Tekken free on Ovi Store for a Limited time!

I just found this real great game while Browsing around on Ovi Store. Tekken, a  fighting game franchise  is now available for your Symbian Phone. The best part is that for a limited time, Nokia’s bringing you this game free! So even if you don’t have time to play right now, read our quick review and head out to Ovi Store and download this game to play for later.

In Tekken,  you’re got to challenge challenge seven playable characters, and master different moves to go pulverize your opponents in order to get to the next level of the game. There’s an arcade mode for a quick game while you’re taking a break, or a story mode for a more involved gaming experience.

Don’t let the lack of a physical keyboard on a phone like the N8 stop you! As you can see in the screenshots of the gameplay, you control your character in the fight sequences using an onscreen keyboard. I’d prefer a physical keyboard to this anytime, but the game is still quite playable using the touch keys.

You can play the game both in the landscape and potrait mode, so just turn your phone around to see which mode suits your style.

Keep trying out different keystrokes during your fights to find new moves which reduces the health of your opponent faster. Once you master these moves, the first few stages become quite easy to go through. Nevertheless, this game should keep you occupied for some time.

What are you waiting for? Head out and download Tekken from Ovi Store before it becomes a paid app! Here’s the to download: store.ovi.com/content/65564

More screenshots from the game (click on the thumbnails for a larger view):

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