her to protect their parents. By adding and monitoring their parents’ driving patterns, she can better vouch for them. She can raise an alarm by barking as and when they attempt to break the code of conduct.


With the increased awareness about the dangers in associated with mobile phones while driving and walking on roads, state and local governments are planning to control the menace by declaring a complete ban on such activities. The technology is being utilized to such an extent to give us freedom to choose what we need and to prevent the access to services that we really don’t need.

This is really an interesting development that works for the well-being of mankind and for better quality of life.


Kindle Fire 2 – Feature Upgrades and Competition

Kindle Fire 2 is all set to be launched with a powerful camera and high resolution display system. By Nov. 2012, Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be celebrating its first birthday and the season should coincide with its successor.

The USP of the new Kindle Fire Tablet will be more powerful and yet thinner and lighter in weight than the current one. A built-in camera with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution will be the main attraction of the new gadget.

Let us explore more about the current Kindle Fire before what to expect from the Kindle Fire 2 which will be launched soon –

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, the tablet computer gives you the power to perform most of the day to day task that you perform on a personal computer. Some of them are as follows –

• You can browse, purchase books and movies, watch TV shows and play games on small sized Kindle Fire.
• If you possess Kindle Fire, you can purchase applications of your choice from the Amazon App Store.
• If you are one of the fortunate prime customers of Amazon, you can stream movies directly on the Kindle Fire.
• Compared to iPad, Kindle Fire’s price is very less.
• Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard are other versions which are still priced less than Kindle Fire.
• Kindle Fire uses Amazon browser called Amazon Silk. It is boasted that web services will load fast through the browser.
• Kindle Fire is rumored to be priced less than its actual cost price to attract new customers.
• Amazon has alternate plans to compensate that loss by selling content from the store.

The new features of Kindle Fire 2

The new Kindle Fire’s dimensions will be in a similar range as that of iPad 2 and it will be a great facelift from the current Kindle Fire. The current tablet offers resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. In addition to the improvement in the resolutions, the edges will be sharper than before. The aspect ratio of the coming version will be 1.6 whereas the current version holds it at 1.7. When compared to the iPad 3’s resolutions, Kindle Fire stays far behind. It is expected that the new device will be rolled out in September.

In addition to the better resolution, there are rumors that multiple models of the device will be launched, and there’s also rumors of 4G connectivity on the Kindle.


As per the reports from a different source, Amazon is going to launch two tablet versions. The first one code named, Coyote will be powered by dual core processors and the second tablet code named, Hollywood will be powered by a quad core processor. Regardless of one or two tablets that are being launched, Amazon is going to face stiff competition from iPad and other tablets in the market. It will be a great challenge to defeat feature-rich iPad. Apple is also poised to launch a mini version of iPad which will match the price of the Kindle Fire. It will be a touch task for Amazon to head on with user friendly iPad. The 7″ sized Nexus 7 from Google which had already received great reviews is another great competitor.

Consumers would have plenty of options to choose from in the coming days. The winner would have to have the best of features, technology, user-friendliness and must be ever-innovative. Must say, the tablet war could be more competitive than the smart-phone war. The more competitive it is, the better it would be for you & me.

Top tips and tricks to master your iPad

While there are quite a few tips that are common to both the iPhone and the iPad, here are a few more that could make using your iPad just a little bit more fun and intuitive.


Multitasking Gestures – You can enable multi-tasking gesture controls through General -> Settings -> Multitasking Gestures. By setting toggling multitasking gestures to ON, it is possible to swap 4 to 5 applications on the screen by swapping your fingers.

Wireless Sync  – After plugging the iPad to your personal computer, you should ensure that both iPad and PC are connected to the same wireless network. You should enable iTunes on your PC and then select Settings -> General -> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. You should select from the list, the computer with which you wish to connect. All the data between iPad and PC will be synchronized everytime both the computer and the iPad are on the same WiFi network

Data destruction – If your iPad lands into the wrong hands and if you don’t want to let loose the sensitive information contained in it, the only option will be to kill the data. This can be achieved when a person unsuccessfully tries to login after a set number of times. You can select the erase option under Settings -> General -> Password Lock.

Side switch – You can assign different functionality to the side switch. The functionality can be toggled by selecting from the menu, Settings -> General -> Use side switch to. Whatever function you would like to assign to the side switch can be selected at ‘use side switch to’.

Encrypted backup – It is possible to take a backup of your iPad’s data in encrypted form through iTunes. After opening iTunes, select Summary Tab and select the option under ‘Encrypt iPad Backup’.

To set restrictions on usage – You can set restrictions on usage of applications, content, games, etc by using Settings -> General -> Restrictions. You can enable restrictions to whichever application you want.

To bypass the default password – Usually iPad comes with 4 digit default password. You can remove the default password and apply a choice of your own that will be more difficult to crack. This can be achieved through Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. By setting a new encrypted password, you will be able to encrypt your emails as well.

To remove Wi-Fi network – It is possible that your iPad might have been connected to a Wireless network accidentally. As a matter of fact, the connection will be stored forever in your iPad. If you wish to remove that connection, you can do so by going through Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose the Network. Tap the button which says ‘Forget this Network’.

To control iPad notifications – If you wish to control annoying notifications that appear on top of your iPad, you can follow these steps. Settings -> Notifications. Here, you should configure alerts as per your requirements including the audio tone.

Google’s “Project Glass” – How Sci-Fi could it be?

Trust Google to infuse futuristic touch into your normal life and in a way, to continue dreaming!

Just when you thought Google could not awe you anymore; it is back with yet another never-before-seen gadget to blow your minds. The recently launched Google+ page clearly shows that Google is now gearing up to come up with “Project Glass“, which contains every imaginable Sci-Fi feature in it. These Sci-Fi glasses are said to support augmented reality. The glasses will hopefully be available to the larger public as soon as the Google researchers finish testing them and give the green signal. So, guess it’s time to think out of the box than just be satisfied with your everyday entertainment providers like your headset, MP3 player, tablet and smart phone. 2012 might just turn out to be the year you looked into the future.

While the Glasses have been spotted in the wild on Google’s Sergei Brin, have a look at an interview on the Charlie Rose Show with Sebastian Thrun, Founder and Head of Google X, where he actually takes a photo using the prototype Glasses (check the photo, here).

Let’s have a look at what could be the Pros and Cons:

The Pros

  • The main advantage that could make Google’s ‘Project Glass’ so much better than smart phones is the fact that every possible feature that a smart phone can boast of should be accessible in a hands-free manner in these glasses. All you have to do is put them on and a world of possibilities opens up right in front of your eyes.
  • Also, you can directly connect to any social forum (hopefully not limited to Google’s own) to chat with your friends, listen to your favorite songs, take and make calls, click pictures and much more, while being on the move 24/7.
  • Life just becomes so much easier when you don’t have to fumble around in your purse to search for your smart phone. With this device, your hands are never occupied while operating it.

It would not be early to say that Google is all set to start a  revolution with its ‘Project Glass’!

The Cons

  • Imagine walking into a pole, or falling down a pit while walking around looking at and through your glasses!
  • The gadget could comprise a horizontal glass frame which is supposed to snuggly sit on the top of the user’s nose. The right side possesses a wider strip of what looks like a computerized projector. While this not so traditional take on everyday glasses might sound high-class, the framework and the entire look of this device may raise some eyebrows from those who are fashion-conscious. A whole video describing the look of these project glasses can be found in the Google+ page itself.

Google researchers have mentioned their eagerness to make it as user-friendly as possible. Thus, they have requested all the viewers to give their different opinions regarding their latest creation.

It would be interesting to see the people’s reactions towards the not-so-attractive overall look of Google’s Sci-Fi glasses.

If you enjoy the virtual world more than reality, then these project glass should have the power to make all your dreams come true. These glasses are by far the most advanced and ambitious project that Google has come up with.

Images Courtesy: Project Glass Google+ Page

Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Future

Technology envelops our world today and as we proceed into the future so does technological advancements. In this race of virtual excellence in the real world, marketing has always place an immensely vital role. This is one field where anything and everything is possible and the probability of success of any company or product depends on how well it is being portrayed in the market. The creation of a brand name depends largely on proper marketing. Digital marketing is found to be dominating today’s idea of the term “Marketing”, as most of the marketers rush to be the first in the line to hold the banner of the next big and promising technology to mesmerize mankind in form of some revolutionary device/application/social network.

The marketers presume that they are always prepared for the next change that they might have to face in the digital world. But the thing they often overlook is that the future is unpredictable, especially in the digital industry. Thus, marketers need to be increasingly mobile, engaging and relevant and be ready to cash in each and every opportunity that they get in order to appeal to and draw in the attention of their consumers.

One of the many ways to attract the attention of customers is Location Services. A marketer cannot always expect that just by playing by the rulebook and sitting in his comfortable chair, consumers would automatically start responding to the product he is marketing for. To stay well ahead of the curve, they would have to approach the areas where they can find potential consumers rather than waiting for them to come in. They would have to hunt down many professional social networks which are filled with the treasure chests of consumer data. Using something like Near Field Communication Technology a marketer can find out about the daily context of consumers which can make their lives better.

Other than that, it’s high time that the marketers used their creativity to create some new advertisement ideas. Online video and mobile platforms with their usual pre-roll video advertisements have undoubtedly created much hype in the marketing business because of the sheer fact that the viewers are denied the choice of avoiding to watch these “forced view” videos. Apart from the fact that these kinds of advertisements are unreasonably expensive, the marketers should not be so inhuman as to rule out the respect for the viewer’s time and interest. Each brand message should be elegantly portrayed with enough relevant content instead of losing the true message of the brand in meaningless banners and clutter.

User-Generated Curation is another avenue that has helped the brands become relevant to consumers. In these content discovery applications the necessary feeds are provided by content producers and they are in turn adjusted in accordance to the requirements of the consumers by themselves. Another major change needed is altering the format of the advertisements to suit the particular digital platform. For example, the realistic graphical capacities of iPads should be utilized than just displaying roll out advertisements meant for online.

Lastly, Integrated Marketing lets the marketer focus on the customer which improves brand recall and multiplies the chances of engagement as opposed to only paying heed to silos in advertising strategies.


Image Credit: A Few Random Rantings

Mobile Technology – Competition Drives Redesign

Movie stars and musicians create new trends and allure fans to follow them. Of course, it is a tactic employed by advertisement agencies to promote their products and services. Business enterprises will follow the products launched by their competitors and will definitely launch their own version if they feel that a particular kind of product has large potential to capture the market. Sometimes, a product may be postponed as it needs time to counter features offered by the competitor. Let us check what happened to Microsoft.

As per Microsoft executive’s revelation, Windows phone launch had impact of Apple’s iPhone. As a matter of fact, Apple delivered through iPhone an entirely new set of features that attracted consumers more than ever before. The sea change in the way innovative and user-friendly features are presented to customers has also raised eye brows of its competitors including Microsoft. Although it is not an affair of a copycat approach by Microsoft, it seems to be their intention to offer consumers a better product that can be enjoyed by them and to retain its loyal customers.

Even though Microsoft is an early starter in Smartphone market, it failed to attract customers simply because of its complex designs (which naturally happen for a company that plays major role in desktop environment). User friendly feature dominates the customers’ perception towards new gadgets. Apple has certainly won on this count. This friendliness is apparent across all its products from iPads to iPhones to Tablets. Apple has created a new wave and it is continuing with  every new launch. For this cause, it is quite common to notice that there are eager customers all over the world waiting for the next new masterpiece from Apple. The expectations of customers are respected or reciprocated by Apple by offering unique features and thus not disappointing them. This is really a great boost to Apple’s survival in the highly competitive world.

Lack of innovation is identified by the core team involved in the design of Windows Phone at Microsoft. The team is greatly discouraged as iPhone entered the scenario. It was quite apparent that Windows phone cannot face the challenge and there was no alternative to Microsoft than to start face-saving measures. Long discussions and deliberations inside Microsoft circles made postponement of the launch of Windows Phone which made them loose many years in the process.

This opportunity was promptly utilized by Google’s Android and Blackberry. These brands not only consolidated their position in the Smartphone market but also absorbed tremendous potential present in the market for smartphones. It was a serious blow to Microsoft and paid a huge price for lack of innovation. As the entire process has to be started from scratch, by the time Windows 7 Phone was launched in the market in the third quarter of 2010, Microsoft was able to get a meager 9% share of the Smartphone market. After one year, Microsoft’s stake still came down to 5.2% while Android made a clean sweep with 46.9%.  Blackberry, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS dominated the scene with absolute majority. Apple’s share from the whole Smartphone market was 25% which was quite impressive when compared with Windows Phone 7.

It’s not only the size of the phone that matters most but also the addition of useful features which can be learned and implemented through user-friendly interface. This makes the trick to win the hearts of consumers at the moment.

Wireless Device Strategies & it’s Implications

Wireless device strategies have paramount importance in the mobile device manufacturing industry. These strategies give an insight to the handheld communication device manufacturing companies. Gauging of present success and obtaining an insight for future growth in various aspects will give a definitive edge for the mobile device manufacturing companies.

Strategy Analytics is a pioneer in presentation of the service with respect to the wireless device strategies. The service predicts the handsets that will be in demand by type-wise, price-wise and form factor. It will also give forecast on handsets based on profitability, technology and protocols. Strategy Analytics is known for delivering mobile manufacturing company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics. It will also give accurate and consistent sales and shipment forecasts of mobile handsets.

By being informed well in advance, mobile manufactures will be able to capture potential handset markets spotted across various geographical locations. Mobile service providers can effectively target the handset price tiers that they can pocket on. Component manufacturers can focus on high-growth technologies. Handset manufactures can estimate the adaptability of budding technologies and plan production accordingly. It is possible to figure out the future of mobile phones promoted by operators. It is also possible to estimate the growth of Apple’s iPhones and the likely sales figures posted by them in the coming years and even by every quarter of the year.

Coming to the customer base of the Strategy Analytics, they are proud to have 13 of the 15 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in their bouquet. 5 out of the 10 semiconductor companies and more than 65% of the top 20 global mobile operators are willingly participating with Strategy Analytics. With the immense support provided by various manufacturers and technology leaders, companies that report on wireless device strategies will be able to provide the accurate and comprehensive data on device strategies. As the information is freely contributed to Strategy Analytics, they have the advantage in reporting the most authentic information in an effortless manner. Their forecasts have great weight and will not only influence the device manufacturers but also get the advantage of obtaining such elaborate information in quite inexpensive way. In order to get the same level of authentic information, companies have to invest huge sums of money as they have to undertake the entire project themselves. It is not only a huge budget but also the involvement of substantial time and effort in the entire process.

For over a decade, Strategy Analytics has contributed to the mobile device manufacturing industry by providing key information at each quarter of the year. The strategies released through these years was successfully utilized in the launch of 3D camera phones, dual – SIM handsets and Apple’s iPhones. Over the years device manufacturers are benefited through the implementation of user interface in tune with tastes announced by wireless device strategies. In a nutshell, device manufacturing companies will be able to implement effective strategies in tune with the figures announced by the agency that works towards reporting a more realistic and futuristic picture. Device manufacturing companies will not only save money but also channeling their investments to profit yielding designs and technologies.

Panasonic’s Toughbook Inspired Robust Tablets: Toughpad A1 and B1

Panasonic’s ToughBook – Inspired Tablets are making their way by presenting robust and secured series of Android tablets. The 10.1″ ToughPad A1 and 7″ ToughPad B1 are expected to hit the market in spring 2012 and later part of 2012 respectively. Even though specs, pricing and launch dates are available for A1 it will take more time for B1 (to get a more realistic picture). The robust high security featured android tablets are creating much hype in tech circles. Even though Panasonic didn’t have enough share in tablets market, with the launch of new tablets it can fare well especially with the support likely to receive from business and government users.

ToughPad A1 offers Android 3.2 Honeycomb Operating System. The toughpad features 1.2 GHz dual-core Marvell processor, 1 GB RAM and RAM that can be extended up to 16 GB. With 5 MP rear end camera and 2 MP front shooter connecting to both LTE and WiMAX, A1 Toughpad is priced at $1299. Even though the pricing is not quite competitive, it appears that Panasonic might have clinched some robust business and military deals.

Compared to Apple, Panasonic might have targeted the tablets to a small segment of customers. Apple’s launch of tablets had brought a real change in the lives of millions of people around the world. It seems that Panasonic is following the path of Lenovo in selling androids to government and business users. Both A1 and B1 will deliver enterprise supported tools like app store, developer tools and additional technical support.

There is a requirement for security enhanced tablets in the business world. Panasonic promptly addresses this need by launching security rich tablet for commercial use. For example, Panasonic’s A1 gives security at hardware level also. It offers encrypted technologies both at hardware and software levels and dual factor authentication. Trusted boot, device management features and enhanced VPN makes A1 sought after tablet in the business segment. With enhanced security measures embedded in A1, the toughpad becomes FIPS 140-2 compliant for usage in Government circles and HIPAA ready for clearance in healthcare sector.

With the custom level of control that can be leveraged by administrators, greater control is achieved on the new tablets. Corporate can prefer these tablets for field level usage instead of going for consumer grade tablets which cannot offer business level of security. The day light viewable screen enables usage in the field, supply chain logistics and government departments. The stylus and active digitizer lets users help enter text in broad day light and capture signature from customers. The extended battery life and integrated cameras help you carry on the work which aptly fits for the entire day.

The device has also got good ratings for drops, water and dust protection. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Field staff productivity is optimized with enhanced reliable features. Besides robust features, the device also offers full set of accessories which makes it easy to connect with various devices it supports. If you want more of Panasonic’s new tablet news, you can follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Do you think the Toughpads will be able to handle really rough treatment? Check out the Promo Video Below:

Samsung Divestment – Down fall or Rain fall

Samsung – One of the largest multinational conglomerates from Korea is going for divestment. Samsung Group with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea has numerous businesses spread across the globe. The group companies are promoted under the brand name of Samsung. Samsung Electronics is one of the vibrant and is the world’s largest companies in terms of sales. The group has floated many noteworthy entities and its ship building concern, Samsung Heavy Industries takes second place in the world. The group has diversified its interests in electronics, insurance, entertainment, heavy industries and investment banking among others.


It is perceived that Samsung Group’s disinvestment comes in tune to the alert given by administrators and politicians of the country that small and middle enterprises may suffer due to unsupportive maintenance, repair and operation activities of large and multinational companies. Samsung Group has confirmed that is has picked up Interpark as a successful bidder for its procurement wing, iMarketKorea Inc. Interpark is one of the leading online shopping malls in Korea. The deal is worth about $342 million which comes out to be 58.7 % of the share held by Samsung group companies.


Surprisingly, the same pace of divestment measures are not followed by other big businesses such as LG or SK. The deal is likely to finalize in the month of November, 2011. As per the deal, Samsung guarantees Interpark revenue generation to the tune of 2 trillion Won per annum through iMarketKorea. iMarketKorea was setup in the year 2000 by Samsung to cater operation and maintenance services to small business clients. Interpark in association with Korea Venture Business Association and private equity firm HQ goes for this new ambitious deal. Interpark is successful in defeating other major bidder, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts Co and MBK Partners.

As an immediate reaction to the deal, stocks of iMarketKorea and Interpark have slipped by 2 to 3% on exchange trade. Even though there is no immediate effect in business functioning of the Samsung, it will be interesting to find the impact on Samsung group as a whole and Samsung Electronics in particular. By selling the major chunk of the iMarketKorea to Interpark and its allies, Samsung Group can better protect its brand image. It may help Group in the long run by being able to focus on its core competency and at the same will be able to draw maximum out of goods and maintenance services.

Samsung group was partitioned for the first time during 1960’s with Cho Hong-jai taking Hyosung group’s ownership. Second major partition happened during 1990’s with Hansol coming under the leadership of founder’s eldest daughter. Shinsegae group came under founder’s fifth daughter and CJ ownership went to founder’s eldest son. The current Samsung Group is led by founder’s third son. After separation and formation of groups, the deviated groups will not hold any liability in terms of business and it will be attributed to Samsung Group only. The group draws its continued inheritance right from its launch in the year, 1938 by founder Lee Byung Chull.

Having established its remarkable presence in the world of electronics especially in the new generation of mobile phones, it will be interesting to watch the new twists and turns of the Samsung Group in the highly competitive global market.

Radiation Monitoring Smartphone Cover – Japan’s Tech Gift

Technology’s initial duty is for the good of humanity. However, accidents happen and often-natural disasters can lead to exponential bad consequences when they tweak the basic nature of technology. Recently, such a situation developed in Japan with the earthquake and Tsunami series that caused a disastrous accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor unit in Japan. Fortunately, technology is evolved enough that slow baby steps might actually help people to eradicate the problem gradually. At the very least, technology can come to rescue on an alert and prevention duty. This is exactly the aspect with which in mind NTT DoCoMo has evolved their radiation monitoring Smartphone cover line in Japan.


These ultra effective Smartphone covers can gauge the radiation poisoning in any particular area. Considering the panic that was the chief riveting effect of this disastrous situation, it is natural for people to want to keep alert at all times. Since, it is a known danger currently, a level check of radiation in an area can reveal the areas to avoid.

The radiation monitoring Smartphone cover needs an app to reveal the results in a decipherable presentation. The app gives out the results in the form GPS stats that will give you the areas and coordinates where the radiation poisoning in the air is at its peak. Avoiding these red zones is your only solution.

The device is still in its testing phase but the company is intent in perfecting the methods in which the device can be used. The important part is that this device is collaborating two aspects of technology to give an essential function to the users. Smartphones have already started taking the market in their grip. It is a sensible ploy to develop something as essential as radiation monitoring co-joined with covers of the popular trend.

Other big companies in the tech field are making similar constructive efforts. In fact, the problem at the door is so huge that without such large-scale efforts, it will be next to impossible to avoid further distress in the country. Safecast, which was formerly known as RDTN.ORG, is taking this initiative to a larger audience by going open source with their Geiger counters project. The Geiger counters have been established in many parts of the country and the data on radiation levels is collected and then revealed in the Safecast site. Information is the only way that the situation can be brought back in to control. In fact, this initiative brought in to light distressing facts such as increased radiation levels in a kindergarten around North Tokyo.

Other than the radiation monitoring cover that is in development, NTT DoCoMo is also focused on developing three more covers that can be interchangeably used with your Smartphone. These covers can individually measure your breath for bad odors or even alcohol levels, UV light levels and its skin damaging strength levels, and your muscle density and fat levels.

In conclusion, technology is not lagging too far behind, when it comes to disaster effects management. Let us just hope that the developed products hit the market soon so that they can be put to effective use by the populace.