Video Chat on your Android Phone

Last week, Google Announced Video Chat for Android Phones running 2.3.4 (Gingerbread). You can even use it for Voice Chat, something you needed an app like Fring or Nimbuzz to do until now. The only bad bit was the 2.3.4 part,which meant it was limited to the Nexus S as of now. The way manufacturers issue Android updates, it might take forever to get this nifty little version of Google Talk on your device. Of course, there are the good folks over at XDA Developers working round the clock to get everything set up for all kinds of Android users (and non android users too).

So here’s a little hack to get Google Voice/Video Chat working on your Gingerbread Device (whichever version you’re running). It might even work on Froyo devices.


First up, ROOT USERS ONLY. If you haven’t rooted your phone, then you can’t use this. Also, it doesn’t seem to work properly on all devices. I’ve read that it works best (the way it’s supposed to) on HTC devices Running Cyanogenmod 7+. For Galaxy S devices, it supposedly does only one way video right now, and doesn’t seem to able to find the front facing Camera.

Anyways, head over to this thread over at XDA and download the file and get cracking. Let us know what your results are! AND BACK UP YOUR CURRENT GOOGLE TALK APK.

There are three ways to push this app:
  1. Using Root Explorer (Try the Super Manager App, available on the Market).
  2. Using CWM to flash the Check here, and if that doesn’t work, try this.
  3. Using ADB, Follow the steps below;

(lines starting with # are comments)

#mount the /system partition as writeable
adb remount
#backup the old Talk app
adb shell mv /system/app/Talk.apk /system/app/Talk.apk1
#uninstall the old gtalk, I think it clears the related cached bytecode too.
adb uninstall
#copy the two new files
adb push /system/lib/
adb push Talk2.apk /system/app


Mixed reports coming in so far, so let us know what you think. It should work like the video below:




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Source: Google Mobile Blog, XDA

Edwin, Speech to Speech – for a hands free Android

Edwin is an Android speech-to-speech voice assistant & utility. Ask it the weather, make calls, SMS, tweet and tons more! Speech recognition and text-to-speech together! Imagine your phone being like the computer from Star Trek? Ask it a question and back comes the answer.

The app is geo-aware, so when you ask “What is the temperature”, the app speaks back the temperature at your current city, and when you ask “Where’s the closest Pizza joint”, you get results back closest to your location. If you’re really lost, you can even ask Edwin where you are!  Like most other voice recognition apps, Edwin isn’t accurate all the time and may get you unexpected results, but it’s an indispensable app to have running while you’re driving your car, and need to perform hands-free search and can’t read search results off your phone.

Edwin requires Google’s Speech Input application on your phone. My Motorola Milestone didn’t ship with that app by default, but the installer for Edwin pointed my browser to the right URL to download the Speech Input app and got it installed. You’ll also have to be in data coverage range ( GRPS, 3G or WiFi), as the Google Voice recognition app requires a data connection and Edwin also will require a data connection for online operations.

Scan this to download Edwin
Scan this to download Edwin

You’ll need a mobile running at least Android 2.1 to get Edwin working. To download Edwin on your phone, search for ‘Edwin’ in the Android Market app, or scan the QR code on the right with your phone’s camera.

We’ll leave you with a video of Edwin in action:

Your Own Voice for Ovi Maps!!

The latest add-on for Ovi maps is the ability to have your own voice direct you around town. Its a great addition for those who hate being bossed around by the navigation system!

Choose from a wide array of voice packs.

Own Voice for Ovi Maps  allows you to record your own voice, and if you’re not too eloquent you can pick any voice from the list of  voice packs available with the software.

Creating a voice pack for yourself quite a simple process!

Check out Own Voice for Ovi Maps over at the Ovi store!

You could also read more about the application over at Nokia Conversations.

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